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Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

Conseil général de la Nièvre | Published December 2, 2015

Services aux entreprises: droit, marketing, conseil, recrutement, impression et sécurité

Implementation of e-guides for the use of new technologies in European SMEs.

nievre numerique | Published November 13, 2014  -  Deadline December 2, 2014

E-guides are intended to provide access to a comprehensive information tool and training in the use of new technologies for European SME in several countries - Lot 1 Production of Multilingual interface of e-guides. A platform is composed of one or several e-guides, each e-guide on a topic. An e-guide platform is available for each country and the content will be tailored to each platform. Each e-guide must: - provide a device e-Learning (training, validation of skills); - Able to respond to user questions; - Disseminate information to a real-time news flow; - Capture and disseminate business information. The proposed solution will implement innovative tools and will offer high interactivity. The service provider must offer a dynamic, interactive graphical interface, using different media available (video, audio, images, 3D ...). The platform will offer an administrative interface and each platform is administered independently of the other platforms. The application is multilingual (English, Flemish, French). Training tool is essential and a solution "Web service" will be preferred .. - Lot 2 Writing e-guides. This is more specifically: - a state of the art for each topic - links to relevant dynamic content - a list of FAQs. The benefit is therefore the delivery of content with a 12 model shaping for the creation of new e-guides.
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