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Software package and information systems

Provincie Fryslan, namens de FUMO | Published November 10, 2015  -  Deadline December 22, 2015
48000000, 48810000

The window for applicants (citizens, businesses, partners) remains with the competent authorities of these tasks. In these situations, the FUMO acting independently on behalf of the competent authority. The FUMO aspires the most obvious being an alternative to the execution of all tasks VTH for all Frisian government organizations because they arguably faster, cheaper and better performing. The registration also includes storage of documents and files (linked to both objects and subjects) in accordance with current (archive) laws and regulations. This core registration is in line with national basic registries intended for one-time storage and multiple use of this data by FUMO and its participants. The FUMO wants its participants (competent authorities) taking support up the steps to a Digital Government by connecting as much as possible by the national government developed standards and interfaces and other relevant norms and standards in the areas of services, business-oriented approach, filing and information management and security. For the initial implementation, the aim of the FUMO to allow its staff and participants have a new look 01.07.2016, decorated Environmental Information System (LIS). The tender embraces a business system - in accordance with national (government) standards, interfaces, industry models, etc. with specific functionality for: licensing, inspection and enforcement (VTH) FUMO as Frisian environment service; - As BS EN ISO 27001: 2013 certified cloud solution (both functionality and data); - user friendly; - Suitable for multiple "data administration" (multi-tenant) linked to: office automation environment of the FUMO, relevant basic registries, national facilities, OLO, AIM, scan the streets of the province of Friesland; - With the possibility of integration with (case) systems of participants; - For initial FUMO 125 users and 50 participant users; - Including a BS 2082 certified DMS / RMA; - Including the conversion of data from existing systems; - Including initial implementation at FUMO and its participants. A user is guided to avoid errors by example, spell check in text fields including forms / screens and does itself as little as possible to include additional information still manually or supplement. Note: The province itself is not a participant in this tender and can not be regarded as a contracting authority. See for more information at:
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