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Warsaw: Provision of printing (with the luminaire) periodicals: 13 issues of the journal Gazeta SGH, 5 issues of the journal e-mentor, 4 issues of the journal Quarterly of Business Administration, with the use of offset printing materials and custom printing, for the School of Economics in Warsaw al. independence 162

Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie | Published July 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2017
Provision of services in the field of printing (including housing) periodicals: 13 issues of the journal Gazeta SGH, 5 issues of the journal e-mentor, 4 issues of the journal Quarterly of Business Administration, with the use of offset printing materials and custom printing, for the School of Economics in Warsaw, al . Independence 162.

Software package and information systems

Polska Agencja Żeglugi Powietrznej | Published September 22, 2016  -  Deadline October 25, 2016
The contract is for the delivery system Integrated Web Briefing (IWB), serving the planning and conduct of air operations. The system is intended to improve communication and coordination between the pilots, employees Offices ATS and employees of FIS. The system will use airspace users - Pilots General Aviation, Business Aviation pilots, dispatchers and aircraft operators. With the IWB the user will be able to plan the flight operation, make FPL and obtain information about current conditions of the flight (Integrated Briefing). Flight plans are submitted electronically (the system IWB, by e-mail or network AFTN), phone, fax, and directly in the ATS Reporting Offices. IWB system will integrate the information necessary for flight planning, derived from operational data sources PAŻP and external data sources provided by EUROCONTROL and other data providers.

Seminar organisation services

Mazowieckie Centrum Polityki Społecznej w Warszawie | Published September 23, 2016  -  Deadline November 2, 2016
The contract is part of the 7 organization and carrying out of three (3) two-day study visits in the social economy entities (PES), operating in the Mazowieckie province. Visits are dedicated to representatives of environmental social economy (local government units, NGOs, universities, business representatives, potential founders of new PES, etc.).

Warsaw: Provision of security audit information

Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016
The subject of the specific contracts, the framework agreement will be one or more services from the range specified below: i. Conducting security audits and penetration testing; ii. conduct audits codes produced software; iii. advice on safe and effective maintenance of implemented systems; iv. support for risk analysis and impact on business continuity; v. conducting audits of manufacturing processes throughout the life cycle (SDLC), taking into account: a) the proper management of safety requirements; b) the safety of the manufacturing process, tools and techniques used in the manufacturing process vi. verification of status, advice and support in the implementation and application of the information security management and business continuity. in the period from the date of conclusion of the contract until 31.12.2016 on the terms specified in detail in the section. II and III of the Terms of Reference ..

Insurance services

Kancelaria Sejmu | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
The contract is for property insurance and the activities of the Chancellery of the Sejm in the years 2017-2020, which includes: Part I: property insurance against all risks, Insurance of electronic equipment stationary and portable, insurance risk of terrorism, strikes, riots and civil unrest and sabotage, Part II: insurance of liability of business and property, third party liability insurance of employees Employer (guards SM) from activities of coaching at the shooting range with guns with ammunition sharp, Part III: Health insurance during foreign business trips, insurance against accidents for driver, cashier and the person carrying the cash value and classified information, Personal accident insurance SM guards and staff responsible for fire safety, Part IV: Motor insurance.

Warsaw: purchase of services and equipment telekomunikacyjnych- fixed and mobile telephony

Urząd Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego | Published July 27, 2016  -  Deadline February 14, 2019
The contract is: a) a statement joins PRA and combines analog and telecommunication services b) the supply of mobile phones and accessories; c) the supply of SIM cards for mobile phones and modems, along with the provision of telecommunications services based on them. d) the creation of a business group for all phone numbers Employer e) warranty support for the supplied equipment and services. A detailed description of the contract described in the draft Agreement attached as Appendix 2 to the ToR ..

Warsaw: Delivery of working gloves and disposable

Komenda Stołeczna Policji | Published July 27, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2018
1. The purpose of this procedure is to conclude a framework agreement for the supply of work gloves and disposable gloves hereinafter. 2. A detailed description of the contract, which will be purchased within the framework of public procurement carried out under the framework agreements is contained in Annex 2 to the tender documentation posted on the website of the Employer. Purchaser intends to purchase: 1), 980 pairs of gloves Rbi +; 2) 895 pairs of gloves coated with polyurethane; 3) 1000 pairs of gloves coated with latex; 4) 1000 pairs of cotton gloves coated with latex szorstkowym; 5) 1000 pairs of gloves RSPL +; 6) 1000 pairs of rubber gloves business; 7) 1,500 pairs of winter gloves insulated; 8) 9000 packaging nitrile gloves (Op. 100 pcs.).

Warsaw: Execution of construction works in buildings tax offices (US Grójec, US Otwock, US Wołomin, US W-wa Bielany, US W-wa Bemowo)

Izba Skarbowa w Warszawie | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
Part 1 - Tax Office in Grójec, ul. Ks. Complaints P. 35, 05-600 Grójec Exchange gutter on the two-storey building, gable roof type mansard. Part 2 - Tax Office in Otwock, ul. Matejko 4, 05-400 Otwock, Repair of the facade repair plinths and bands of the building. Part 3 - Tax Office in Otwock, ul. Matejko 4, 05-400 Otwock, Repair toilets with adapting to the needs of disabled people in the office building. Part 4 - Tax Office in Wołomin, ul. Heat 2 05-200 Wołomin, repair roofs. Part 5 - Tax Office Warszawa-Bielany, ul. Skalbmierska 5, 01-844 Warszawa, Repair of the internal central heating system - Step 1 - Levels. Part 6 - Tax Office Warszawa-Bielany, ul. Skalbmierska 6, 01-844 Warszawa, Repair of the internal central heating system - Step 1 - Levels. Part 7 - Tax Office Warszawa-Bemowo, ul. Białobrzeska 53a, 02-325 Warszawa, Repair installation of cold and warm water in the office building. Under the instruction of art. 29 paragraph. 4 Section 4 of the Act, the Contracting Authority requires that the execution of works min. 20% of employees were employed on a contract of employment - an absolute requirement. The above does not apply to natural persons conducting business activities on the basis of an entry in the Central Register and Information on Business employing max. 10 people.

Warsaw: Physical protection of persons and property facility owned by the City of Warsaw at ul. Przyczółkowa 27 A in Warsaw

Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa Dzielnica Wilanów | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline December 11, 2017
Przyczółkowa 27A in Warsaw. A detailed description of the order - Total number of hours is not more than 11 928 h - Number of security personnel - 1 person in 24 hours - Contractor undertakes to Przyczółkowa 27A in Warsaw, hereinafter referred to as a protected object. 2. Protection of the protected object and its utility rooms from the access of unauthorized persons. 3. Protection of property located on the premises protected against theft, destruction or damage and devastation. 4. Prevention of disorder in the protected object, and promptly notify the Department of Property Management for the District of Wilanow event causing nuisance. 5. To immediately notify law enforcement of the activities of the leap occurred on the property protected and secure place of the offenses until the arrival of law enforcement. 6. Keeping a journal changes including data on start and end times change, cast personnel changes and the performance of security personnel tasks, and keep up to date report changes containing all relevant information on the adoption process and the transfer of protective services. 7. The issue of keys to authorized employees of the Facility upon receipt on the list of issues and the adoption of the keys. 8. Provide transmit an alarm signal issued by security facility or system signaling robbery and burglary of a protected object to the intervention group, throughout the duration of the contract. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to a free trial to alert the intervention group 1 once a month. 10. Provide the following equipment to protect employees: mobile phone - 1 pc., Pilot panic - 2 pcs., Costume business - for each employee protection object identifier - for each employee facility security. 11. Provide constant supervision and control over the execution of the security personnel in Contractor's facility protected so that continuously were able to give the employees responsible for the administration of the protected object of information on the conservation status of physical object.

Warsaw: Renewal of support for license MS Dynamics AX 2012 (BREP)

Urząd Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego | Published July 26, 2016  -  Deadline June 27, 2017
Przedmiotem zamówienia jest odnowienie do dnia 27.06.2017 r. wsparcia na usługę Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) na posiadane przez UKNF licencje Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, używane w systemie finansowo-księgowym (FK) Zamawiającego.

Zakres usługi Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) obejmuje
1.	Dostęp do, niezbędnych dla bieżącego utrzymania systemu FK,  aktualizacji 
do najnowszej wersji oprogramowania, do możliwości rozbudowy rozwiązania 
o dodatkowych użytkowników oraz nową funkcjonalność.
2.	Dostęp do poprawek i aktualizacji dostosowanych do wymogów prawnych 
i podatkowych, między innymi do poprawki dotyczącej Jednolitego Pliku Kontrolnego.
3.	Dostęp do pomocy technicznej Microsoft. 
4.	Dostęp do portalu Customer Source:
a.	Dostęp do najświeższych informacji na temat użytkowanego rozwiązania Microsoft Dynamics oraz planów wsparcia technicznego gwarantujących optymalne działanie oprogramowania.
b.	Całodobowy dostęp do szkoleń on-line, takich jak E-learning w zakresie Microsoft Dynamics, szkolenia on-line na określone tematy, materiały szkoleniowe lub podręczne informatory, plany i mapy szkoleniowe 
z wyszczególnieniem wszystkich szkoleń i możliwości uzyskania certyfikatów dostępnych w każdym module.
c.	Przeglądanie harmonogramów szkoleń stacjonarnych, uzyskanie dostępu do szkoleń on-line oraz informacji o możliwościach zdobycia certyfikatów i przystąpienia do egzaminów, przeglądanie listy materiałów szkoleniowych oraz wyszukiwanie Certyfikowanego Partnera Microsoft zajmującego się rozwiązaniami szkoleniowymi.
d.	Grupy dyskusyjne pozwalające dzielić się z innymi użytkownikami cennymi wskazówkami, uzyskiwać odpowiedzi na trudne pytania lub poszerzać wiedzę na temat oprogramowania do zarządzania biznesowego.
e.	Dostęp do dokumentacji: 
i.	Pobieranie przewodników instalacyjnych i konfiguracyjnych, przewodników użytkownika, wymagań systemowych oraz oficjalnej dokumentacji technicznej i zaktualizowanych plików pomocy.
ii.	Dostęp do regularnie publikowanych map produktów oraz informacji 
o innowacjach wprowadzanych w wydaniach głównych wersji produktu.
iii.	Dostęp do społeczności on-line umożliwia nawiązanie kontaktu z innymi użytkownikami podczas wydarzeń lokalnych, regionalnych i światowych.

Postępowanie prowadzone jest w trybie przetargu nieograniczonego na podstawie art. 39 ustawy Pzp o wartości zamówienia nie przekraczającej kwoty określone w przepisach wydanych  na podstawie art. 11 ust. 8 ustawy Pzp..

Warsaw: Implementation of an application called participatory budgeting .: Device square Wierzbno - lawn at the intersection of Al. Independence and Malczewski in Warsaw administered by the Department of Real Estate Management in District Mokotów m. St. Warszawy including its scope to enhance the quality of public space.

Zakład Gospodarowania Nieruchomościami w dzielnicy Mokotów Warszawy | Published July 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 17, 2016
Catherine Fidury Tratkiewicz May 2016., Which is a Chapter VI Terms of Reference specified in przedmiarach, which constitute Chapter V Terms of Reference that must be done according to the requirements outlined in the Technical Specification Execution and Acceptance of Construction Works, which is Chapter IV Terms of Reference. 2. To perform are provided n / robots and gardening: 2.1.Nawierzchnia of concrete blocks: a) Manual performance trough, b) concrete edges, c) Separation of soil layers, d) The foundation of broken aggregate, e) surface of the cube concrete paving, f) Clear the area of ​​construction debris. 3.2.2. Installation of small architectural elements: a) benches with backrest, b) execution of the string by the project 3.2.3. Development of green: a) digging the ground, b) planting trees forms piennych and natural, c) planting zadarniających, d) mulching discount, e) regeneration of the lawn carpet f) other, indicated in the draft (Chapter VI SETC) and the bill of quantities (Chapter V Terms of Reference), 3.1., will be performed under the supervision of the Department of Smoluchowskiego 2, 02-679 Warsaw. 3.7 siwz. Contract performance conditions and guarantees include bills of quantities - which are Chapter V Terms of Reference, Technical Specifications performance and acceptance of the workers' constitutes Chapter IV Terms of Reference Project - representing Chapter VI SETC and the essential provisions of the contract constitute Chapter III terms of reference. 3.1. this siwz, which is a Chapter VI Terms of Reference and in accordance with: 6.1. przedmiarami works determining the nature, manner of execution and the amount of planned works, which constitute Chapter V Terms of Reference, the technical specifications for execution and acceptance of works, which is Chapter IV Terms of Reference. 6.2. conditions resulting from technical regulations and responsibilities laid Laws of 2013. poz.1409, as amended) and its implementing rules, 6.3. requirements under the current Polish standards, technical approvals ,, certificates of conformity, 6.4. accordance with the principles of sound technical knowledge and the art of building and gardening knowledge, 6.5. Essential conditions resulting from the provisions of Chapter III of the contract which the terms of reference. The Purchaser reserves the right to change the provisions of the agreement concluded by the outcome of the proceedings, if provided such changes will among other circumstances which could not be foreseen at the time of conclusion of the contract or these changes will be beneficial to the Employer and in the case of changes in legal and also in the case of the amendments contained in the terms of reference including: 1 of the Act, the Contractor is obliged to demonstrate to the Employer that proposed another subcontractor or contractor alone meet them no less than required during a contract award procedure ;, change of persons participating in the implementation of the agreement, changes in legislation brought into force after the date of conclusion of the agreement changes in the scope of material and financial, change in the scope section of the contract entrusted Subcontractors, 6 relevant provisions of the agreement, date of execution of the contract can occur if subsequently extended / beyond the statutory deadlines for administrative procedures and other terms of official matters affecting the completion dates of the contract Contractor by demonstrating due diligence could not meet the deadline execution of the contract, in the case of restrictions of budget funds for the implementation of the subject matter hereof, in the case of regulatory change implemented after the date of conclusion of the agreement, together with the effects of the regulatory change, The Contracting Authority reserves the right to abandon the implementation of part of the work covered by the Order, but not more than 20% of the contract value. The value of additional works may not exceed 50% of the executed order. 3 Significant provisions of the agreement, which constitute Chapter III Terms of Reference. In addition, during performance of the contract the Contractor on demand the Purchaser will be required to prove in relation to those materials approvals certificates, technical approvals or permits the use of materials in construction safety sign declarations of conformity or certificate of conformity with Polish Standard or the current technical approval. The Contractor shall be obliged to: 8.1. keep a log of works on the principles provided for the construction log provided by the Purchaser on the date of commencement of works, 8.2. having paid insurance policy or other insurance document for an amount not less than the equivalent of 100,000 Polish zlotys, confirming that it is insured against liability in respect of the business, including the subject of the contract. 8.3. object security
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