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Overhead travelling cranes

AEB Amsterdam | Published December 6, 2016

1 Introduction

Before you lies the canvassing which AEB Amsterdam (AEB) prepared in connection with the planned procurement of a performance contract for maintenance concept of overhead cranes (ie bunker cranes and slag cranes) from its incinerators. Through completely free discussions with market AEB wants the feasibility and feasibility testing of its proposed content and process solutions. In addition, AEB will challenge the market to improvement proposals and come up with their own solutions.

2. Description of the proposed contract

In the current maintenance concept are many different internal control relevant suppliers takes place from different business units and by different disciplines (WTB, E & I). This requires a relatively large internal alignment and coordination. AEB is looking for one vendor that relieves her.

AEB purpose seeks to close a multi-year performance contract with one ...

Canvassing serving a multi-year performance contract.

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