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Miscellaneous business and business-related services

Skatteetaten | Published March 17, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017
79900000, 75112000, 79996000

The Norwegian Tax Authority needs to enter into a framework agreement with a tenderer for professional project controllers. We envisage a need for project controllers for both major commitments and for some minor projects. We can have a need to hire both individual resources and a whole team. They shall follow different projects. See the requirement specifications in the framework agreement annex 1 for further details.

Business and management consultancy and related services

AS Vinmonopolet | Published March 28, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
79400000, 79410000, 79411000, 79421000, 72224000, 72246000, 72220000, 72222300, 72222200

Vinmonopolet wishes to enter into a framework agreement for external consultancy services related to strategic and operational projects at Vinmonopolet. The assignment consists of the following competence areas:

1. Strategic consultancy;

2. Strategic ICT;

3. Project management.

Vinmonopolet wishes to enter into a framework agreement for external consultancy services related to strategic and operational projects at Vinmonopolet. This includes i.a. projects related to assortment development and adaptation to the customers' requirements, supplies, procurements, organisation development, development of chain operations and how digitalisation can support the development in an efficient manner. Vinmonopolet has framework conditions that ordinary trade chains do not have, and it is important to take these into considerations in connection with the implementation of projects.

Vinmonopolet wants to enter into agreement with 3 service providers.

Call-offs against the framework agreement shall be made through internal miniature contest in Mercell.

Further description of the requested competence areas is stated in chapter 5 to the tender documentation.

Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

Oslo kommune Bymiljøetaten | Published March 18, 2017  -  Deadline April 27, 2017
79000000, 79811000, 79341400, 79340000, 79952000, 79342000

Rusken is Oslo municipality's commitment to a clean and pleasant city together with Oslo's population. Rusken is a non-bureaucratic measure that is based on volunteers and voluntary work from individuals, housing associations, nurseries, schools, organisations, businesses etc. The contracting authority shall enter into a framework agreement with one tenderer, with the intention of assisting the Rusken secretariat in the development, further development and administration of Rusken's digital projects, campaigns and activities. The contracting authority has a general need to communicate and interact with the city's citizens on its various activities, measures and services. The Rusken secretariat needs a contract that, in periods and when needed, strengthens and supplements the secretariat by offering access to persons/resources within different fields of competence. There is a need for access to a compound professional environment that can assist in the work of branding the Rusken concept.

The amount of work will vary throughout the calendar year and will depend, amongst other things, on activities connected to season related activities and events, the choice of different campaigns, as well as the need for different commitments throughout the year. The framework agreement shall cover the need for assistance with the development, further development and administration of different digital projects and communication systems, as well as marketing and branding the Rusken concept. In addition the contract shall cover the production, development and coordination of different types of campaigns and events.

See the tender documentation and all the annexes for further information on the procurement's extent and the work assignments.

2017/1049 Acquisition of system for booking, visit and meeting business

Stortingets Administrasjon | Published April 6, 2017  -  Deadline May 15, 2017

Parliament has processes in booking, visit and meeting activities involving multiple systems today, both electronic and manual. The acquisition will secure a new system that will collect and streamline several of these processes. This will include booking system for meeting rooms and food orders, visit the registration and booking system for Section for visits and provision their services. The system will also support the ability to see the totality of the picture of activities in Parliament. Users' desire for increased flexibility and self-booking will be emphasized. Parliament will move planning horizon ahead, through the work of forecasting and planning in order to achieve efficient use of resources, and this must be supported by the system. Contract shall include purchasing system adaptation and development for the customer as well as maintenance and further development within the framework of the SSA-V in system life. Parliament wishes to enter into an agreement with a supplier who can take an overall management responsibility for the solution throughout the facility's lifetime. In addition the completion of purchase and further development of the solution. Life is for evaluation purposes set at 6 years. The same applies also specifying the contract. It is emphasized that this is the life expectancy, and the duration of the contract may be extended. For further details, see SSA T and V with supplements.

Exercise Program and consulting services in emergency and crisis management

Norges Bank | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017

Norges Bank shall enter into an agreement with a provider who will assist in the planning, design, preparation, implementation and evaluation of training and emergency drills. The target group includes strategic and operational crisis management, as well as the various emergency functions (emergency response center, media center, next of kin telephone and relatives center). Exercise program should be based on various realistic scenarios that can affect your business in the following areas: - Crises that are likely to endanger human health, operation, business continuity, reputation and environment - Any other areas are being made for a systematic and long-term efforts to ensure a measurable quality improvement of skills in crisis management at all levels. Through training program, the authority shall be given confidence and confirmation that both individuals and the organization act properly in emergency situations.

Framework agreement for consultancy services

Skatteetaten | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017

Tax Administration is open to receive offers from consultant broker that has as its core business to convey consultants who are not directly employed by mediation firm. Sub-area 15 consultant disclosure will be a "back up area" will be used in cases where there is carried out a mini competition and offered resources and / or capacity for an overall assessment not sufficiently satisfy Tax Administration needs and / or requirements.

Acquiring anropsstryt passenger (taxi) in the Oslo area

Arbeids- og velferdsdirektoratet, Økonomi- og styringsavdelingen, Anskaffelsesseksjonen | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017

The provision is intended to provide stable and reliable taxi transportation services for employees in the Labor and Welfare on a business trip in the Oslo area and to and from Oslo Oslo Airport Gardermoen. With the Oslo area defined within Oslo. Other NAV employees than employees in the Labor and Welfare may also use agreement, if desired. The duration of the contract is 2 + 1 + 1 year. We estimate the acquisition to have a total value of between $. 6,000,000, - and 7,000,000 including VAT over a contract period of 4 years. The client will emphasize that this estimate is not binding, in that the volume may vary up and down.

Competition Documents for consultation: Joint Agreement on internal audit assistance

DIFI / STATENS INNKJØPSSENTER | Published April 18, 2017

Government procurement center shall, on behalf of state enterprises enter into a Joint Agreement for purchase of internal audit services, aiming to meet the state enterprises' needs for internal audit assistance. Internal services are defined as: "the activities performed by external consultants in internal auditing context for state contracting entities pursuant to Circular-117/16, Chapter 5". Shall be drawn up to four parallel nationwide frame agreements, where the allocation of each assignment will occur through business custom mini competitions. This joint agreement is scheduled to last for two years from signing, with optional extensions of the framework agreement with 1 + 1 year - maximum four years. Announcement date is preliminary set to 05/05/2017.

Project management consultancy services

Skatteetaten | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017
72224000, 79420000, 72000000, 30211300, 66140000, 72254100, 72246000, 79417000, 72225000, 80420000, 72514200, 72220000, 79620000

New parallel framework agreements shall be signed for consultancy services that shall cover Skatteetaten's [the Norwegian Tax Administration's] primary need for consultancy assistance in different sub-areas (lots). Tender offers can be submitted on 1 or more of these lots. It is also possible to submit tender offers on individual locations such as Grimstad and Mo i Rana.

Leadership and consultancy services, business development, quality assurance etc.

System development.

This area should cover the Contracting Authority's need for system development in regard to Oracle.

Further development and management of the current Data Warehouse on the Oracle platform, in collaboration with internal employees.

The Norwegian Tax Administration is procuring a new information platform. When this has been procured, there will be a great need to build the content on the platform in its entirety.

Safeguard further development of the Government Collection Agency and BI's solution.

The objective of the category is first and foremost to support the work of modernising the system portfolio in-line with the Fremtidsbildet 2025 [The Future Picture 2025] and other strategic guidelines.

This area should cover the Norwegian Tax Administration's need for assistance in test areas. The Norwegian Tax Administration develops and tests in accordance with the flexible principles and test methodology based on the ISTQB standard's flexible methodology.

The infrastructure and operations area shall ensure access to the right resources with the right competence, that can assist with the service specification and development of infrastructure, as well as operational assignments within the areas that are part of our (current and future) infrastructure and applications portfolio.

The Norwegian Tax Administration has a central role in the Norwegian society through their responsibility for setting and collection of taxes and duties and running a central National Register. This involves management of large quantities of information about organisations and individuals, which sets high requirements of information security.

The area of user quality covers competence that ensures an intuitive and effective user experience for those with tax and duties obligation, and for the Norwegian Tax Administration's own employees.

This area of the framework agreement should cover the Contracting Authority's need for assistance in the discipline of electronic learning.

The Administration's large projects are organised with an external quality assurer who reports to the project owner, but shall at the same time support the project manager. The primary focus is to provide advice that contributes to the success of the projects by achieving goals and reduced risk. External quality assurers should be independent of the delivery environment.

Area 14 — Java system development, should cover the Norwegian Tax Administration's need for assistance in Java development that is not covered by other areas, including Java developer, scrum-master and building master (DevOps).

The Norwegian Tax Administration is open to receiving tender offers from consulting agencies who's core activity is to manage consultants that are not directly employed by the mediation company. Sub Area 15, Consultancy mediation will be a ‘back-up area’, that will be used in instances where a mini competition has been carried out and the offered resources and/or capacity, after a comprehensive assessment, does not satisfy the Norwegian Tax Administration's needs and/or requirements to a satisfactory degree.

Consultant (s) to Norwegian participation in the OECD Working Group on territorial indicators (WPTI)

Kommunal- og moderniseringsdepartementet | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 12, 2017

KMD will with this procurement contract with a business that offers a permanent representative of the Norwegian authorities in the OECD Working Group on territorial indicators (WPTI) and a solid reserve. Both the solid agent and reserve should be researchers or have researchers. Norway participates in the OECD's work on regional development through "The Territorial Development Policy Committee" (hereinafter TDPC). TDPC has established three working groups, one for rural issues, one for urban issues and one for the indicators, statistics and data. "The Working Party on Territorial Indicators" (hereinafter WPTI) helps with statistics and analyzes of the various working groups, but primarily directly to TDPC. WPTI meet twice a year in Paris, usually in June and November / December. The supplier is expected within the framework to participate in these meetings and any other meetings within the framework of the mission. The working group's mandate and work program is attached. The aim of the participation of the research is to make an active Norwegian contribution to the OECD's work on regional development, where Norwegian perspectives, challenges and analyzes are made visible in an appropriate manner. Contractor relate to the OECD as an ordering of various contributions, but also report to the Ministry on the contributions actually made. The assistance is mainly at 7 different venues. These are: 1. Data collection, system and indicator development. 2. Attendance. 3. Questionnaires (new task). 4. Article Writing and written contributions. 5. Commenting and assessment of analyzes, reports and case presentations. 6. Support and presentation KMD. 7. Options - contract extension and academic extension assignment is described in Appendix 1 to the contract.
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