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Purchase of consulting services in business development

Norad (Direktoratet for utviklingssamarbeid) | Published December 19, 2016  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

The procurement is divided into four (4) areas:

1. Trade

2. Catalytic assistance in business development

3. Companies' framework

4. Strategic partnerships

Communication and advertising services

Romerike Avfallsforedling IKS (ROAF) | Published December 14, 2016  -  Deadline February 17, 2017

The main aim of the contract is to get competent, coordinated, comprehensive and independent channel of communication and advertising services tailored to the needs ROAF at any time har.Tjenestene should support the principal's vision and business strategy for 2016 - 2025, and contribute to the strategic goal achievement. The delivery shall be organized with a communication and advertising company as the main supplier, and any subcontractors for promotion, printing services, film and video productions, surveys and analysis.

Dialogue Conference - future IT architecture in vehicles

Ruter As (Forsyning) | Published November 1, 2017
Ruter has ambitious goals for the development of digital customer experiences. We want to develop innovative solutions that support and inspire customers throughout the customer journey across mobility forms. Key features in this context are in the areas of ticketing and travel information. We want to develop more dynamic and personalized digital solutions - which is very costly and time consuming with our existing systems are complete, self-contained solutions within specific functional areas.
Through the use of international standards we will facilitate closer integration between the solutions so that a given service is available across the different channels customers use through customer journey. One key point of this is to centralize business functions to the greatest possible extent so that the distributed system components can be designed as simple as possible - logically.

Anbod 2017 Framework agreement on legal and financial services

Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune | Published December 1, 2017
For both missions, respectively. legal and financial services, will be established parallel framework agreements with three utvalde providers.
Legal services innan several jurisdiction:
• EU / EEA law: public anskaffingar, public support,
o Contract law,
o Litigation / Dispute solving,
o Employment,
• Company Lovgjeving / business law,
• Freedom of management,
• torts, tax law
Legal services related to vegentreprise is not covered by the framework agreement.
financial services
It is Jamna need for financial services, here valuation of the shareholding and strategic counseling in connection with purchase and saddle of shares and other securities, private placements, mergers and demergers, diligence, mm. It could also arise for assistance in anskaffingsprosessar, for example in the assessment of whether the supplier has fulfilled financial eligibility requirements.
The agreement does not apply to the daglege fiscal and debt the administration cf. County's Financial Regulation.

felling Chemicals

Bergen Vann KF | Published December 19, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017

Bergen Water Authority operates the municipal water and wastewater facilities in Bergen - and Os Municipality. The agency shall ensure proper and adequate water supply and a good and environmentally sound wastewater management.

Mountain Municipality has spun off all services related to water, sewage and sanitation as a separate company, FjellVAR AS. FjellVAR AS is the leading food and environmental business in the municipality of Fjell. The staff makes sure to supply drinking water, take care of the waste water, emptying private septic tanks, and collect and facilitate re-use of waste. The entire activity will be funded through water, sewage and waste disposal fees.

Bergen Water Authority shall enter into an agreement (without mini competition) on the purchase and delivery of Felling Chemicals for 5 water treatment plants and wastewater treatment 8 (3 pcs. Did not own delivery address) in the Bergen and Os Municipality.

FjellVAR AS shall enter into an agreement (without mini competition) on the purchase and delivery of Felling Chemicals for water treatment 2 in Mountain Municipality.

Part 1: Bergen Water (Kismul VBA, Os VBA, Søvik harbor RA, Skei Leira RA)

Polyaluminium with Al content 9.0%

Polyaluminiumkloridhydroxidsilikat with Al content 7.5%

Part 2: Bergen Water (Holen RA, RA button, Outer Sandviken RA)

Ferric chloride with Fe content 13.8%

Part 3: Bergen Water (Button RA)

Polyaluminium with Al content 9.0%

Part 4: Bergen Water (Jordalsvatnet VBA, Svartediket VBA)

Jernkloridsulfat with Fe content 11.6%

Part 5: Bergen Water (Sædalen VBA)

Aluminium sulphate with Al content 4.3%

Part 6: FjellVAR (Fjæreide VBA, Bildøy lake VBA)

Jernkloridsulfat with Fe content 11.6%

In Part 3 shall also supplied smaller quantities on button to be used at the sewage treatment plants Totland Sagstad and Kaland school. Value / volume is included in the stated figures.

Given chemicals are those used on farms today.

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