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Rebuilding Lier City Hall Heggsbro

Lier Kommune | Published October 5, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
Parts of the existing building stocks to be demolished. 

The purpose of the initiative is to get a larger meeting rooms with more space for the public, with technical solutions that satisfy current users in a better way than today.

This account must be taken in relation to the use of tools / equipment especially in relation to demolition work so you do not damage the building unnecessarily.

Given the nature and scope

The list below is not exhaustive.

This section includes the following:

· Demolition and preparatory work.

· Reconstruction of parts of the basement floor.

· New ventilation.

· Replacement of fire control panels and new fire alarm system.

· New electrics

· Paint exterior

· New ceiling.

· New veggoverlfater

· New flooring.

· New kitchen

· Upgrade / replacement of distribution boards.

The main contractor is not entitled to more support from builder than this tender. See also the attached description and drawings.

construction time

The project expected to be completed during June 2017, starting in January 2017.

The main contractor shall submit a separate overall schedule that will display propulsion for all subjects (main schedule).

Form of contract and contract type

Ramboll will be responsible for any additional engineering and being a responsible applicant.

Coordination and management

Lier municipality by Fridjof River Saether will be client's representative.


If different signs must be enclosed authorization from an authorized signatory.

local conditions

The building itself, Hegsbro will be empty during the construction period.

Demands for their employees

Providers should an offer bill pay attention to the requirements under Norwegian law made the working environment and working conditions.

Indication of unit prices

If the obligation to indicate unit prices defaulted, the offer will be rejected or demanded specified.

product Description

The provider must provide evidence that quality and performance requirements are met.

Unless the provider has expressly reserved the right to deliver a product that deviates from the specifications, duties tenderer, if he gets the contract and regardless of the quality and characteristics of the offered product, to deliver a product within the scope of supply sum, equivalent to the pro- product as indicated in the specification.

Funders organization


Lier municipality Fridtjof River Saether

Project consultants

ARK Kristoffer Eng / Helge Martens

RiM Stefani Erika Papadaki / Monica Kviljo

RIE Stig Arild Kaarbø

Tear Roald Jean Meyer

RIBR Lars Erik Johnsen

RIB Paul Florvaag

Funders organization of SHA-work SHA Coordinator

The main contractor will perform the role of KU.

Before the commencement of the work, the contractor shall provide the statutory message to Labour Inspection, with a copy to the client.

Responsibility pursuant to the Planning and Building Act (PBL)

LK assume the following functions are relevant in this contract:

Responsible contractor Measures Class 2/3

Responsible controlling for performance measures Class 2/3

Responsible designer Measures Class 2/3

Responsible controlling for engineering measures Class 2/3

The Offeror has the risk that he or receive approval in the relevant approval areas project / work demands.

Main Business Working Environment Act

The main contractor who is awarded the contract shall be the main business for Work Act of

The price of this task should be included in the offer price.

Information Meeting / offers inspection

Feel free to bring representatives of several subjects.

Address: City Hall, Lier

Participants of the inspection must give their name and company.

Travel expenses or other costs associated with the inspection are not covered by Lier municipality.

Regulatory conditions.

Referring to the municipal zoning plan for the area (not supplied).

Government decisions.

Ramboll Norway AS will be responsible applicant.

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