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Szczecin: Delivery of vouchers for employees and pensioners Tax Control Office in Szczecin

Urząd Kontroli Skarbowej w Szczecinie | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016
The contract is for the execution and delivery by the Contractor vouchers in paper form, bearer shares with a nominal value and purchasing power of 10 zł 20 zł 50 zł and 100 zł entitling to purchase various range of goods and services in institutions designated by the Contractor, where possible their realization in the amount of 6 168 pcs. (say: six thousand one hundred sixty-eight pieces), including: a) voucher in denominations of 10 zł (say: ten zloty 00/100) - in the amount of 917 pcs., b) bon in denominations of 20 zł (say: twenty 00/100) - in the amount of 1 674 pcs., c) voucher in denominations of 50 zł (say: fifty zloty 00/100) - in the amount of 2 407 pcs., d) bon with face value of 100 zł (say: one hundred zloty 00/100) - in the amount of 1 170 units. this fact will not be the basis for any claims of the Contractor in relation to the Purchaser. The protocol return bills with bills will be forwarded to the Contractor shipment valuable given a receipt, or given to the person authorized by the Contractor at the Purchaser. Through the concept of vouchers should be understood issuance and offering of the Contractor signs wallet bearer shares be exchanged for goods 1503, as amended.). Purchaser does not allow for delivery of bills in the form of electronic payment. 6.Wykonawca states that in the course of their business produces, distributes and ensures the implementation of vouchers, entitling to purchase various range of goods and services in institutions designated by the Contractor (commercial, service, commercial service or other) in which it is possible their implementation within the West Pomeranian province and located throughout the country. A list of establishments in which to pursue bills is attached as Annex 7 to the SETC. (Annex consistent with the Contractor's tender). It is also advisable to mark on the voucher was placed a sample list of outlets where you can realize vouchers. 9.Bony freight can be carried out (to be exchanged for goods or services) during the validity period of not less than on 06.30.2017 r. - The expiry date of vouchers must be placed on the bills by the Contractor. 10.Wykonawca ensure that the prices of the offered goods or services at the facility in which they are implemented vouchers apply to all goods and services purchased for these bills, and on the same terms as for other customers. 11.Wykonawca declares that the voucher voucher entitles the bearer to purchase goods or services to the nominal value of the voucher expressed in Polish zlotys. 12. In case the value of the purchased goods or services will be lower than the nominal value of the voucher, the unused value of the voucher can not be exchanged for cash. 13.Wykonawca declares that for purchased goods and services, which will entitle provided vouchers, there will be no additional fees or royalties. The adoption of each batch ordered vouchers should be confirmed by the Employer in the acceptance report prepared by the Contractor. WARNING:
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