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Management Development

Rogaland Fylkeskommune | Published March 20, 2017

Rogaland County prepared in 2013 an employer strategy. The action related to employer strategy is one of the goals to implement a management development. As part of this work it was developed a management platform in 2016. Leadership expresses what should characterize good governance, ie expectations for joint management and expectations of the individual manager. As an extension of this work would county to conclude an agreement on planning and implementation of a management training program for all managers in the business. The program will commence fall 2017 and be completed by the end of 2018. The county municipality's employer strategy, excerpts of action to the employer strategy and Leadership attached document. Due to Easter are questions deadline of 07.04.2017. If there are questions about the tender documents must be made by this date.

International megelrtjenester and 3rd party reviews - Framework agreement

Statsbygg Hovedkontor | Published March 20, 2017

The agreements apply to advisory and executing brokerage and valuation services for various types of property in the international portfolio. Our property's market value will be used as a basis for decisions in connection with the lease cost estimates, purchase, sale and / or development.
Mainly there are the following three business it is desirable to be covered in the agreement;
• Advisory brokerage
• broker the sale / purchase of property
• valuation based on "desk-top" study

Acquiring solution idenitets- and access management (IAM)

IT-samarbeidet i Grenland (ITG) | Published March 20, 2017

An IAM solution will contribute to ITG when the following objectives:
* Ensure that access rights to business systems and networks created, modified and terminated in a correct, efficient and uniform way.
* Streamline and automate processes related to lifecycle management of identities.
* Ensuring an overview of the permissions that are given in the municipality's business systems and data networks.
The delivery will be an IAM solution, which will include the following;
* Automated creation, maintenance and termination of AD users and group membership in AD based on data from the Customer school administrative system. Integration with FEIDE.
* Automated creation, maintenance and termination of AD users and group membership in AD based on data from the Customer's payroll and human resources.
* A portal for access control to ensure a unified information and workflow associated with the creation and maintenance of user access and changes in personal and organizational data that must be handled manually.


Forsvarsbygg Anskaffelser | Published February 27, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017

NDEA economy platform is largely built around Agresso / Unit4 Business World (UBW). Currently handled accounting, invoice processing (inbound and outbound e-invoicing), procurement portal / order scheduling, payroll, personnel, time, equipment registry, budget and more. Agresso is the basis for the company's financial reporting and is used in combination with Corporater that The management information system (LIS). During 2016, new functional areas adopted relating to the management of projects and contract economics in Agresso. These are key components in the company's Project Portal. NDEA public services even takes care of the bulk of the daily operation and management of UBW, and the provision of comprehensive support to business in the form of report development and consulting. In addition to its own personnel, the need for assistance to development / modernization, upgrades, maintenance and support of finance platform.

Konsulentbistand ifbm. implementation of government accounting standards (SRS)

Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap (DSB) | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017

From 1 March 2017 takes DSB over the responsibility of the Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK). The companies will in 2017 use different accounting policies, as DSB report for cash accounts, while DNK uses accrual accounting and follows the government accounting standards (SRS). There is waived the provisions of financial regulations for 2017, but businesses must take a common accrual accounting in 2018 in line with SRS. The agreement applies to assistance and guidance for the establishment of accrual accounting in accordance with SRS. There is a need for special assistance to establish the opening balance through mapping and measurement of assets in DSB, and to efforts to coordinate and develop procedures and controls for the new combined business.

Aeral advertising services

Nordland fylkeskommune | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 15, 2017

Nordland county shall enter into a framework agreement with a collaboration partner for advertising services.

Nordland county are looking for a communication partner, who shall help us with marketing and campaigns in order to achieve increased market shares and a better reputation within our business area, with a large emphasis on transport. The selection will be made on the basis of good business understanding and a clear insight into the relationship between labels and the target group.

The aim of the contract is to get assistance for planning, preparing and implementing market activities and campaigns in different channels. This shall be done in close cooperation with the contracting authority in Nordland county. The framework agreement shall apply for campaigns and major information assignments, it will not apply for advertisement services. The assignments will mostly be transport related, but the contract shall also apply for other departments/units in Nordland county, see

Acquisition of business intelligence solution for UNE

Utlendingsnemnda | Published February 16, 2017

UNE will acquire software and maintenance agreement to establish solution for reporting and analysis.

Sefrivatnet quarries

Bane NOR SF | Published February 16, 2017

Invitation to a preliminary meeting Sefrivatnet Pukkverk offer conference.
Court Nor is the owner of a quarry at Sefrivatnet Grane municipality that is not currently in operation. Court Nor has obtained a license and have prepared a business plan for restarting operations of crushed stone work.
Court Nor would like to invite interested parties to a presentation of the project in Mosjoen, with subsequent inspection in Sefrivatnet, Wednesday, 08.03.2017 at 11:00. Deadline for orientation and inspection is 1.3 2017 at 12:00. Stakeholders will, if they wish to participate in the competition have the opportunity to provide input to the implementation of the competition and future operations of Sefrivatnet quarries.
Registrations should be submitted to;
Please note that their interest in this notice are not automatically regarded as an entry in the upcoming competitions.

Framework agreements for Accounting and Business Management Consulting

Norges Bank | Published February 16, 2017

- Expertise in accounting and financial reporting, including IFRS topics that are relevant to management and financial services, equity and fixed income financial instruments and real estate investments.
- Expertise in risk management, including strategic risk, operational risk, fraud risk, business continuity management and crisis management.
- Project management and general consulting
Each supplier will cover all service areas and all NBIM places.

Framework agreement - Cleaning of textiles Norges Bank

Norges Bank | Published February 16, 2017

Norges Bank shall enter into an agreement for hire, cleaning and washing services linked to the meeting - and representation activities, including napkins and tablecloths, etc. The framework agreement also includes rental and washing of towels. Needs cleaning and the type of fabric depends on the business meeting - and representation activities, several kind of fabrics than defined in the tender documents can thus be given the framework agreement during the agreement period.
Norges Bank has an option in the framework agreement for washing curtains. This includes dismantling, wash
and suspension of curtains, as well as transportation to and from Norges Bank. There are an estimated total of about 4.000m2 curtains that using the option must be cleaned every year.

Acquisition of business intelligence solution for UNE

Utlendingsnemnda | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 29, 2017

The purpose of the contract is to procure software and maintenance agreement to establish solution for reporting and analysis. This includes obtaining basic data from data warehouse at the UDI. Furthermore, also included installation, configuration, testing and training. A full description of the deliverables set out in Appendix 1 Requirements Specification.

1000605 Campus Ås, paraphernalia K923.11-02 B Biosafety Cabinets special

Statsbygg Hovedkontor | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

Purchasing Group K923.11-02_B Biosafety Cabinets special advertised / announced that one competition. There are only given the opportunity to submit tenders for the whole competition as stated under chapter 5.3 of this document. It becomes a contract within this purchasing group. For sikkerhetskabinettene demand proven products from manufacturers and suppliers' standard range. Purchasing Group K923.11-02_B Biosafety Cabinets special consists of the 2 pieces together built units. Each unit consists of 1 pc safety cabinet Class 2 type A2 built together with 1 piece safety cabinet class 3 with intermediate sluice to a complete unit. As stated in the requirements specification, the articles must be designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the following standards and norms; • For safety cabinets Class 1, 2 and 3; NS - EN 12469 (2000) Biotechnology, Performance criteria for microbiological safety cabinets • For safety cabinets class 2; NSF / ANSI 49 (2014) Sikkerhetskabinettene etc. must be supplied and installed with the first units in the spring of 2018. The devices in this competition will be located in premises belonging to the National Veterinary Institute. Accordingly, the contract will be transferred to the business of monitoring of conditions occurring after the equipment has been transferred to the Institute. This applies scroll. Seller's warranty obligations and / or monitoring of conditions related to the complaint.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Trondheim kommune | Published March 10, 2017
71000000, 45000000, 45100000, 45113000, 45200000, 45220000, 55000000, 55100000, 55120000, 55130000, 55300000, 55310000, 55330000, 55500000, 55900000, 63000000, 63500000, 70310000, 70330000, 71200000, 71242000, 71243000, 71244000, 71250000, 71300000, 71310000, 71313400, 71314000, 71315000, 71316000, 71318000, 71320000, 71322000, 71400000, 71420000, 71510000, 80000000, 92000000, 92300000, 92330000, 92331000

Invitation to private companies for the development, influence and co-financing of Granåsen sports centre and the surrounding area in Trondheim. Trondheim municipality invite companies to an open dialogue conference.

Trondheim municipality invite companies to commercial development and commercial operation in Granåsen, which shall be in accordance with the purpose of the area; to promote sport, health and activity in the population.


— overnight stay facilities such as hotel/sports hotel/sports dormitory.

— sports based business/sports industry.

— training centre/activity centre.

— service business.

Analysis and valuation services of commercial businesses

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 9, 2017
Sensacon AS

Buyer wishes tenders for assistance in the analysis and valuation of commercial businesses that will be affected by land acquisition. It can be anything from redemption of full employment, business interruption and less abstentions affecting the operation and thus the cash flows of a company.

Framework agreement - Electrician Services

Utlendingsdirektoratet - UDI | Published March 9, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017

UDI shall enter into an agreement for the purchase of electrician services related to the operation and maintenance of electrical systems in buildings and facilities that UDI disposes of Oslo. In addition to the need for ongoing services, the electrician service also include annual audits and internal control of all electrical installations. The selected provider will also provide a duty system for emergency / contingency and could assist contracting authority at short notice when needed. UDI disposes buildings and offices in Oslo at approximately 30000-40000 m2. This represents the buildings when the core business of the UDI is in a normal situation. In the event of emergency situations will the buildings UDI dispose increase.

Acquisition of a framework agreement for the purchase of recruitment services

Statens lånekasse for utdanning | Published March 9, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017

Technical positions is in principle involve candidates with heavy IT professional skills and different expertise within business development / product development, but also other fagroller may fall under the framework agreement. Loan Fund will when recruiting for these positions need assistance in parts of the process, such as testing and final evaluation, but also full process may be appropriate. It will depend on the nature of the position.

Construction work

Statens vegvesen Region vest | Published March 11, 2017  -  Deadline April 27, 2017

The objective of the project County Road 505 Skjæveland — Foss Eikeland is to create an improved east-west connection between the various residences and business activities for this part of the region. When the connecting road for E39 is completed, the road shall be a future part of the ring road surrounding the centre of Sandnes.

The objective of the project County Road 505 Skjæveland — Foss Eikeland is to create an improved east-west connection between the various residences and business activities for this part of the region. When the connecting road for E39 is completed, the road shall be a future part of the ring road surrounding the centre of Sandnes.

The new county road 505 for this stretch is, in accordance with the municipal plan, one of the sequencing requirements that must be complied with before new businesses can be established in the Kvål area. The road will have a vital function for the business traffic in the area, and will be a considerable discharge for the traffic impacting the road network between the Ganddal and Hove areas.

The road will also have a major impact on the development of residential areas east in Time and Klepp municipality. The road will in the longer terms be connected to the E39 road with a new connecting road between the County Road 505 and E39.

The choice of trace for this road is not yet decided, but the new County Road 505 is adapted various trace choices for this connection.

Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 10, 2017
Sensacon AS
79000000, 66000000, 79200000

The contracting authority would like tenders for assistance with the analysis and valuation of businesses that are affected by land acquisition. This can be everything from the realisation of entire businesses, interruption losses and minor cessions that affect operations and thereby the cash flow in a company.

copying services

Stiftelsen Tradebroker | Published March 8, 2017  -  Deadline April 7, 2017

Foundation Tradebroker will on behalf of our member companies invite their business to submit bids on copying services and printing on different media with relevant services, in accordance with the request wording. Tradebroker currently represents 53 large and medium Norwegian companies. For information on the Trust Tradebroker and its members, see: ( Trade Brokers 'overall objective is to negotiate a framework agreement with one or two suppliers in the market that can meet the member companies' needs in copying and printing with the relevant goods and services. Tradebroker has member companies subject to public procurement regulations "Supply Regulations" - FOR-2016-08-12-975 Of these, the following member companies reported participation in this area, with corresponding volume for 2016: Avinor AS - ca. £ 3.7 million, - Helgelandskraft AS - ca. Kr. , - Skagerrak Energi AS - ca. 43 000, - Statnett SF - ca. 1,100,000, -

Project management consultancy services

Hordaland fylkeskommune | Published March 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 29, 2017
72224000, 72000000, 72220000, 72266000, 73000000, 73200000

In order to supply competitive and good digital teaching aids for secondary education, NDLA must undergo restructuring in the coming years. The production processes for development and management of teaching aids will change. The teaching plans that form the basis for the teaching aids, will be changed, and other factors can affect NDLA's assignment and financing in the coming years. Therefore we have a need to connect with good consultants in teaching aid production and different models for networking collaboration and ‘cloud sourcing’ over the internet. There will also be a need for project managers who can lead restructuring projects in our core business.

This competition comprises the signing of parallel framework agreements for the following service areas:

1. Project management and restructuring project in the production of teaching aids.

2. Consulting within organising and structuring of the production of teaching aids.

3. Consulting within networking production and ‘cloud sourcing’ of the production of teaching aids.

NDLA is a business that bases it's processes on ‘Lean’ and ‘Lean Innovation’. The business produces and manages digital teaching aids that are supplied in a digital format to secondary education. Periodically we need project managers who can support us in the work with improving the framework provisions for our core processes, or in the work with reorganising and improving the processes themselves. The framework provisions consist i.a. of production tools, communications systems and portals that,, etc.

In their restructuring projects, NDLA needs advice from specialists in modern production methods for the development of digital teaching aids. NDLA will publish on their own portals and through external tenderer of teaching software. In the future, NDLA's content will be shared in arenas for sharing of ‘Open Educational Resources’ (OER).

NDLA has 3 key processes that directly impact the published learning resources: Building Science, Better science and Management of content.

In their restructuring projects, NDLA needs advice from specialists who have experience from networking and ‘cloud sourcing’ oriented content production. NDLA has organised content production in their latest subject, through the network of contributors who provide content to a central editorial team.

Open sharing platforms and interface with third party providers of teaching software will give NDLA the ability to let users themselves create their own versions of the teaching resources that they can also share with others. Users can give feedback on the published content and present suggestions for improvements. NDLA must figure out how to extract benefits from this in a management improvement and user sharing context. A good model in this area will be crucial for NDLA's own capacity and ability to manage, improve and develop new learning resources in the future.