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Operation of Haugestad

Lier Kommune | Published December 12, 2016  -  Deadline February 8, 2017

Lier municipality wants to contest postpone a service concession contract for the operation of Haugestad. Service concession contracts are excluded from the Directive on public procurement (FOA) § 1-3 (2) j.

Agreement object and purpose is to maintain and further develop Haugestad as a center for meetings and conferences, cultural events, festivities etc. in Lierbyen. It is of the Principal not desire significant changes in operations, but the principal would like to see the business developed within cut frames and that activity increased.

Haugestad shall be at the disposal of Lier municipality. It is assumed that Lier municipality should have the same access to Haugestad that in today's deal:

· For an elected activity (council two main samples, extraordinary meetings, citizens' meetings, elections, elected training etc.)

· As for representation of Lier municipality

· For administration meet needs (work meetings, training / education, larger gatherings, etc.)

It will be offered dining event, and dining / dining for elected officials who have meetings in the City Hall quarter.

Haugestad shall also be open and accessible to non-municipal events, private, non-profit organizations, etc. This part of Haugestad function desired further developed.

Haugestad shall appear representative and municipal representation buildings should Haugestad bekle the role in a good way. Haugestad is a listed building and has an important place in municipal history. The building is visibly positioned in the municipal center and it is therefore important to preserve the building's cultural place and role.

Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, and get access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[Http://]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

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