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This framework agreement is intended Assistance to Business Analyst for the development of technical parts DCE (CCTP, BPU, DQE, criteria for selection of deals ...), the & apo

E.p.g.d. | Published April 3, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017

This Framework Agreement aims Assistance to Business Analyst for the development of technical parts DCE (CCTP, BPU, DQE, criteria for selection of deals ...), analysis, reporting , implementation and monitoring of maintenance contracts park escalators / elevators in DEFACTO management. This framework agreement is single tenderer. It is mixed price (a fixed part and a unitary part)

Drinking-water treatment plant construction work

Communaute d'agglomération du Bassin de Brive | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline June 14, 2017

The works that are the subject of this contract will be awarded to one team comprised:

- a business consortium leader, specializing in the design work and equipment of drinking water production plants, which provide the main prize "Equipment" and the design of the entire plant, a company specializing in civil engineering works, which will ensure the accessory package

It will be subcontractor of Lot "Equipment" or grouped with it.

The company specializes in water treatment will necessarily be the consortium leader and several other members of the group.

This team can be reduced if a company can prove that they have the required skills.

This contract concerns the following work:

- the rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing plant (PLC, disinfection, post dewatering, sand filters, technical gallery, injection of CO2, ...)

- the security of the plant,

- the construction of a new operations building,

- implementation of a refining activated carbon treatment means in grains,

- the implementation of a sludge treatment,

- the creation of an additional treated water reserve of 1500 m 3.

This market also includes any additional benefit:

- Pse # 1: The rehabilitation of the treated water reservoir of Agudour.

The answer to the basic solution is mandatory.

Variants will given on optimizing the layout of the buildings and process in accordance with the treatment objectives in the CCTP.

A social clause is planned.

The site visit is mandatory.

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