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Embassy of Denmark | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

The objective of the Responsible Business Fund (RBF) for Myanmar is increased responsible behaviour and competitiveness of supported enterprises due to access to matching grants. The outcome is defined as: Increased number of private enterprises improve their i) energy-, water and waste efficiency, ii) working conditions, OSH and food safety and iii) skills of human resources. The RBF engagement has the form of a challenge fund. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the merit of the project presented for funding. The consultant shall administer and manage the RBF under the Denmark- Myanmar Country Programme 2016-2020, for further information see II.2.4).

The consultant shall administer and manage the RBF under the Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme 2016-2020 and as part of that:

— Be responsible for the day-to-day RBF operation, including to supervise and coach the RBF Management Unit Staff and external consultants and perform quality assurance to be undertaken by the Management Consultants home office, which shall also provide general administration and professional back-up.

— Develop and implement procedures and guidelines related to the RBF, including developing appropriate selection criteria and proper feedback

— Perform review of strategic plans etc. and due diligence of applicants, including assessment of budgets and financial management capacity of grantees and other recipients of RBF resources.

— Coordinate and supervise training and work of auditors and service providers and be responsible for the efficient use of available resources and financial management of the RBF and the establishment of effective M&E mechanisms, with baselines, on the basis of the Country Programme M&E Guidelines and ensure that activities are conducted as stipulated in the plan.

— Ensure that the RBF is transparent, accountable and protects the interest of the key stakeholders by developing appropriate strategies, policies and procedures for the RBF in collaboration with the RBF Board, and undertake the preparation of status reports, budgets and final evaluations of concluded projects and implementation of audit recommendations for improving the financial systems and accounting procedures.

— Be responsible for the marketing of the RBF to potential applicants

The staff to be provided by the consultant will be mobilised approx. 1.6.2017 and cover a period of 43 month. The full-time staff to be provided for the RBF Management Unit, includes a fund manager, a financial controller/ accountant, a grant specialist, two grant officers and one M&E specialist. In addition to the permanent staff of the RBF Management Unit, the RBF Management Consultant is supposed to provide ad hoc short-term international and national technical assistance. The Management Consultant must also provide all support staff required for the implementation.

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