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Solar photovoltaic modules

SAS Parkosol | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline March 9, 2017
09331200, 31712331, 45000000

The project company SAS Parkosol decided to compete on a need a key construction market in PV plants from hand to shade structures on relay car parks on the territory of Grenoble Alpes Métropole (38 Isère).

This publicity notice will result in the submission of an application service GEG purchases before the date of Thursday 9.3.2017- 24:00.

Your application must be submitted in paper in a double envelope before the deadline indicated. The GEG shopping service will give you a good reception proof.

The business consultation file (DCE) will be transmitted only to undertakings the interview will be on completion of the tender commission.

The criteria for selection of candidates are set out in this notice advertising.

Construction work

CCI de Grenoble | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
45000000, 45311200, 09332000, 45331110, 45330000, 45261420, 45262311, 45450000

Markets for work benefits as part of the project "Learning Grid by Grenoble" on the website of the Institute of business and technology, participating in the creation of a technical educational tool to simulate the operation of a city smart (smart City) in energy performance and includes the following services:

1. Renovation of electrical, thermal and lighting identified in the diagnostic phase and for which the renovation was defined in the study phase and establish an energy metering plan;

2. Installation of the equipment with the objective of installing means of renewable energy production and storage to optimize the energy consumption of the campus.

Renovation of electrical installations strong currents and creating a VDI network.

completion of a solar photovoltaic system on the roofs of buildings B 2, B 4, B 5 and B 6.

Renovation of thermal installations and creation of a cogeneration.

Resumption of sealing complex and poses photovoltaic materials.

Construction of local cogeneration and various earthworks, roads and underground networks.

Various false ceiling, plastering, painting, floor covering.

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