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Expert service textile recycling

IntoPajat ry | Published June 17, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2016

Partex-workshop is an Imatra Into Workshops Association and the Association of Project Due to the removal of textile recycling, specializing in the workshop, which will be launched at the beginning of September 2016 funded by the ESF. At the workshop in close cooperation with the business sector, and vocational training to generate new businesses around a removal of textile activities. the launch of the workshop is accompanied by three EU-funded projects, of which the ERDF-funded Partex-invested projects are targeted to the development and equipment investment in recycling activities. PARTEX-invest 1 and 2 projects in support of the reception, processing and forwarding the operating outlet high-quality textiles and appropriate implementation, and implanting a permanent action. Partex as key-invest 1 activities of the project are the development of recycling exhaust textiles business collaboration and outsourcing service take expert assistance to purchase equipment, deployment, support the use of the material as well as process management. The main objectives of the project are: - to obtain the removal of suitable textile processing machinery and equipment, - textile material handling processes, optimization of, - supplying the material and the establishment of the receiving company collaboration network depreciation textile workshop around - on the subject of business achievement. the subject of the contract is to support the project activities of professional services, which include: - consulting in machinery and equipment purchases, including hammer mills, conveyors and other necessary components - machine adjustments to further the availability of materials from the perspective of composite materials as a raw material, - operation and maintenance of machines to guide the workshop staff, where appropriate, support the use of , - consulting firm co-operation, - the different material fractions usefulness of the evaluation of composite processes as a raw material, - the development of material fractions sorting instructions for a variety of composites manufacturing processes, - consulting related to the processed fractions of material logistics management, - consulting related to material fractions for further exploitation of new products as a raw material either directly or in conjunction with other potential verses,
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