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Survey services

Commune de Saint-Avé | Published January 12, 2017
Cibles et Stratégies

Update business development scheme City Center (diagnostic and prospective).

Digital printing services

CCI Nord Isère | Published January 4, 2017
Imprimerie Cusin

Realization of print jobs of various documents on behalf of the ICC North Isere.

Printing business magazine CCI Nord-Isère.

Printing of various communication media (posters, brochures, flyers .....).

Construction work

MSA des Charentes | Published January 11, 2017
Eiffage Énergie Poitou Charente
45000000, 45112500, 45112700, 45223220, 45262521, 45262410, 45261420, 45421000, 45421141, 45432111, 45431000, 45421146, 45442100, 45313100, 45331000, 45332000, 45311000, 45233290

This public works contract relates to the operation of work on the construction project of the Business Park Bel Air MSA des Charentes. This building is new construction on 3 levels (with ground garden), a SUB to 5375 square meters, which will be essentially of administrative offices but also for reception areas and some specific premises. The overall construction period is 19 months preparation time and even holidays. The start of work (preparation) is expected in January 2017. The market overall duration is 31 months including the completion guarantee period.

Lot 1 earthworks - VRD - landscaping.

Lot 2 Green Spaces.

Lot 3 Big Work.

Lot 4 facing Pierre.

Lot 5 Frames Metallic - metalwork.

Lot 6 Sealing.

Lot 7 aluminum joinery - glazing - automatic doors.

Lot 8 Wood Joinery.

Lot 9 Doublages - drywall.

Lot 10 modular partitions.

Lot 11 of flexible floor coverings.

Lot 12 Coatings of hard floors - faience.

Lot 13 Suspended ceilings.

Lot 14 Painting - wall coverings.

Lot 15 elevators.

Lot 16 heating - ventilation - air conditioning - metal ceilings.

Lot 17 Sanitary plumbing - Centralized aspiration.

Lot 18 Electricity strong currents.

Lot 19 low-current electricity.

Lot 20 Signage (Delayed batch will be passed later).

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

INTEFP | Published September 2, 2016
Netapsys Rhône Alpes

This contract is for the provision of skills to meet the evolving need for maintenance, healing, administration, training, and consulting on all the resources of the Business Object INTEFP.

Architectural and related services

Communauté de communes de l'Estuaire | Published September 22, 2016

Project management for the operation of restructuring and extension of the multi-business training center Reignac following a competition procedure.

Miscellaneous business and business-related services

Société du Grand Paris | Published July 16, 2016

Miscellaneous related businesses and services

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Hôpital d'enfants — association Saint-François d'Assise | Published April 5, 2016
Softway Medical
72000000, 72200000, 72210000

The Patient Record is a software solution that primarily:

manage administrative and clinical information of patients according to current regulations to billing records (AMO, AMC, Patient);

managed care and range of patients, including care of production and in particular the multimodal prescription (compliance CBUM);

manage appointments and resources for the health activity;

manage different clinical care records and files;

manage the PMSI and activity books;

permit cooperation with other relevant records in the patient care pathway;

exchange with medico trays providers;

retrieve and use the data to produce balance sheets and indicators;

can resume existing data.

Will be privileged applications guaranteeing a solution with the proven capabilities:

integrate the Regional SI (TESIS platform) and to interoperate with other IF institutions (including existing specific business solutions (laboratory, imaging);

run in an environment of heterogeneous workstations (PC, Thin Client, PC Tablets, Smartphones) with a deployment time on the lowest workstation;

propose a homogeneity of the technical architecture and application on the entire solution.

The setting benefits, deployment, training, maintenance, data recovery, media are part of this market. An organizational diagram approached the conduct of the project (submission, configuration, deployment) will be presented.

The description of the market will be detailed in the functional program and the consultation regulations.

Construction work

Harmonie Habitat | Published May 11, 2016
Eiffage Construction Atlantique Vendee — BH Groupe Beneteau

The subagent of the consortium will be

integral of all its co-contractors.

Can compete with the natural or legal persons markets:

General contractor

Groups of joint companies and several liability

Each candidate will not return to this consultation, only one offer in acting

either individual candidate or a member of one or more groups, with the exception of BET Acoustics.

The group will necessarily be composed of an independent architect, a business or a

Building companies group and an office VRD studies.

In addition, the group will have all the skills to design and implementation of


in all trades work

in architecture

structural / seismic

building the economy

in SSI

in fluids


in sustainable development


HHT / landscaping


The group will be complemented by other skills deemed necessary by the representative of the

group for the proper performance of the services requested.

Public transport services by railways

Ville de Saint-Étienne | Published January 9, 2016
sncf dea cera

Acquisition train tickets for business trips municipal officials, elected representatives and guests of the city of Saint-Etienne, through the portal company SNCF and has housed American Express.

Cleaning and maintenance of common areas on the heritage of the Semiso and Saint-Ouen Habitat Public.

SEMISO | Published March 9, 2016
SAS Guy Challancin

This contract is part of the consortium agreement concluded between commands Saint-Ouen Housing and Public Semiso.

The contract involves cleaning and maintenance of common areas of housing estates or properties managed by the group members, namely:

- For Semiso: 27 sites (lot 1) and 1 business hotel (lot 2)

- For Saint-Ouen Habitat Public: 40 locations spread over 2 agencies (lot 3).

These common areas include all indoor areas of buildings for common use of the occupants: local VO, service ducts, halls, landings, stairwells.

Business and management consultancy services

Institut géographique national | Published January 15, 2016

The framework agreement concerns a consulting services and support from IGN through the structuring and strengthening of its institutional relations. This is firstly to help the Institute to consolidate its strategy in these areas to provide basic tools to implement and support its operational deployment.

Engineering services

Commune de Saint-Paul | Published February 2, 2016
EGIS eau (attribué le 5.1.2016) — 34965 Artelia (attribué le 4.1.2016) — 97404 FEDT/Hydretudes/Cyathea/Toposervices ( attribué le 31.12.2016) — 97491 Safege (attribué le 5.1.2016)-97400
71300000, 71311100

This framework agreement aims to entrust control missions to implement the design and monitoring of the extension works, modernization of networks of rainwater and production of hydraulic protection and security works on the territory the city of St. Paul.

The works selected teachers will be entrusted with the following core and complementary missions:

- Pre: conducting preliminary study on new and diagnosis of the current situation;

- AVP: implementation of pre-project studies;

- Pro: realization of project studies.

- Act: preparation of tender documents and business support to the Client for awarding works contracts (analysis of applications, analysis of bids and developing markets);

- Visa: general review of the execution of studies by the company and their visa.

- Det: towards the execution of the work.

- OPC: scheduling, control, coordination.

- AOR: assistance to client during receive operations.

And additional tasks at the expense of holders:

Mc1: definition and acquisition of topographical and geotechnical needs SFX.

Mc2: definition and acquisition of regulatory studies, hydraulic studies for water projects and communication services.

Mc3: definition of land acquisition and analysis of data:

The completion and installation of the following documents to be sent to the easement of the town of Saint-Paul:

public easement of record

File DUP (declaration of public utility)

DIG file (declaration of general interest)

Folder amicable acquisition

The authorizations for temporary occupation - AOT

It is recalled that the complementary mission MC 3 does not include a detailed study of operator and property inspector.

Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Logis 62 | Published December 29, 2015

Multi-service maintenance contract: preventive maintenance of heritage Logis 62, troubleshooting, preventive annual visits for dwellings and common parts and maintenance business in new tenants. Maintenance and repair plumbing, electricity, locksmith, carpentry, electric heating and electric hot water tank.

Travel agency, tour operator and tourist assistance services

Comité régional du tourisme | Published February 16, 2016
SARL Moutoussamy et FILS
63500000, 60100000, 60400000

This contract is for the purchase of tickets to travel agencies services, coach and car rental for staff, elected officials and business partners of the Island of La Réunion Tourisme.

Construction work

Ville de Saint-Valery-sur-Somme | Published November 24, 2015
Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest
45000000, 71000000

The contract involves the design and realization for the restoration and transformation of the warehouse into a cultural complex salts and business tourism around 3000 m2 of a listed building. The following reasons necessitate the association of the contractor to the book study. - Need to carry out the work quickly because of the rapid deterioration of the building. - The management of energy and energy potential will be integrated with a commitment of the candidate on consumption. - Constructive project will integrate the thinking carried by the research and innovation site of the Grenelle building plan will offer an innovative interior and exterior architecture adapted to the typology of the existing building and historical monument must answer a reflection on the use, management and the assembly of materials, particularly as part of a bio-sourced management, management of rational and ventilated flow, systemic acoustic approach, management of the olfactory components and optimal composition of the elements planning and furnishing. - All in a controlled budget. The budget for this project is € 6,000,000 (VAT).

Travel agency and similar services

Conseil général des Côtes d'Armor | Published October 29, 2015
SARL Turquoise Voyages

Organization of business trips for all services of the Côtes d'Armor department.

License management software package

Commune de Saint-Herblain | Published October 28, 2015
SCC — 96 rue des Trois Fontanot — 92744 Nanterre Cedex (valeur: 400 utilisateurs minimum — 1 200 utilisateurs maximum) Montant non contractuel issu du DQE: 106 931,24 EUR (HT).

Acquisition and Microsoft subscription licensing as part of a business agreement for the City of Saint-Herblain.

Property management services of real estate on a fee or contract basis

Société d'habitations à loyer modéré de la Réunion (SHLMR) | Published December 26, 2015
SARL ACCES immobilier Patrimoine

- Within the heritage of the SHLMR, residences are subject to the condominium regime. The SHLMR took the party to ensure internal trustee function, with 1748 batches of 22 housing developments, it requests the support of a professional on the administrative and accounting of its co-ownership business. - This is an ordinary contract awarded on the basis of Ordinance No. 2005-649 of 6.6.2005 and Decree No. 2005-1742 of 30.12.2005. - Contract duration: 2 years from the notification of the contract, renewable 2 times by tacit agreement by one year period. The total duration of the contract may not exceed 4 years, ranging renewal period.

Mission of study and evaluation of business parks and land reserves of Economic Development PETR the territory of the Saint-Louis and the Three Borders.

Petr Pays Saint-Louis et 3 Frontières | Published October 27, 2015

Mission of study and evaluation of business parks and land reserves of Economic Development PETR the territory of the Country of St. Louis and the Three Borders.

Packaging and related services

Région Guadeloupe | Published November 21, 2015
Art2prod SARL
79920000, 39500000, 39560000, 18530000

The market for the supply, labeling, packaging and delivery of objects, textiles, luggage storage and promotional business gifts.
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