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Financial and insurance services

Semmaris (Société d'exploitation du marché international de Rungis) | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 24, 2017

This contract follows the statement without following the market No. 2016 S / 066-115657 published on 05/04/2016.

The contract is intended to entrust an insurance professional font management of SEMMARIS and investment risk 100%.

This competitive procedure with negotiation is the subject of eight separate insurance areas:

- lot 1: property damage and business interruption,

- lot 2: fleet & missions

- lot 3: general liability,

- lot 4: environmental liability,

- Lot 5: liability of corporate officers,

- lot 6: assistance,

- lot 7: special risks,

- Lot 8: construction insurance.

Insurance of all current and future sites SEMMARIS is the owner or manager and developer.

Insurance losses from operations / property insurance, machinery and material SEMMARIS is the owner or manager in any capacity whatsoever.

Insurance covering the entire fleet SEMMARIS and risk "missions" (use of personal vehicles as part of a work assignment).

Insurance applicable to civil liability that may incur SEMMARIS due to the operation of its activities, and also having an RC component "after" and a RCMO pane.

Insurance against the risks of environmental damage RC sites SEMMARIS, located in France.

Risk insurance RC officers of law and fact SEMMARIS.

Insurance and repatriation of employees SEMMARIS "short mission."

Insurance special risks SEMMARIS.

Framework agreement with bond issues of single-attribute command.

Insurance mandatory and optional construction risks SEMMARIS.

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