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Land acquisition services for the project E6 Trøndelag

Nye Veier | Published October 19, 2016  -  Deadline November 22, 2016

The E6 in Norway goes from Oslo, via Trondheim, to Kirkenes. The road is important for businesses, settlements and the transport of goods domestic and abroad. The projects "E6 Ulsberg — Melhus" south of Trondheim and E6 Ranheim — Værnes" and "E6 Kvithammar — Åsen" north of Trondheim, are parts of this route. The development of these stretches on the E6 shall be carried out by Nye Veier AS.

The land acquisition on the stretch south of Trondheim has been partially started by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and approved development plans are available. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is currently carrying out amicable realisation of residences/holiday homes that are regulated as realised in the development plan, as well as some strategic land acquisition.

The land aquisition north of Trondheim has not yet started, but at the current time 2 houses have been acquired.

There are currently no development plans on the "E6 Kvithammer — Åsen" stretch, only a municipal sector plan.

There are approved development plans for the sub-stretch "E6 Ranheim — Værnes", for the sub-stretches that are located in Malvik and Stjørdal municipalities respectively. Trondheim city council has not, on the date of this notice, approved the development plan for the road stretch. The plan for the E6 Trondheim has, however, been approved by the building authority.

Archeological registrations/surveys have mostly been carried out on the E6 Ulsberg — Melhus and E6 Ranheim — Værnes stretches. Work is ongoing to start the archeological registrations/surveys on the E6 Kvithammar — Åsen stretch.

The E6 Ulsberg — Melhus stretch consists of the following development plans (status):

E6 Ulsberg — Vindåsliene (approved)

E6 Vindåsliene — Korporalsbrua (approved, constructed by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

E6 Korporalsbrua — Prestteigen (public inspection, autumn 2016)

E6 Prestteigen — Gyllan (spring 2017)

E6 Gyllan — Røskaft (autumn 2016)

E6 Røskaft — Skjerdingstad (autumn 2016, objection from the county governor regarding top-soil)

According to provisional calculations, the total land acquisition on the "E6 Ulsberg — Skjerdingstad" stretch is approx. 600 properties distributed over a stretch of approx. 66 km. The final development plan is not expected to give a significant reduction in the number of affected landowners. The plan status is somewhat uncertain as regards the final extent. The land aquisition affects houses, agriculture areas and business interests.

The Ranheim — Værnes stretch is 22.9 km, of which 7.3 km is in a tunnel. 2.8 km of the stretch is in Trondheim, 16.5 km is in Malvik and 3.3 km is in Stjørdal. The existing road was constructed in the period 1988 to 1995 and most of the stretch is single carriageway. The land acquisition for the expansion of the current road mostly affects agriculture areas and some businesses.

The municipal sector plan stretch, E6 Kvithammar — Åsen, starts at Kvithammar junction in Stjørdal municipality and ends in Vassmarka, north of the centre of Åsen in Levanger municipality in Nord-Trøndelag. The proposed stretch from Kvithammar junction to Vassmark is 19.6 km, of which 9.5 km is in a tunnel. The land acquisition mostly affects agriculture areas.

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