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Removal of mussel farms in Rogaland- 2nd time announcement

Kystverket | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 1, 2016

Reference is made to earlier announcements doffinref. 143859. The contract that was signed on the basis of previous announcement raised. NCA searching anew for a supplier who can cut the most of the ownerless facilities in Rogaland to improve safety and accessibility at sea and to improve the marine environment.

Over the past few years it has emerged cases where plant and other equipment for mussel farming has been left in the sea long after the aquaculture business is liquidated. In many cases, is also the owner of the concession bankrupt and there is therefore no imposing cleanup. Such ownerless facilities now constitute a risk both for the environment, fisheries, maritime safety and land seizures. Cleanup of abandoned equipment is more difficult to handle in the mussel industry than in other parts of the industry, as it can stand large amounts of biomass in most mussel farms. It is an objective that plant components to be addressed as much as possible should be taken for reuse, remaining to be delivered to an approved disposal site.

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