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Winter maintenance of municipal roads.

Porsgrunn kommune | Published July 10, 2015  -  Deadline August 17, 2015
90620000, 60181000, 60182000

Porsgrunn kommune wants to enter into contract for snow clearing and other winter maintenance for municipal engineering services business. The contract applies for two years with the possibility for the Contracting Authority to extend with 1 year + 1 year. The contract will apply for the season: 2015/2016, 2016/2017. The work site will be on awarded routes in Porsgrunn kommune. The tender offer should include an hourly rate for tractor, lorry or tool carrier with driver. As well as a price for annual fixed compensation to be in a state of preparedness.

Porsgrunn fire station - new garage

Fylke: Telemark, Kommune: Porsgrunn | Published May 22, 2019

Porsgrunn The fire and feeder business has three fire stations; a main station at Herøya, a bistering in Brevik and a bailout at Sandøya. In connection with the main station, a garage is intended for lighter vehicles, trailers and equipment that should not be used directly for emergency purposes.

Framework agreement Printing

Gassnova SF | Published March 17, 2016  -  Deadline April 15, 2016

Gas Nova wish to enter into agreement with a supplier to cover Gassnova need printing services.

The products will include, inter alia, annual reports, brochures, rollups, exhibition materials, business cards and other small publications.

We are working on a revision of our communication strategy and it may be possible that we expand our repertoire.

Gassnova want a supplier who can deliver print quality. It is possible there could also be asked execution of urgent orders on lay-out, where the graphic profile is set. We will need flexibility, then we do not quite know what our needs will be.

Gas Nova wish to enter into an agreement with a commercial printer that delivers high quality products, but also focuses on the environment.

Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, and get access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[Http://]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.

Framework agreement Filmmaking

Gassnova SF | Published November 7, 2015  -  Deadline December 22, 2015
92111250, 79416000, 92111000

Framework agreement filmmaking. Gassnova need to conclude a framework agreement with a company that can help us to produce films of various kinds and to use different channels. We seek a partner who is creative and has broad experience in various types of filmmaking. Gassnova wants a partner who can produce films with high technical quality and who can demonstrate experience in the oil and gas business. We are on social media and want in this context to have an interlocutor within slant on information (film) on these channels. Gassnova will also consider the use of campaigns of various kinds, where our new partner in the film will play an important role. Gassnova does not know completely their needs as of now, but we will need the opportunity to ad-hoc work and longer projects, where we will work closely with film producer. We work within a supposedly technical environment, so understanding for technical challenges and nøyatighet is important. We can see for ourselves more opportunities for film production such as: Manufacture of subject related film, where there will be a requirement for technical accuracy for correct description of the processes in CO2 management Production of advertising, propaganda and campaign-related film production information film for use on such social media framework agreement has a duration of 2 years, with an option for 1 + 1 year. Principal uses Mercell Sourcing Service. To register your interest, as well as access to any documents, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser. [[]]. Then follow the instructions on the website.
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