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CHRU de Montpellier | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline January 27, 2017

Providing impressions and how various labels.

Lot 1 carbonless notebooks: Sub Lot 1: drug prescription book derived from blood; Under lot 2: good reserve book under Lot 3: notebook of birth certificate sub lot 4: IMD book under Lot 5: inventory book full-time hospitalization under Lot 6: emergency hospitalization inventory book under Lot 7: Inventory backlog hospital psychiatry full Basement lot time 8: inventory backlog manager sub lot 9: inventory backlog not droppable objects governed under lot 10: narcotic prescription book sub lot 11: book out against medical advice sub lot 12: subject to letter book lot 13: Book prescription blood components.

Lot 2 carbonless business forms: Sub Lot 1: bundle drugs derived blood Sub Lot 2: blue bundle nominative prescription Sub Lot 3: bundle union leave under Sub Lot 4: bundle antimicrobial prescription Sub Lot 5: expediter - reprographics.

Lot 3: Labels and thermal ribbons: Sub Lot 1: 100 x 99 mm labels Sub Lot 2: 102 x 150 mm labels Sub Lot 3: thermal transfer ribbon 104mm x 300m Sub Lot 4: thermal transfer ribbon 33mm x 74m.

Lot 4: labels for anesthesiology syringes: Sub Lot 1: Syringe labels 12 x 35 mm Sub Lot 2: dispenser box.

Lot 5: Cryogenic Labels and resin ribbon: Sub Lot 1: Cryogenic labels 60x42 mm Sub Lot 2: 55x35 mm Sub lot Cryogenic Label 3: resin thermal transfer ribbon 88 mm x 74 m.

Lot 6: pre-cut Paper: Sub Lot 1: short notice to pay.

Lot 7: Shirts with flaps and pockets: Sub Lot 1: shirt obstetrical file Sub Lot 2: medical record shirt La Colombiere Sub Lot 3: Shirt medical imaging file + cd Sub Lot 4: shirt ultrasound + cd Sub Lot 5: shirt medicine dossier pink Sub lot work 6: shirt medicine folder blue work Sub lot 7: pocket medical record yellow Sub lot 8: pocket ...

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