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Telecommunications services

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published November 24, 2017
64200000, 72318000, 72700000, 64210000, 32500000, 64212000

Multiple execution locations: cf CCTP. Market form: purchase orders with no minimum or maximum. Award of a framework agreement for each lot. Framework agreement concluded for an initial period of 2 years and 6 months. Renewable once for a period of 2 years. Estimated amount of benefits for the total duration of the 5 framework agreements over 4 years and 6 months: EUR 2 591 785,81. The criteria for awarding the prizes are identical, for the sub-criteria cf. consultation regulation.

Cross-site data services for business networks.

Fixed telephony services of central sites and value-added services.

Fixed telephony services of remote sites.

Mobile electronic telecommunications services.

"Machine to Machine" mobility services (m to M).

Construction work

CCI de Grenoble | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
45000000, 45311200, 09332000, 45331110, 45330000, 45261420, 45262311, 45450000

Markets for work benefits as part of the project "Learning Grid by Grenoble" on the website of the Institute of business and technology, participating in the creation of a technical educational tool to simulate the operation of a city smart (smart City) in energy performance and includes the following services:

1. Renovation of electrical, thermal and lighting identified in the diagnostic phase and for which the renovation was defined in the study phase and establish an energy metering plan;

2. Installation of the equipment with the objective of installing means of renewable energy production and storage to optimize the energy consumption of the campus.

Renovation of electrical installations strong currents and creating a VDI network.

completion of a solar photovoltaic system on the roofs of buildings B 2, B 4, B 5 and B 6.

Renovation of thermal installations and creation of a cogeneration.

Resumption of sealing complex and poses photovoltaic materials.

Construction of local cogeneration and various earthworks, roads and underground networks.

Various false ceiling, plastering, painting, floor covering.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

CEA/Grenoble | Published October 1, 2015  -  Deadline October 22, 2015

10.05 The building gradually converts to accompany the development of nanoscience on the Minatec campus and tends to become a "project nursery" Minatec Labs to explore the upstream of information technology, health and energy . The headquarters building of this project, no longer reflects the new design turned to new technologies: the thermal quality of the building is poor, it corresponds to the achievements of 60/70. This is to rethink the exterior building envelope to combine respect for the architectural expression, thermal improvement and development of accessibility; so that it integrates with the rest of the site, especially at Minatec, and so meets his new vocation in today's regulatory environment and in accordance with specific features of the CEA. 10.05 The building has more than 3 storeys (this varies according to the wing and the area concerned). Work therefore be to achieve: - renovation and thermal treatment of the facades to improve the energy performance of the building and the comfort of users, - creating a vertical serving all floors of the building including spaces usability. A study is also required to improve the accessibility of inputs 2 south end of the building. Continuity of service activities and research should be ensured during construction (works in occupied site). The mission entrusted to the supervisor is a basic mission within the meaning of Law No 85-704 of 07/12/1985 and Decree n ° 93-1268 of 29.11.1993 on project management tasks entrusted by masters of public work to private law providers, and the decree of 21.12.1993 specifying the technical procedures for implementing the mission elements of project management, including basic mission elements and complementary missions: DIAG , APS, APD, PRO, ACT, EXE / SYN, DET, OPC, AOR until the end of the year of perfect completion. The market will include a firm phase and an optional slice specifically described below: - the firm phase corresponds to the design phase, it includes the following mission elements: DIAG, APS, APD, PRO (including establishment of the license file build PC), ACT (until tender documents business "DCE"). It includes the following mission elements: ACT (from DCE), EXE / SYN, DET, OPC, AOR until the end of the year of perfect completion. Tenders will be selected on sketch (ESQ). It will ask the master contractor to study three scenarios: - scenario 1: no asbestos (unless necessary for the creation of vertical coverage) and better address the thermal and aesthetics, - Scenario 2 : asbestos removal without full façade, with at minimum the replacement of the doors of all the woodwork (without removal of dormant) and the replacement of fixed joinery (including the asbestos removal), - Scenario 3: including a total asbestos removal façades for the complete replacement of the entire joinery (opening + dormant). In the latter scenario, the renovation is to remove all asbestos materials present in the composition of building facades. A number of options may be made and clarified as necessary in the tender documents. The expected duration of the basic mission is estimated to be: - for the firm phase: six months. - Optional tranche for 30 months as part of the scenario # 3 most complex, time related to the guarantee of perfect completion are included.