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TSZM - Catering

Eger Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published April 19, 2017
Pensió 17 Kft.

Eger County-City business contracts for specified institutions.
Part 1 - Primary schools: The exact number of doses specified in the tender documents
Capacity: 3465 people
Part 2 - secondary: exact dose determined by the number of tender documents.
Capacity: 3520 people
In return 2 billion Huf

MNKH establishment of the Central European Trade Network, operating 14 locations offices operate two countries with the aim to promote export activities of Hungarian companies.

MNKH Közép-európai Kereskedelemfejlesztési Hálózat Kft. | Published February 27, 2016
Investment Trade Development s.r.l.
79320000, 79340000, 80522000, 80000000, 75121000, 72320000, 79950000, 79990000

MNKH establishment of the Central European Trade Network, operating 14 locations offices operate two countries with the aim to promote export activities of Hungarian companies.

1-14. section, each section completely follows the implementation of the task: developing MNKH Central European Trade Network, operating agencies operate two countries at 14 locations with the aim of Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to support its activities, especially for businesses access to external markets, the placement of foreign capital.

Bidder shall:

- Hungarian enterprises targeted partner recruitment activity, Hungarian and foreign business partners to promote meetings,

- Hungarian enterprises for specific export opportunities, supplier collaboration capabilities, distribution channels, market access conditions in the exploration,

- Hungarian entrepreneurs for information on the individual products and standards in the commercial operations of the above mentioned countries,

- Providing timely information on a wide range of investment opportunities in those countries, the EU calls for applications, public procurement and privatization opportunities,

- Accounting, tax and legal experts operating in that country brokerage,

- Establishment of a broad network of relationships professional organizations (chambers, associations, municipalities) in that country,

- Development of the Central European database of potential partner organizations, to assess the exact needs of the company.

"SIOP under Priority 2 of the Markhot Ferenc Hospital in Eger roof structure, business relocation, stormwater drainage and sanitary installation works' results information

Markhot Ferenc Oktatókórház és Rendelőintézet | Published February 5, 2016
Imola Konstrukt Kft. - EURO CAMPUS Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. közös ajánlattevők
45223200, 45110000, 45262500, 45430000, 45231100, 45233251, 45262600

Subject: Works "under Priority 2 of the SIOP Markhot Ferenc Hospital in Eger roof structure, business relocation, stormwater drainage and sanitary installation work"
Expand into the ditch and earth first World Cup parallel stream channel electrical power cable moving sand bed, warning tape, back to the land charge (ca.120. m)
Old 2 heating wires exploration, demolish, demolish structures World Cup Expand wires, debris removal (ca.160 m). Old buildings demolished connections in dismantling, closure.
optional items
3. "B" uncovered by static building roofing Design "life-threatening" certified structural repair
Leaking next 4 Irgalmasrendi Hospital exterior building wall structure, with precipitation wiring system to reduce the wetting of existing buildings.
5. "H" building of komfortosítása wards, sanitary room per establishment of.
6 "H" building a flat roof waterproofing repair work (leaks detection, elimination). no leak guarantee waiver.
The 310/2011. (. XII 23) of Regulation (hereinafter:.: Cr) Govt. Regulation § 26 (6) contained regard to contracting draws attention to when the object of the procurement is clear and understandable definition required the particular make and model, frequency, type of thing, procedure , activity, person, or a reference to the patent trademark, the name just happened to a clear definition of the nature of the subject, and in addition to the term "or equivalent" is understood in all cases. Contracting draw attention to, things to equivalent megajánlása equivalence for the tenderers must demonstrate its offer.
The exact quantities and specifications contained in the dossier.

Fixed-telszolg.-conference award notice

Eszterházy Károly Főiskola | Published January 8, 2016
Magyar Telekom Távközkési Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság

Purchase of fixed line telecommunications services in the Esterhazy Karoly College for. Quantity: Analog business main line: 6 ISDN 2: 4 ISDN2 PP10: 1 ISDN30 Fund: the amount used by 1 Contracting switching numbers: 215 pieces The amount of ISDN supplementary switching numbers: ISDN base 30: 100 + 100 additional numbers. Contracting with the 523 and 520-xxx-xxx number ranges. In addition to the main line 9 of 9 analog switching code, the ISDN 2 per line with a number of subscription PP10's number two, it has. The numbers defining the range of + 30% difference we ask to take into account all the contracting connection number number of pieces to a maximum of 30% of the increase in addition to the monthly fee remains unchanged. Contracting want to travel light of the above quantitative aspects Flat Full service.

No. 4. authors. mode. Ensuring marked "Eger Castle and fortification tourist attractions development" in tender ÉMOP-2.1.1 / A-ID 2011-0002 09-1f-related technical supervision tasks

Eger Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published December 4, 2015
Bagoly Épülettervezési Bt.

Ordering and amount of services according to § 7 (4): "to ensure the full technical inspection services building" The Castle of Eger fortress tourist attractions and the development of "related ÉMOP-2.1.1 / A-2011-0001-09-2f identification number of applications supply of technical inspection tasks in relation to the overall project. The technical audit should refer to the following project elements: - Provizor and tithe cellar, reception building project component - Fine Bastion Restoration ("Sacred Castle") - Turkish Garden reconstruction ("Apród Castle") "Apród Castle" playground equipment - Smithy ( "Crafts house") • Internal waiting for reconstruction of infrastructure, electricity and utility renovations drinking water, wastewater, construction of rainwater drainage renovation Internal camera system top and bottom renovation of building design • Várfal walkway stairs construction road construction electricity exterior camera system • Outside spaces courtyard, Castle Wall Promenade landscaping and garden decoration works of A detailed definition should perform tasks in accordance with the relevant provisions of Regulation 15) on.. The involvement of professionals with proper permissions performance obligation of the Offeror. Preparation time: • Provide a written proposal to the Client for processes related to project implementation, technology or other procedures for; • Review all business contracts of the licensee plans; The necessary licenses and permits modifications to obtaining assistance; • Plan to organize the necessary consultations, conducting and documenting; • Under plans submitted by designers of enterprise contract review, verification and append comments in all phases of planning, and their submission for approval of the Employer; The preparation of the tender documentation itself is not the subject of this contract; Acting familiar with the rules of the public procurement procedures, so liable if the person of or over which it has delegated jury members there is a conflict of interest; • Professional Employer Support for the preparation of the contract, the conclusion and modification. The execution period: • controls and lists of raising the basic points of the correctness of the transfer of the business; • municipal and public utility licenses, statements of transfer of entrepreneurs; • Transfer job working area in addition to the preparation of entrepreneurs Protocol; Continuous supply of technical inspection: preparation of documentation containing still images digitally recorded • Check the context of the specific site in print and electronic form; • technical inspection of the construction works shall provide two times a week (three times if necessary) of the sites identified in this Agreement specialist expertise to the work of checking a construction site with a presence on the ground for this; The plan is based on documentation of regulatory approvals, specifications and design of continuous and constant monitoring of quantitative and qualitative monitoring, error and take the necessary measures in case of deviation;

TEE - "Contract of the Company" Complex corporate technology development of micro, small and medium-sized businesses opened within the framework of subjects GOP-2.1.1-11 / B-number of projects from 2012 to 0143 vehicle storage building color construction works to carry out "

"VÁROSGONDOZÁS EGER" Ipari-, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségü Társaság | Published November 13, 2015
45000000, 45100000, 45110000, 45112000, 45200000, 45210000, 45213200

The height dimensions of color - had to be synchronized with the existing workshop of its continuation in the form of new colors - according to client needs. Since the fall color interior, this solves the demolition. The new well will be the color south end of the south side of the new access road. 10 The new framework will ensure public access to the machines to be placed under the roof. The east side of a retaining wall color is bounded above which frames the outstretched cantilevered beams provide the roof stretching. Thus, the retaining walls Misa's father and columns frame the basic blocks can be placed independently of each other. The manufacturer of structural frames and prepares the necessary product plans based on the static dimensioning. With the addition of on-site waste treatment process taking place. The building - built floor area: 2801.5 m2 existing extensions: 818.5 m2 in total: 3,620.0 m2 - room area: 747.00 m2 - accession terrain + 0,45 - 0,00 m #; - Ground floor lines + 0.45 = 163.55 m asl; - Eaves height of + 4.00 and + 4.71 m. The plot - the size of 13 271 m2; - Built-in: existing extensions 21.1% 6.2% Total: 27.3%; - Of public utilities: paved roads, storm sewer, water, sewer, electricity, telephone, gas. The retaining wall terméskőburkolatát to win back what the new paving inside retaining wall can be used. Top of retaining walls - vízorros shaped - made of stone, concrete or reinforced fedkövet should be placed on silicon kifugázással. The retaining walls from the top of the east side of the barrier purlins, while the south side was initially only 60 cm high security guard must create an overlap between the columns frame, welded hollow sections between the reinforcing steel mesh columns. The floors of color - compacted rubble - reinforced applied screed, asphalt pavement provides. The electrical supply to the existing workshops conducted further be ensured. The floor of the same color get connected to the asphalt cover color, bridging differences ramp. All the collected rainwater will be connected in the middle of the site extending existing stormwater drainage system and routed to the recipient Sand Street. A detailed technical description of the tender documents and annexes included. In addition, the contractor is also responsible for building even preparing any necessary plans, obtaining all regulatory permits, if necessary, they are an extension of the deadline until the end of the implementation period and, if necessary, amendment of existing licenses. Based 23.) Govt. § 26 (6) accepts everything with an equivalent product. Contracting this segment stipulates that the entrepreneur lump sum contract type.

TEE Informatikai eszközök beszerzése (TÁMOP-4.2.2.B-15/1/KONV-2015-0016, OTKA K-113209, Egészségfejlesztési és Sporttudományi Tudásközpont fejlesztés, Hallgatói laptop program pályázat keretén belül)

Eszterházy Károly Főiskola | Published October 9, 2015
T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. és EURO ONE Számítástechnikai Zrt. közös ajánlattevők;T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. és EURO ONE Számítástechnikai Zrt. közös ajánlattevők;T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. és EURO ONE Számítástechnikai Zrt. közös ajánlattevők;T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. és EURO ONE Számítástechnikai Zrt. közös ajánlattevők

I. rész: „TÁMOP-4.2.2.B-15/1/KONV-2015-0016 Tudományos képzés műhelyeinek továbbfejlesztése az Eszterházy Károly Főiskolán” projekt keretén belül informatikai eszköz beszerzése Megnevezés Mennyiség HP 250 laptop 12 db HP PC 280 G1 MT Pentium G3250 3.2GHZ, 4GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, DOS 1 db MS Desktop OS Windows 8.1 64 bit Hungarian OEM DVD 1 db HP LED IPS Monitor 24” EliteDisplay E241i, 1920x1200, 1000:1, 250 cd, 8 ms, D-sub, DVI-D, ezüst 1 db II. rész: „Informatikai eszköz beszerzése az OTKA K-113209 projekt keretén belül” Megnevezés Mennyiség HP NB 350 G2 15.6” HD Core i5-5200U 2.2 GHz, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, BT, Win 8.1 64 bit, 4 cell 2 db HP PC ProDesk 400 G2 MT Core i5-4590S 3GHz, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, Win7/8.1 Pro 64 bit 2 db III. rész: „Informatikai eszközbeszerzés az Egészségfejlesztési és Sporttudományi Tudásközpont fejlesztés program keretén belül” Megnevezés Mennyiség HP NB 350 G2 15.6" HD Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz, 4GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, AMD R5 M240 2GB, BT, Win 8.1 64 bit, 4 cell 5 db NEC Display V230X 3D Ready DLP Projector - HDTV - 4:3 2 db HP LED IPS Monitor 27" EliteDisplay E271i, 1920x1080, 1000:1, 250 cd, 7ms, fekete 1 db HP PC ProDesk 400 G2 MT Core i5-4590S 3GHz, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, DOS 3 db HP LED Monitor 23" ProDisplay P232 1920x1080, 1000:1, 250cd, 5ms, D-sub, DisplayPort, fekete 3 db HP NB ProBook 430 G2 13.3" HD Core i5-4210U 1.7GHz, 4GB, 500GB, FPR, BT, DOS, 4 cell 1 Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB 5 Apple iPad mini (3rd Gen) Smart Case Olive Brown 2 Apple iPad mini (3rd Gen) Smart Case Midnight Blue 3 IV. rész: „Informatikai eszközbeszerzés a Hallgatói laptop program keretén belül” Megnevezés Mennyiség HP 250 G3 15.6" HD Core i3-4005U 1,7GHz, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, BT, Win 8.1 64 bit, 4cell, HP Business Case 15,6" notebook táska 120 db

Within the framework of general construction (building-person business) contract Eger Archbishop's Palace tasks related to the implementation of additional works of Culture, Tourism and visitor center design.

Érseki Vagyonkezelő Központ | Published April 15, 2015
45000000, 45200000

Within the framework of general construction (building-person business) contract Eger Archbishop's Palace of Culture, Tourism and visitor center design, achieving a related complex reconstruction of additional works to the tasks listed building. The main technical parameters of the amount of the purchase: Eger, Heves County Government Office for the District's Office of the District's Office of Construction and Heritage HE-02 / EH / 304-21 / 2013th ICT. c., HE-02D / EH / 304-33 / 2013th ICT. c. and HE-02D / EH / 304-36 / 2013th ICT. c. modified on the basis of building permits issued during 3300, Széchenyi u. 3, 4,561th, 4,570th, 4,572th, 4,573th u. Archbishop's Palace in immovable property under the central main wing inside and Change and retaining walls roof restoration, visitor center design wooden floor over the first floor of ratification placed electrical cabinet position, the Archbishop's Palace facade design, interior and exterior doors and windows of the building, the surface treatment of attic ventilation design, as well as multimedia and sound system piping basic electrical work, necessarily related to the number of licenses above the performance of tasks required by the heritage protection authority following other construction tasks. The detailed terms and conditions of public technical specification as part of the final tender documents and the draft contract included.

General contractor (main building-shoulder.) Authors. Eger Archbishop's Palace of Culture, Tourism and Látogatókp. design of the monument intact. full-related complex reconstruction -alapprojekttel összefüggő- opt. intact. invest. up. Got it.

Érseki Vagyonkezelő Központ | Published January 9, 2015
45000000, 45200000, 45453000, 45212314

Within the framework of general construction (building-person business) contract Eger Archbishop's Palace of Culture, Tourism and visitor center design, full-related complex reconstruction of the historic building - the implementation of additional works jobs - the alapprojekttel related. The main technical parameters of the purchase volume: The additional construction work related alapprojekthez major currencies specialist work: Paint Restoration and related works) partial restoration of marble mosaic tiles; b) Internal metal doors renovation, repair and restoration; c) Painting Restoration works; d) Electrical works. Treatment of the mold) side walls and ceilings to remove mold painting restorer's supervision: CASATI Toglimuffa mildew remover and disinfectant solution remover, primer material; b) Side walls and ceilings in surface treatment using anti-mold paint additive restoration monitoring: Addison CASATI additive; Treatment against c) Side walls and ceilings, mold Sinesto AS-5 material. The tile stove) Existing Stove careful breakdown; Based on b) construction of tile stoves to permit restoration, carried out by a restorer. Additional work on the chapel) Replacing the wet stone plinth of stone restorer: existing careful breakdown of wet stone plinth, creating a new stone plinth with the necessary accessories and related work; b) The Chapel sidewall insulation injected together with all necessary supporting and auxiliary work; c) improve the cracks in the ceiling, painting, painting restoration sealing methods, the need for scaffolding work together; Stove Restoration in d) Chapel; careful demolition, restoration and rebuilding of this) Existing wooden benches by the conservator.

TEE "Ensuring ECOC event management service"

Eszterházy Károly Főiskola | Published December 23, 2014
ErlaUNI Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

Regional development, social and economic role of Charles Esterhazy College: Education, Practice Innovation (SROP 4.1.1.F-13 / 1-2013-0009 identification number), "Providing event management services" project of the task elements of A. B. National Organization of educational events exhibition participation C. Guidance for students Conference Career Expo D. E. F. Parallel courses promoting placements Organization Science, H. G. Street in connection with the training programs, workshops and conference institutional placements I open day J. Business professional forums
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