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Performance of internal audit and business advisory tasks

Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság | Published December 30, 2015
„AUDITTEAM-4” Könyvvizsgáló, Adószakértő és Könyvelő Kft.
79212200, 79412000

"Internal audit and consulting engagements economic performance of" The activity of internal audit covers all activities of the contracting authority, especially in the design, use and settlement, as well as tools and resources to investigate the management of revenues and expenses.

Construction work

Szabadtéri Néprajzi Múzeum | Published November 8, 2017  -  Deadline November 21, 2017
45000000, 45212313, 45233160, 77300000, 45300000, 45310000, 45330000, 45340000

Construction of the Transylvania region using the necessary original materials, with the creation of a related external area, without planning, under the framework of a business framework agreement.

Technical coordination of care - information on the contract award notice

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published November 11, 2015
Energy Environment Economy Solution Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
71356300, 72220000, 79421100

The object and amount of purchases: EMI Construction Quality Control and Innovation in Nonprofit Ltd. for - E-MANAGEMENT. Analysis of the Energy Management Tools project (E-MEN) - EEOP 7.9.0 / 12-2013-0015, - Product Line-based models (TPM) - EEOP 7.9.0 / 12-2013-0016, - Energy Map: National Renewable Energy map (E-map) - EEOP 7.9.0 / 12-2013-0017, - Green Monitoring Program (ZMP) - EEOP 7.9.0 / 12-2013-0034 - to provide technical coordination tasks related EEOP 7.9.0 / 12-2013-0035, projects - Sustainable urban energy management model (FTM). Main tasks in connection with the performance of the technical coordination: - Place of the technical coordination of the project organization o the principal project director receives direct instructions, and toward regular accountable to entrepreneurs engaged in the implementation o the list of projects correspondents of direct communication with - technical communication, coordination and contact tasks o liaise with the principal project leaders and the principal project director at p liaison and technical coordination in carrying out the implementation contractors contact points - project scheduling, exploration, coordination of ongoing monitoring o project plan based on the preparation o uniform format and technically coordinated implementers of the project plan, project plans submitted by the responsible implementation contractors related to technical coordination o activities Compare actual data plan, coordinate ongoing delays in imports of entrepreneurs continuous control of the availability of resources engaged in its implementation report at - based on the needs of business integration points between the technical coordination of technical and technological integration tasks oa collection of projects engaged in implementation

Construction work

Szabadtéri Néprajzi Múzeum | Published October 17, 2017  -  Deadline November 17, 2017
45000000, 45212313, 45233160, 77300000, 45300000, 45310000, 45330000, 45340000

Construction of the Transylvania region using the necessary original materials, with the creation of a related external area, without planning, under the framework of a business framework agreement.

The total amount of the framework agreement to be concluded is HUF 4,000,000,000.

It houses a folk monument building of 130 buildings.

5 moving water projects (streams).

internal roads asphalt 1400 m macadam 1 750 m.

fence 2 160 m.

landscape utility building water m gas 950 fm channel 1 200 fm electricity 2 400 fm + pipeline replacement according to ELMŰ not more than 2 000 fm.

On one of the city's cafes there is a café.

This is primarily due to the following aspects:

The reconstructed buildings do not have original materials,

- non-structural elements (doors, windows, etc.) have to be corrected to repair the existing original material and to replace them in partial replacement, the adhesion is allowed only when replacements are used, only the same material as the original can be used,

- the presentation of the differences in the country is a primary objective, therefore every typing must be avoided, attention must be paid to the preservation of individual details,

- requiring the use of modern crafts technologies for new materials (stiffening, wall structures, shingles, fittings, drawn joists, etc.)

- For facade (non-enclosed) surfaces, please apply local materials (stone, tiles, brick surfaces, etc.)

- Ensure adequate dryness of built-in new wood, avoid large deformation and cracking after installation.

Providing marketing services to the EMI image of his own creation - information on the contract award notice

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published December 2, 2015
Salt Communications Kft.
79340000, 79822500, 72413000

The subject of the public procurement: Graphic Design Full great image renovation and creation of a new corporate identity manual, which includes the following: a logo and mutations, organization and project logos, corporate identity colors, fonts, tanúsítási- and quality indicators Vignette, certification diplomas, business cards, printed stationery, electronic letterheads, envelopes, folders, memo pad, name plate layout, booklet layout, brochures, memo, advertising creative (poster layouts, city lights, billboards), calendars, invitations, paper, mobile advertising tools (roll-up, beachflag) 20-hour availability Ongoing graphic design week in connection with employment, which is used for info graphics, layouts, newsletters, smaller publications, posters, preparing management materials, and office forms or preparation, photography, web design making (EMI website), office brand media image elements displayed on an electronic interface further raised is not included in the corporate identity manual design elements, as well as their manufacture and disposal. Website design and online activities in preparation of the EMI (such as Office) under the new website is complete style guides, which reflects the EMI website aims, values ​​and in line with today's design trends. Work to be undertaken EMI pages: - Develop menu structure negotiations on the basis - the preparation of website content and logical structure - domain (s) sequestration - back office, creating workflows - programming, website coding, - Contents, layout - design tasks - site testing of potential programming and repairing other defects, process accompaniment - making public websites and management / charging surfaces transferring user level - intranet switching, frame by purchasing and commissioning the operation of Websites, online activity and Social Media online activity Full content and website management, weekly, 20-hour availability in connection with employment. Operational tasks related to the EMI website: - webdesign: continuous new and changing content site fitting, customization and updates, - proofreading, proof reading the correct language content compliance. It is based on: - Social Media Management: Create, manage, community page (s) - Campaign Planning and implementation - the establishment of operational structures, creation of system - topics generate reconciliation broadly - the desired tone, setting context is to be used, - advertising campaigns, design, compilation , Running, reporting, - analysis, evaluation, statistics - graphics, creating and editing photos - Continue updating the visual elements in accordance with the corporate identity manuals - articles, receiving content. E-CONSTRUCTION SITE operation of the continuous coor- tasks: as a result of the negotiations, site map and clickable wireframe design and construction. Marketing and Public Relations III / 1. Standing PR and marketing jobs, 10 hours a week in the framework of availability: we want to create awareness of the EMI name, customer base expansion, as well as media relations and other communications by contact, cultivate and develop a corporate identity, brand image. - Branding - Press relations: searching for information resources, a single press relations - press events organization - Presentations preparation, holding, - speech writing, writing other texts - communication training - copywriting: creative copywriting (articles, campaigns texts, bill texts, leads, mottos / slogans, ear texts, speeches, etc.). - creative concept creation, - graphic design, - newsletters, compilation of DM letters, sending out - related to planned professional conference participants and organizing and activating follow-up communication; - vacancies communication possible internship positions to promote college , for universities. Making a newly established project plan Architect Magazine to be included in the project plan: objectives and target groups, messages, frequency of appearance, layout and graphic design, editorial board, the proposal, editing and content creation, workflow description, budget plan
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