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Public relations services

Comité régional du Tourisme | Published February 3, 2016  -  Deadline March 11, 2016

The provider will perform the following tasks:

Marketing strategy and control

- Assist the IRT in defining strategic priorities and the decline,

- Ensure the eve of the South African tourism market,

- Adjust the proposed strategy.

Sales promotion:

- Develop the portfolio business customers: To, distribution channels, travel agents, MICE agencies,

- Propose and implement the promotion via the channels of distribution and sales,

- Boosting sales during the high season exotic islands and destinations (March, April, May, December).

Image and reputation:

- Educate the press to develop the image and reputation of the destination,

- To develop the image and the buzz of the destination on social networks and blogs related to the overall digital strategy,

- Develop media operations and media relations consumer and professional.

Administrative follow:

to administrative follow with the team in charge of the South Africa market.

Restricted competition of project management on sketch to completion of the housing complex "Agrocampus" in Saint Paul Les Dax

satel | Published September 10, 2015  -  Deadline October 19, 2015

Restricted competition Project management on sketch to the realization of the real estate "Agrocampus" in the municipality of Haut Mauco for the provision of the following work of mastering tasks: - ESQ (Sketch) - aPS (studies from preliminary design) - oDA (pre-project detailed studies) - pRO and DCE (project studies and companies consultation file) - aCT (assistance for the award of works contracts) - Visa (visa execution studies) - Retail (towards the execution of work contracts) - aOR (receiving assistance during completion operations and perfect period) Any additional services that the client is considering: 1. Mission definition and choice of furniture processing equipment 2. Mission signage EXE 3. Mission (design studies) 4. Mission BIM (Building and modeled data): implementation of a collaborative design process through the tool " digital model ", from design to operation of the work program building: Creation of a commercial building 1610 m2 of floor space in vocation home, office and business incubator, with landscaping. the estimated amount of the work is 2.8 million euros (HT). The project will be conducted with environmental quality requirements (without certification Hqe). It is also envisaged to lead the project in an optimization approach of controlling costs and time through the use of digital tools and the establishment of a collaborative BIM process at each phase of the project, from the design to the operation of the building.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

SNCF Mobilités | Published October 16, 2015  -  Deadline October 28, 2015
72000000, 72200000, 72260000, 72500000, 72600000

ISD Voyageurs Mobility SNCF entrusts to an external service provider achieving IT services around software and systems engineering activities, expertise in ETL (Extract tool and processing), steering and operational deployments technical architecture. The provision of these services is organized as a "center of expertise and engineering," structured organization that aims to provide services: (1) As defined in a service catalog. (2) In a manner optimized in terms of price, quality and deadlines. (3) With the industrialization of processes, methods and tools. (4) Potentially from remote sites ISD Voyageurs sites for certain services. (5) Mandatory Client Site (Nantes, Paris, Lyon), for certain services or for emergencies requiring rapid response capability on-site non-resident experts. The services to be covered by the contractor are as follows: - stop shop: single point of entry for recording incidents and service requests, the scope to support requires one hand on-site, in technical areas to assure certain operating and maintenance tasks of the technical infrastructure, the perimeter support may require presence of the supplier on the customer's site for reasons of proximity users / applicants (project teams) and have access to the technical environment, Support of projects on tools, methodologies and testing process, - expertise telecom network: Contribution to studies and technical architecture project files and made available expertise competence on specific technical and telecom network, - strategic and operational architecture: Business Architecture provision of benefits in the projects of the ISD Voyageurs and strategic studies of architecture, - internal SI: managing a portfolio of applications used within the ISD Voyageurs - software factory: supply of continuous integration benefits and quality analysis projects, - sharing knowledge: performance enhancing collaborative work. Technical Scope: This list is not exhaustive. Active Directory (Microsoft). Afaria (Sybase). AIX (IBM). Biztalk Server (Microsoft). CaliberRM (Microfocus). CICS (IBM). ClearCase (IBM). Cognos BI (IBM). DB2 (IBM). DB2 Connect (IBM). DB2 UDB (IBM). Endevor Software Change Management (IBM). Exadata (Oracle). Flash Builder (Adobe). Focus (Information Builders). Host Integration Server (HIS) (Microsoft). http server (Apache). ICAN (Oracle). IDMS (CA). IIS (Microsoft). ILOG Cplex (IBM). JViews (IBM). JBoss AS (Community). EWP JBoss (Red Hat). Jenkins (Jenkins CI). Livelink Content Server (Opentext). Magic draw (nomagic). Magic design draw (nomagic). MEGA (MEGA). Mia generation (Mia Software). Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft). Nexus (Sonatype). OpenAM (ForgeRock). OPX2 (Planisware). Oracle Database (Oracle). Oracle Data Integrator (Oracle). Oracle Directory Server (Oracle). Oracle GoldenGate (Oracle). Oracle Service Bus (Oracle). Performance Center (HP). PostgreSQL (Community). Power AMC (Sybase). QlikView (QlikTech). Quality Center (HP). Quick Test Pro (HP). Rational Team Concert SCM (IBM). Rational Team Concert SCM (AGILE) (IBM). Remedy ARS (BMC Sofware). RHEL (Red Hat). SAS (SAS). ServiceMix (Apache). Solaris (Oracle). Sonar (SonarSource). SQL Server (Microsoft). SQL Server Integration Services (Microsoft). StarSQL (StarQuest). Synchrony File Transfer (CFT) (Axway). Teradata (Teradata). TPF AR (Application Requester) (IBM). Tuxedo (Oracle). Ubuntu server (Community). WebLogic Server (Oracle). Websphere MQ (IBM). WebSphere MQ for z / OS (IBM). Windows Server (Microsoft).

Construction work

Harmonie Habitat | Published August 4, 2015  -  Deadline September 30, 2015

To meet the needs of families in the Loire Atlantique department, the supply of new housing should be developed. The economic balance of the operations are increasingly difficult to reach, even though it is increasingly necessary to provide affordable housing, corresponding to the possibilities of families, they want to rent their housing or homeownership. Furthermore, a significant decrease in aid to the stone for several years, new technical and regulatory requirements, changes in the cost of construction make for some traditional production methods of inadequate housing. In this context, Habitat Harmony reflects on the way to optimize the technical and energy performance of housing to produce and lowering production costs. This type of design principle also allows to significantly reduce construction time. It takes other, find ways of a production number allowing cost sharing of studies and construction and reducing very significantly the expenditure in the cost of housing. This framework agreement has an initial term of two years, may be renewed twice for an additional period of one year with the objective of establishing a lasting partnership with the group selected. The design and construction reduces the time to market studies subsequent studies servicing conditions of the host field of the project to achieve and the instruction length of the building permit. The basic version can be adapted with variations to meet the planning regulations of the different municipalities of Loire Atlantique. The different orders placed over the duration of two years of the framework agreement by Harmony habitat should allow the construction of hundreds of housing for this: - A reduced cost of construction - Periods of study and achieve optimized - a guarantee of performance proven. This consultation concerns: - A framework agreement and the organization of subsequent contracts arising - The market for a subsequent operation of 8 units in the municipality of Legé (44). This call for competition is part of the legislative obligations of the Habitat Social Enterprises and their developments (Order No. 2005-649 of 6.6.2005 and implementing Decree No. 2005-1742 of 30.12.2005 and their developments; Code of Construction and Housing ...) mode of devolution - decomposition into slices. The framework agreement and subsequent contracts are not allotted. However, subsequent contracts awarded on the basis of the Framework Agreement, will include a firm phase and one or more conditional stages. Given the characteristics of the procedure and the object of the contract, the perpetuity method used is the single market. The contract will be concluded with a single service provider or with a partner group, at least: A "design" team of: The representative of the sub group of the design team will be secured to all its co-contractors. The team "design" must have necessarily quality architect for the establishment of the architectural project, in accordance with Article 3 of the Law of 01/03/1977 77-2 on architecture and desk VRD of studies. An "art" team consists of: - a company acting as general contractor, the agent of the consortium will be in solidarity with all its co-contractors. Can compete with the natural or legal persons markets: General Business Groupings of joint and several liability companies Each candidate will not call for this consultation, only one bid by acting as either individual candidate or member one or more groups, with the exception of BET Acoustics. The group will necessarily be composed of an independent architect, a company or a consortium of the building and a VRD design office. In addition, the group will have all the skills to design and construction of housing: work in all state bodies architectural structure / seismic economy in the SSI building in thermal fluids in sustainable development in acoustic VRD / landscaped electricity development

Guidance and counselling services

Communauté d'agglomération Espace Sud | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

Each referral will ensure individual attention and closeness of participants PLIE, its entry to its exit PLIE device and, on the whole territory of the southern area.

He will have to:

- Develop a diagnosis,

- advocate from the diagnostic elements, an action plan consisting of steps of course to lead at least 50% of participants PLIE from space Southern towards professional integration through employment, through vocational qualification or by creating business confirmed

Goals: integration of 300 new participants by annual installment and accompanying 700 participants in active list.

It is common Ducos, Riviere Salee, Diamond, Trois-Îlets and Anses d'Arlet.

- The candidate must:

To ensure individual attention and closeness of participants PLIE, its entry to its exit PLIE device and, on the whole territory of the southern area.

Develop a diagnosis advocate from the diagnostic elements, an action plan consisting of steps of course to lead at least 50% of participants PLIE from space Southern towards professional integration through employment, by qualification professional or by creating confirmed activity.

This is the common Francis Vauclin, and Holy Spirit. - The candidate will: Provide individual attention and closeness of participants PLIE, its entry to its exit PLIE device and, on the whole territory of the southern area. Develop a diagnosis advocate from the diagnostic elements, an action plan consisting of steps of course to lead at least 50% of participants PLIE from space Southern towards professional integration through employment, by qualification professional or by creating confirmed activity.

It is common Riviere-Pilote, Sainte-Luce, Sainte-Anne and Marin. - The candidate will: Provide individual attention and p ...

Engineering services

Commune de Saint-Paul | Published February 2, 2016
EGIS eau (attribué le 5.1.2016) — 34965 Artelia (attribué le 4.1.2016) — 97404 FEDT/Hydretudes/Cyathea/Toposervices ( attribué le 31.12.2016) — 97491 Safege (attribué le 5.1.2016)-97400
71300000, 71311100

This framework agreement aims to entrust control missions to implement the design and monitoring of the extension works, modernization of networks of rainwater and production of hydraulic protection and security works on the territory the city of St. Paul.

The works selected teachers will be entrusted with the following core and complementary missions:

- Pre: conducting preliminary study on new and diagnosis of the current situation;

- AVP: implementation of pre-project studies;

- Pro: realization of project studies.

- Act: preparation of tender documents and business support to the Client for awarding works contracts (analysis of applications, analysis of bids and developing markets);

- Visa: general review of the execution of studies by the company and their visa.

- Det: towards the execution of the work.

- OPC: scheduling, control, coordination.

- AOR: assistance to client during receive operations.

And additional tasks at the expense of holders:

Mc1: definition and acquisition of topographical and geotechnical needs SFX.

Mc2: definition and acquisition of regulatory studies, hydraulic studies for water projects and communication services.

Mc3: definition of land acquisition and analysis of data:

The completion and installation of the following documents to be sent to the easement of the town of Saint-Paul:

public easement of record

File DUP (declaration of public utility)

DIG file (declaration of general interest)

Folder amicable acquisition

The authorizations for temporary occupation - AOT

It is recalled that the complementary mission MC 3 does not include a detailed study of operator and property inspector.

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