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Bærum kommune | Published April 11, 2017
79900000, 79940000, 79999200, 79999000, 30123200, 30144400, 42968000, 48000000, 48400000

Payment system for Asker and Bærum emergency doctor surgery.

Payment terminal integrated with EPJ.

Bærum municipality shall procure a payment vending machine in connection with the implementation of a new electronic patient journal system (EPJ), which is integrated with the EPJ for the Asker and Bærum emergency doctor surgery. We would like the system to be ready for use at the Emergency Doctor Surgery from the turn of the month April/May 2017. The municipality shall, thus, join up with a third party with an interface that shall see to payment and invoice services including a payment terminal. The terminal shall also be able to handle cash from users.

2 year contract, option or 1+1 year.

The estimated value is approx. 4 000 000 NOK over 4 years.

The estimate is uncertain as the supply of cases is expected to reduce with the new payment system.

This Voluntary ex ante transparency notice will be available for 14 days. Any appeals to the intention must reach Bærum municipality by 10.4.2017.

See the appendix for a more detailed description.

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