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Comune di Taormina | Published November 4, 2015  -  Deadline December 14, 2015

Awarding concessions for the assessment and collection of revenue and the municipal service and extrajudicial coercive recovery of tax credits and extratributari Body, for the following purposes: - management concession of the service assessment of evasion and / or avoidance of revenue tax and equity (primarily water, IMU, TARES, TOSAP, ICP, DPA, TARI, TASI, CDS, IDS) and the collection procedure, ordinary, coercive and out of court, tax revenues and assets of the organization. - Ascertaining municipal revenue sharing; - Support the activities of tax evasion of state revenues, made through reports of data and information through the system SIATEL, in accordance with the guidelines agreed between the Ministry of Economy, Inland Revenue, - establishment of a data warehouse the geographic component, depending on the tax system IUC, - mode Management and Organization for the detection of tax assets, - pre-litigation and litigation, - preparation of the drafts of briefs for the constitution and the legal defense at all stages and able, - the adoption of restraining and executive actions in the management of compulsory recovery of the amounts and extrajudicial tax not collected, - ensure adequate service entry point for the public. The management of all the aforementioned services must be guaranteed through the integration of all relevant databases and the maintenance of a computer system, in line with current local regulations, to automate all administrative processes and the necessary ' implementation with the geographical component of the data warehouse for the management of the City of civil registration data, the house numbering, the land cadastre and buildings, advertising signs for all municipal taxes.
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