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Analysis and valuation services of commercial businesses

Statens Vegvesen | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for assistance in the analysis and valuation of commercial businesses that will be affected by land acquisition. It can be anything from redemption of full employment, business interruption and less abstentions affecting the operation and thus the cash flows of a company.

In addition, yesterday the mission out to give input to the valuation and assisting in the preparation of the offer of compensation which the Public Roads Administration finally submits to the extent NPRA requests. The mission could include all types of industries and commercial businesses, depending on what type of business that are located on properties that must be redeemed as a result of new road.

The mission will also involve posing as NPRA its experts in connection with legal proceedings concerning the compensation for land acquisition in judgment. In addition, the contract could include holding posts on the trade day / conference for employees in NPRA related to specific cases you have assisted NPRA.

Geographical assignment will include assistance for properties with locations in the central eastern area constituting Eastern Region in NPRA, ie counties Oppland, Hedmark, Akershus, Oslo and Østfold. NPRA Region East has offices that deal with land acquisition in Moss, Oslo, Hamar and Lillehammer. It must cover some meetings on these sites, but it will also be possible with Skype meetings if that is more appropriate.

The purpose of the procurement is to ensure that everyone must refrain acreage associated with road development will cover their full economic losses after the rules by expropriation.

Fv. 115 miljøgate Reinsvoll

Statens vegvesen Region øst | Published December 8, 2016  -  Deadline January 19, 2017

Project background is a need to tighten up center. Center in Reinsvoll reaches to the train station. The center is smeared with gravel and asphalt surfaces where parking, road, area for motorists and pedestrians passing into the other, creating blurry zones. The center is characterized by some empty premises and varied maintenance of buildings and outdoor areas, as well as undeveloped land plots. It is desirable to clarify Reinsvoll center at the railway station as village, thus ensuring traffic safety and maneuverability for motorists.

The measure will consist of including upgrading and new construction of roads, pavements and collective point. Together the various measures contribute to better traction and road safety and create a more attractive downtown area for residents and visitors.

It is chosen a traditional design with street racing and sidewalks with edge parking on one side against the business area. On the side toward the homes will be built a discount between street and sidewalk. Roadway is shifted slightly to the west to get sufficient width of the sidewalk.

It will be built a raised pedestrian crossings at intersections by Kiwi and establish shelters in connection with the bus stop.

Furthermore, to be built natural stone along the running. 92 BNR. 37, Storgata 7.

There shall be established light off between county and walking road.

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