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For the establishment of panels of fishing vessels for Landing Obligation simulation studies

Bord Iascaigh Mhara - Irish Sea Fisheries Board ( BIM ) | Published May 27, 2015  -  Deadline June 10, 2015
34513100, 34513550

BIM, established under the Sea Fisheries Act 1952, is the Irish State agency responsible for developing the Irish seafood industry. Our mission is to develop the Irish seafood sector by adding value, driving growth, increasing competitiveness and creating jobs. A key element of the newly reformed Common Fisheries Policy is the progressive elimination of discards in all EU fisheries through the introduction of a Landing Obligation (LO). The landing obligation will introduce a number of challenges to the Irish fleet particularly in the demersal mixed fisheries fleet segment. The impacts of the landing obligation are difficult to predict, but are likely to be metier and business specific. Key challenges will include requirements to land non-marketable undersize or over quota fish, cessation of fishing activity once the quota for the first individual TAC species is exhausted and costs associated with handling and disposal of non-marketable fish. In order to assess potential impacts, BIM and the Marine Institute intend carrying out trials to simulate the full introduction of the LO. BIM now wishes to appoint panels of suitably qualified vessels to assist in this work on full charter basis. Candidates are required to provide information on their vessels and meet minimum criteria in relation to their suitability to participate in LO. As specific trials arise, a mini competition based on price, will be run between successful Candidates. Commencing in June 2015, the duration of the panel(s) will be a maximum of three years and applications to participate in these studies can be submitted at any time during this period.

Coillte Open Forest Maintenance Tender

Coillte Teoranta | Published April 28, 2015  -  Deadline June 8, 2015
77200000, 77231000, 77231100

Coillte Forest Maintenance Operations - Open Tender. Coillte wishes to set up a framework agreement from suitably qualified contractors for the provision of general forest maintenance for each of the eight BAU’s (Business Area Units, please see BAU Map for locations) The services will focus on general for maintenance Services. Coillte Forest hereby invites applications for admittance to the above framework agreement. Coillte Forest is using an open procedure to establish this framework agreement, which means that any interested party is entitled to a submit tender. To access tender documentation for this competition please log on to and click on the link to Coillte’s Supplier Management System (SMS) on the right hand side of the site, or click on the link below • For suppliers already registered on the system use your username and password to login. Then follow the steps below to access the competition: • New suppliers must firstly register on the system by clicking on the "register now" section in the bottom left of page of the screen. Once registration is complete log in and follow the steps below to access the competition: Steps to create a response to competition Click on; o "Opportunities” on the left hand side of the screen o “Show me" next to the Coillte competition of interest o “Register interest” o “Show Me" next to the Coillte competition of interest o “create a response” Any issue with registering or for system queries please contact Tel : 012011171 For specific queries please utilise the Dialogue tab within SMS to contact Eileen O’Keeffe, the Procurement Category Manager, who will endeavour to respond

Admittance to a Framework for HedgeCutting

Coillte Teoranta | Published April 27, 2015  -  Deadline June 6, 2015
03000000, 03440000, 77200000, 77231000, 77231700, 77340000, 77342000

Open Tender for Hedgecutting Operations. Coillte wishes to set up a framework agreement from suitably qualified contractors for the provision of Hedgecutting Services for each of the eight BAU’s (Business Area Units, please see BAU Map for locations) The services will focus on Hedgecutting Services. Coillte Forest hereby invites applications for admittance to the above framework agreement. Coillte Forest is using an open procedure to establish this framework agreement, which means that any interested party is entitled to a submit tender. To access tender documentation for this competition please log on to and click on the link to Coillte’s Supplier Management System (SMS) on the right hand side of the site, or click on the link below • For suppliers already registered on the system use your username and password to login. Then follow the steps below to access the competition: • New suppliers must firstly register on the system by clicking on the "register now" section in the bottom left of page of the screen. Once registration is complete log in and follow the steps below to access the competition: Steps to create a response to competition Click on; o "Opportunities” on the left hand side of the screen o “Action” magnifying glass next to the Coillte competition of interest o “Register interest” on the left hand side of the screen o “Requests from Buyers” o “Action” magnifying glass next to the Coillte competition of interest o “create a response” Any issue with registering or for system queries please contact Tel : 012011171 For specific queries please utilise the Dialogue tab within SMS to contact Eileen O'Keeffe, the Procurement Category Manager, who will endeavour to respond promptly.

European Market Integration Project (EMIP) Phase 2

EirGrid plc | Published April 14, 2015  -  Deadline May 14, 2015
72000000, 79100000

The objective of this Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) process is to produce a short-list of suitably qualified Candidates who will be invited to tender for consultancy services as Client Side Advisor 2 (CSA2) (Lot 1) and Legal Support (Lot 2), to assist and support EirGrid (the Client) with the European Market Integration Project (EMIP) for EirGrid group. Client Side Advisor 1 delivered the High Level Solution Requirements, sourcing strategy , PQQ and RfP for systems procurement required to deliver I-SEM and provided legal support to ensure legal compliance of the market detailed design with relevant legislation in the context of market rules development. CSA2 will commence with the evaluation and selection of the systems & services vendor(s) who have submitted proposals under the RfP(s). CSA2 will play a key role in the management, implementation, integration, readiness and testing of these new systems & services. These activities will run through until December 2017 (and beyond for post-production support). It should be noted that some RfP’s may issue after the CSA2 contract has commenced. CSA2 (Lot 1 under this tender) will work closely with Legal Support (Lot 2 under this tender) to ensure the end-to-end solution is compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. Work packages for CSA 2 consist of -Programme Management -Systems & Services Integration -Testing -Training -Market Trial -Business and Organisational Planning -Market Readiness Coordination -Post Go-Live Support -Market Design Advice and Support -Drafting Market Rules and Agreed Procedures The Client requires legal services, advice and support for implementation of the EMIP project. The successful Tenderer for Lot 2 (Legal Support) will be required to work closely with the Client and with CSA2.

Contract for On-Site Senior System Engineer

Waterford & Wexford Education & Training Board | Published March 9, 2015  -  Deadline April 22, 2015
72500000, 72610000, 72000000

WWETB is made up of 13 Post Primary Schools, 12 Adult Learning/Education Centres, 6 YouthReach Centres, 3 Adult Education Offices, Adult Guidance Service, 2 Training Centres and three Administration Offices with Head Office located in Ardcavan Business Park, Ardcavan, Wexford. WWETB incorporates a number of Schools, Educational facilities, Training Centres and administrative offices with a variety of daily opening times and also a significant amount of ‘holiday periods’. This determines to a large extent the timing and balance of work between day to day maintenance and annual maintenance/upgrade projects. It is therefore important to be able to resource projects appropriately to ensure that the maximum access to equipment is availed off during down time. This contract is designed to allow WWETB to service the day to day needs of IT support to minimise any equipment downtime while the schools are operational in line with certain annual and periodical maintenance which will need to be undertaken during holiday periods. The Engineers(s) concerned will be working with the staff of the IT Department in WWETB and any third parties contracted to provide ICT Maintenance and Support to centres in WWETB. The following are within the scope of this tender: (I) Provision of Dedicated On-Site Senior System Engineer for WWETB who will report directly to the to IT Manager of WWETB who will direct all work to be undertaken. It is envisaged that the service will be required to commence early May 2015. (ii) Provision of all necessary insurance, equipment, transport and any other elements required for the Senior System Engineer to successfully carry out their duties. The contract will initially run for two years. Subject to satisfactory provision of the contracted service, by the successful tenderer, WWETB may consider extending the contract for periods up to a maximum of three additional years. Questions must be submitted via etenders ONLY.

Marketing & Design Services for Exhibition

Carlow County Council | Published February 26, 2015  -  Deadline March 14, 2015
72212480, 79000000, 79340000, 79342000, 79413000, 79822500, 79952000, 79952100, 92621000, 92622000

Carlow County Council is currently seeking proposals for a marketing and design services for the development of a consumer show to be staged in 2016. A working group drawn from public and private sector with an interest in the development of County Carlow are working on the project which will: (1) Develop a platform for the promotion of County Carlow as a venue for Conferences & Events (2) Develop a unique consumer focused show in the area of technology (3) Develop a platform to showcase Carlow for FDI and large indigenous companies who may consider Carlow as a location to do business (4) Develop a event that has tourism and development potential. The following professional services are required to bring this concept from feasibility stage: (1)Development of a marketing and event plan detailing benefit analysis for all stakeholders (2)Develop Site Layout & Branding (3) Develop a finance model and proposed list of strategic partners (4) Development of Brand & Promotional Brochure As this project has elements of strategic development and graphic/material development proposals are been accepted from both one stop shop companies who have all services in-house and joint proposals from marketing and design companies. Your proposal should outline: • Company Outline • Reference Project Outlines • Proposed Process Map for Project • Pricing Schedule (itemized as per schedule) • Tax Clearance Certificate Queries in writing in the first instance to Submissions are required by 14th March 2015 @ 2.00pm 3 Copies of the proposal and Sample Work should be included with the proposal. Consumer Tender Carlow County Council Athy Road Carlow

Security Consultancy Support Services

EirGrid plc | Published March 2, 2015  -  Deadline March 23, 2015

EirGrid has a requirement for security consultancy support services for areas of its business from time to time. Specific requirements relate to the support of its Grid Development activities. In developing the electricity transmission grid infrastructure, EirGrid is responsible for deciding where assets, such as substations, overhead lines or underground cables, are to be placed or routed. Where applicable, EirGrid is required to secure planning or other consents and licences for these assets. This includes associated activities such as field surveys, environmental studies etc. During these activities EirGrid and/or its agents consult widely with all stakeholders who may be affected by the placement or routing of assets. At an operational level, EirGrid and/or its agents will require access to private land for the purposes of conducting said surveys and later for securing land for the placement of the assets. The development of the electricity infrastructure is an on- going process with numerous capital projects planned, commissioned or underway. Through its risk assessment processes EirGrid has identified potential risks relating to these activities and it is against this background that the security consultancy services are required. EirGrid would like to establish a single supplier framework for the provision of Security Consultancy Support Services. Once this framework agreement is in place and as and when requirements arise, individual contracts will be awarded to the successful tenderer. This will be done by EirGrid and the successful tenderer discussing a detailed Scope of Requirements and agreeing on a best estimated price based on the day rates agreed under framework. A Purchase Order for same will then be provided by EirGrid. The contract will be awarded for a period of three years with an option for EirGrid to extend up to an additional 12 months, subject always to the satisfactory performance of the successful Tenderer.

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Services

Cork Institute of Technology | Published February 3, 2015  -  Deadline March 18, 2015
45310000, 45311100, 45315100, 45317000, 50116100, 71314100

The Electrical Maintenance Service contract is required to provide a full maintenance service and will cover all aspects of electrical maintenance as defined herein. 2.10.1 The provision of the required services is to be based on a 51 week provision for all sites. 2.10.2 The College expects the successful Contractor to provide performance monitoring information that proves its delivery of a high quality service. 2.10.3 The Contractor will be expected to work in partnership with the College to seek improvements that will bring continuous improvement in the quality of service provided and overall value for money. 2.11 The service provider shall be responsible for: 2.11.1 Adhering to CIT’s operational, hygiene regulations, safety / health and security standards. 2.11.2 Electrical appliances and ancillary equipment operational compliance with all Hygiene, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act regulations, with specific emphasis on the selection, use and maintenance of such equipment as follows: - Mobile elevators / towers and generators etc. - Hand tools (portable or otherwise). - Voltage rating. - Cabling (Extension leads etc.) - Guarding and protective coverings. - Emergency stops etc. - Gas / water isolation values etc. 2.11.3 The Service Provider’s employees shall at all times ensure that a business like relationship is upheld with CIT personnel and various other contractors on site. 2.11.4 The Service Provider shall identify / establish and be familiar with the exact location of the work area and services, with specific emphasis on the following: - Fire fighting appliances and the correct use of such appliances. - Emergency / Evacuation procedures - First Aid boxes - First Aid room - Medical Assistance Procedure - Familiarisation with client facility layout / security instructions.

Single Party Framework for the provision of design, delivery and management of capability development supports for post investment high potential start ups

Enterprise Ireland | Published May 6, 2015  -  Deadline June 15, 2015
80000000, 80500000, 80510000, 80521000, 80532000

Enterprise Ireland proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of a single party framework and award of an initial contract for the Provision of the Design, Delivery and Management of Capability Development Programmes for Post-Investment High Potential Start up clients (HPSU). Enterprise Ireland has a holistic and strategic approach to supporting and accelerating the development of high potential start-ups trading globally from initial business concept, through pre-investment funding and subsequent investment and follow-on investment rounds. To this end we provide a range of direct and indirect financial supports and a series of developmental supports to help early stage companies through this journey. Enterprise Ireland is currently revising its engagement model for companies at the pre-investment and post-investment stages of development in order to ensure that the supports offered are coherent and comprehensive while at the same time delivered in a flexible and just-in-time manner. Enterprise Ireland now wishes to significantly improve the number of these companies who scale and at the same time decrease the time it takes them to do so by building a single scalable platform for provision of capability development supports for high potential start-ups. This document refers to management development supports for post-Investment High Potential Start-up clients but it should be noted that a separate programme will run for pre-Investment start-up companies and will also commence in Q3 of 2015. It is expected that the providers of both programmes may need to liaise as certain points to ensure that both programmes are delivered in a seamless manner. Full details of the specification of requirements are available to download from only.

BAI Audio Visual Services 2015

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland | Published April 17, 2015  -  Deadline May 8, 2015

The BAI organises a number of events and meetings each year that require external or additional audio and visual services to those already at the disposal of the Authority. The majority of these events take place in the BAI offices at 2-5 Warrington Place, Dublin 2 but some also take place at various venues around the country depending on BAI business requirements. The BAI is now seeking tenders from suitably qualified providers for the provision of professional audio and visual services. The successful provider will be required to: 1. Work with the BAI, and other third – party suppliers, to develop an appropriate audio and visual plan for selected BAI events (approximately 5 per year). 2. Design, supply and/or build staging if required. 3. Supply suitably experienced technicians to manage audio and visual aspects of BAI events. 4. Advise, supply, set up, install and recover any audio and visual equipment required by the BAI including but not limited to: • PA Systems • Sound Mixing Desks • Radio Microphones • Event Lighting Solutions • Data Projectors and Projector Screens • Large Format LCD and Plasma Screens • Podiums and Staging • TVs and Video displays • Audio and visual recording equipment • Supply of Laptops and/or Mac Books • Other equipment that may be required by the BAI. 5. Demonstrate how the provider complies with relevant health and safety requirements and codes of practice. 6. Indemnify the BAI against any risks associated with audio and visual services and equipment. In all cases the use of the high quality technological equipment possible is essential. Such equipment needs to be fully maintained and operational at all times.

PIN for Provision of Rating Valuation Services

Valuation Office | Published May 1, 2015  -  Deadline September 30, 2015
71315300, 71315400, 71353200, 71355000, 72224100, 72225000, 79421000

The Valuation Office is the State Valuation property organisation. The core business of the Office is the provision of accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties for rating purposes. Full details of the role and function are available at A national revaluation programme is currently underway and the early completion of that programme is a priority for the Office. Accordingly the Valuation Office has been considering a number of initiatives which would accelerate the programme. One of these is the use of external resources to compliment the Office’s own internal capacity, through the external service delivery of elements of the valuation function, where appropriate. The purpose of this PIN is to indicate that, subject to the enactment of enabling legislation, the Valuation Office intends as a pilot project to engage a contractor to conduct the revaluation of one or more rating authority areas involving approximately 5,500 cases, through all necessary stages of the revaluation process including without prejudice, initial assessment of valuation, issue of proposed valuation certificates, consideration of representations from ratepayers, issuing final valuation certificates and dealing with appeals to the Valuation Tribunal. Subject to a statutory Consultation process which is now under way it is provisionally intended to undertake the Project in the Carlow and Kilkenny rating Authorities’ areas. Reporting to a project board in the Valuation Office, it is envisaged that the contractor would be responsible for the project management, quality assurance and delivery of the contracted services. This PIN is for information only. It is not a call for tenders, nor is it a commitment to proceed with a procurement. It is intended that a call for tenders will be issued in due course, subject to the progress of enabling legislation currently at an advanced stage in its passage through the Irish Parliament (Oireacht

Contract Award Notice - Desk study to assess the impact of a range of noise limits on the location and scale of wind turbine development in Ireland

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland | Published January 16, 2015  -  Deadline August 13, 2014
71313100, 90742000, 90742100, 90742400, 73210000

The objective of this Request for Tenders was to request suitable qualified organisations to respond to the invitation and conduct a desk study to assess the impact of a range (3) of noise limits on the location and scale of wind turbine development in Ireland. Numbers of tenders received: 4 tenders Name and address of company awarded the contract: RPS Group of West Pier Business Campus, Old Dunleary Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin and with company regisration number 91911. Date of contract award: 11/11/2014 The contract will terminate on 31/01/2015 Description of contract: a desk study to assess the impact of a range of noise limits on the location and scale of wind turbine development in Ireland Value of contract: Estimated total value of the contract is €67,515 Award criteria and weightings: The contract was awarded from the qualifying tenders on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender using the following award: 1) Range and depth of previous relevant experience (scored out of 10, minimum score of 6 required); 2) Quality and level of resources (including professional qualifications) to be applied to the project (scored out of 20, minimum score of 13 required); 3) Demonstrated understanding of the requirements of the brief (scored out of 20, minimum score of 13 required); 4) Quality of the tender proposal and methodology. Proposed management of assignment; incorporating best practice including environmental management, deliverables, time scales, and measures for ensuring quality (scored out of 15, minimum score of 10 required); 5) Cost (scored out of 35).

Contract Award Notice Expert Advisors on the Implementation of Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies (LARES)

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland | Published January 16, 2015  -  Deadline October 30, 2013
71314300, 80531200

The objective of this Request for Tenders was to invite proposals from relevant experts. Numbers of tenders received: 5 tenders were received on time. Four Lot 1, three Lot 2, one (1) tender was received in respect of Lot 3, four Lot 4, three Lot 5 and three 6. Name and address of company awarded the contract: Lot 1:RPS Group Ltd of West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin and with company registration number 91911 Lot 1 value €41000 Lot 2 Value €46700 Lot 3 no tenderer is awarded the contract. Lot 5 no tenderer is awarded the contract. Lot 4 and 6 Tipperary Ebnergy Agency of Craft Granary, Church Street, Cahir, Co. Tipperary and with company registration number 280878 Lot 4 value €29,000 and Lot 6 Value €40000 Date of contract award: 01/11/2014 The contract will terminate on 31/10/2015 with an option to extend the term for periods of up to 12 months with a maximum of two such extensions. Award criteria and weightings: The contract was awarded from the qualifying tenders on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender using the following award: The quality of the tender proposal and the proposed methodology for developing training materials conforming to defined LARES development steps in one or more of the 6 identified fields (25, minimum 15) Range and depth of relevant experience of the service provider and of the proposed personnel and in particular the demonstrated experience of the proposed presenters of renewable energy in a local authority context and of an ability to develop quality training material and to communicate with diverse groups and the quality and level of resources to be applied to the execution of the project: (40, minimum 25 ) Cost (35

Supply of Total Facilities Management Service for Coillte

Coillte Teoranta | Published December 17, 2014  -  Deadline January 16, 2015
79993000, 79993100, 90919000, 90919200

Coillte is seeking expressions of interest from suitable Professional Facilities Management Service Providers for the provision of a Total Facilities Management Service across its multiple office sites countrywide. The range of services included in the contract are as follows: • Planned preventative maintenance visits (on average 1 visit per month per site). • Reactive maintenance services as required. • Mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and repair. • Office cleaning (including window cleaning) to agreed specifications per site, including the management and provision of all consumables required. • Security services – to include alarm maintenance and monitoring, key holding services, mobile patrols (where required), CCTV monitoring, • Access controls systems maintenance. • Pest control. • Waste Management Services (including emphasis on improving recycling at sites and waste water treatment plant maintenance). • Helpdesk provision during normal business hours (unless otherwise specified). Candidates must be capable of providing all of the above services nationally to Coillte, therefore, only candidates who can provide directly or manage through service contracts all of the above services should apply. The contract will initially be across 27 occupied office sites throughout Ireland ranging from small low occupancy sites to the largest site at the Company Headquarters in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow. In addition we have approximately 35 sites which will require low Facilities input (e.g. gate houses, forest park gates, mast sites, caravan parks, pump houses etc.) Where existing contracts / contractors are in place and the term of their contract overlaps with this Facilities Services Contract – the service provider will be required to take over the management of the existing contract / contractor until expiry and then retain and manage or put in place alternative service provision. Details of these contracts will be provided at tender stage.

Expression of Interest for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Cork Institute of Technology | Published November 25, 2014  -  Deadline January 8, 2015
48800000, 48810000, 48780000, 48900000

CIT requires a suitably qualified service provider which the capability and capacity to develop a fit-for-purpose virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that will meet CIT’s current and future needs. The required solution will: • Initially deliver VDI functionality for 1,000 students with an estimated concurrency rate of 20%; • Have the capability of scaling up to 10,000 students over a 3 – 5 year period; and o Option to scale beyond 10,000 may desirable in future but not mandatory at this time • If CIT deem the delivered VDI successful for the students, it may decide to extend the service provision to its 1,500 staff. In the event that a decision is taken to extend the VDI to its staff within 3 years of the award of this contract, at its sole discretion, CIT reserves an option to negotiate with the appointed Contractor. 1.2 CIT has recently taken a strategic decision to move the bulk of its desktop services to a virtualised environment and thus facilitate: • An improved student experience for CIT students; • A more streamlined and efficient management of is desktop environments; and • The provision of a higher level of service as well as offering greater flexibility and security in the operation of CIT’s business 1.3 CIT wishes to change its current model of refreshing lab machines physical desktop PC’s and is interested in proposals to allow provision at virtual lab machines. CIT also wishes to allow its students to be able to access virtual desktops from their own devices. 1.4 It is hoped to complete the program of desktop virtualization over a 3-5 year period. CIT already has a significant VMware VSphere virtualization infrastructure supporting all of the student virtual server development needs. Summary details of this infrastructure is included in section 2 below. Further details will be included in the Invitation to Negotiate documentation issued to Applicants shortlisted under this initial application stage. Note, however it is not a pre-requisite

An Bord Pleanála - PIN – Software Development Services

An Bord Pleanála | Published November 3, 2014  -  Deadline September 1, 2015

This is a Prior Information Notice. An Bord Pleanála intends to issue tenders to procure: Software Development Services: for the construct of a new Case Management System; Integrated Geographical Information System; and Corporate website with online portal for receipt of electronic submissions and payments. There is no guarantee that contracts will arise, but interested parties should note that as and when contracts arise they will be advertised on the Irish government procurement portal and the Official Journal of the EU (where applicable). The areas may be awarded as contracts or framework agreements. The start dates are not known at this stage. THIS IS NOT A TENDER COMPETITION NO TENDER DOCUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS STAGE. An Bord Pleanála will issue calls for competition in due course. Contracting authority An Bord Pleanála 64 Marlborough Street Dublin 1 Ireland Ellen Morrin Phone: + 353 - 1 – 8588100 Response deadline (Irish time) 01-09-2015 12:00 Currency EUR 72231000-3: Custom software development services 72262000-9: Software development services 72000000-5: IT Services: consulting, software development, Internet and support 72212217-3: Transaction-processing software development services 72212311-2: Document management software development services 72212312-9: Electronic publishing software development services 72212313-6: Optical-character-recognition (OCR) software development services 72212318-1: Scanner software development services 72212400-3: Business transaction software development services 72212445-0: Customer Relation Management software development services 72212517-6: IT software development services 72212610-8: Database software development services 72230000-6: Custom software development services 72262000-9: Software development services 48000000-8: Software package and information systems 48810000-9: Information Systems 38221000-0: Geographic information systems (GIS or eq

Irish Design 2015, Invitation to Tender: Exhibition Design

Design Island Initiative Ltd | Published November 20, 2014  -  Deadline December 5, 2014
92000000, 92300000, 92320000

Celebrating Irish Design 2015 (ID2015) will raise Ireland’s profile as a creative destination for industry, tourism and creative communities. This tender seeks proposals from design companies with experience in the development of solutions for exhibition display for a range of purposes: 1. International presence at ‘Design Weeks’ in key international locations i.e. Milan, New York, London and Eindhoven** 2. National flagship exhibition, Dublin This represents an unparalleled opportunity to develop a dynamic concept that is visually engaging and can be easily adapted to respond to a range of locations and audiences. This tender seeks to secure the appropriate skills and expertise for the following: • Design and delivery of a bespoke modular exhibition display solution that is flexible, scalable and adaptable for a variety of environments. • A graphic design solution that will work seamlessly with the exhibition display concept. Concepts must be flexible in order to respond to specific design disciplines and locations that may be more relevant in individual international cities. In the development of the concept and realisation of the ID2015 presence, exhibition and graphic designers must consider the potential to develop both the national and international reputation of Irish design and the commercial potential for Irish designers. The curated presence will be the main destination and platform for Irish design in 2015, supported by a PR and advertising campaign and printed promotional materials, which will be distributed nationally and internationally. Ireland’s national and international presence will attract a wide range of audiences including design audiences, collectors, embassies, tourists, the general public, business community, educators, niche audiences.

Poster Placing Services

Iarnrod Eireann-Irish Rail | Published October 7, 2014  -  Deadline October 31, 2014
22460000, 22462000, 79340000, 79341000, 79341200, 79341400

Iarnród Éireann-Irish Rail (IÉ) (its InterCity and Commuter Network and DART business units) maintain over 4,000 poster sites for advertising rail products and promoting events. These poster sites are situated at in train carriages and at stations around the IÉ network. To this end IÉ is seeking proposals from suitably qualified and experienced companies to undertake Poster Placing Services with a view to establishing a multi-party Framework Agreement for the provision of Poster Placing Services on its’ network including on board trains and at DART, Commuter and InterCity stations. The Framework shall consist of two (2) separate lots: Lot 1: Poster Placing Services on board Trains Lot 2: Poster Placing Services at DART, Commuter and InterCity Stations The term of the Agreement shall be three (3) years from award of contract. Full Specification details of the service required for each lot are included in the Specification documents accompanying this notice. A Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) along with Instructions to Tenderers accompanies this notice. In order to be considered for inclusion in this Tender competition interested companies are asked firstly to demonstrate their financial and technical capacity by completing the Pre-qualification Questionnaire which will be evaluated on the basis of the information provided using the Selection Criteria set out in the PQQ. Failure to achieve the minimum criteria and minimum scores required under the Selection Criteria will result in elimination from further inclusion in the Tender process. Only the tenders of successful applicants will be subsequently evaluated. Such tenders will be evaluated and any contract award made on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender submitted with reference to the Award Criteria and allocated weightings as detailed in Condition 9 Award of Contract of the Conditions of Tendering. Tenderers should pay particular attention to the requirements of Schedule 1 o

Provision of Communication Support Services

Commission for Regulation of Utilities | Published October 13, 2017  -  Deadline November 8, 2017

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator. The CRU was originally established as the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in 1999. The CER changed its name to the CRU in 2017 to better reflect the expanded powers and functions of the organisation. The CRU has a wide range of economic, customer protection and safety responsibilities in energy and water. The CRU’s mission is to regulate water, energy and energy safety in the public interest. The work of the CRU impacts every Irish home and business, by ensuring safe, secure and sustainable energy and water supplies at a reasonable cost. The sectors we regulate underpin Irish economic competitiveness, investment and growth, while also contributing to our international obligations to address climate change. The CRU is guided by six key strategic goals which are that the short and long run interests of the public are protected by ensuring: • energy and gas are supplied safely • the lights stay on • the gas continues to flow • a reliable supply of clean water and efficient treatment of wastewater • consumer prices for energy and water are fair and reasonable • regulation is best international practice Further information on the CRU’s role and relevant legislation can be found on the CRU’s website at The Services comprise of the development of an overall communications strategy and event identity to deliver effective consumer engagement with the rebranded name of the CER/CRU and awareness of the benefits of utilising its energy services across safety, retail and customer care functions. The successful tenderer will provide public relations activity and supporting digital strategy and platforms to deliver this campaign. A detailed specification of requirements is set out in Appendix 1 of the Request for Tender document available to download from

Type of Contract:

Addressing the Skills Needs Arising from the Potential Trade Implications of Brexit

Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation | Published October 24, 2017  -  Deadline November 14, 2017

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) is commissioning concise pieces of research and consultancy work, to assist in the development of a study on “Addressing the Skills Needs arising from the Potential Trade Implications of Brexit”. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs, whose secretariat is hosted in DBEI, will be the main client. The study will seek to identify the skills needs that would be required for Irish based enterprise to mitigate and/or circumvent the impacts of a WTO/Hard Brexit scenario on Irish goods trade, and develop a suite of recommendations that can be drawn upon to meet this objective. Both export and import goods trade will be examined. It will focus on qualifications, skillsets, competencies and workforce roles relevant to: - The diversification of goods trade (i.e. those relevant to international selling and sourcing) at enterprise level; and - The movement of goods trade across international borders (trade facilitation), at both specified enterprise sector level and in the wider Freight Transport, Distribution and Logistics (FTDL)sector The successful tenderer will undertake a concise literature review, a research exercise conducted through structured surveys and workshops with companies, organisations and stakeholders (focused on trade diversification and facilitation), and a demand scenario for the FTDL sector- all focused on the impact of a Hard Brexit scenario on the demand/supply of the associated skillsets. DBEI will undertake a review of two earlier EGFSN reports on the associated skillsets under study, an international review of actions to develop and attract these skillsets, and an assessment of their current and planned supply. The tenderer will be required to integrate the findings from all these elements into a report containing recommendations aimed at addressing the identified skills needs. The project will commence in early December 2017, with the final report due end-February 2018.

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