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Miscellaneous business and business-related services

Pôle emploi services | Published November 29, 2017  -  Deadline January 3, 2018
79900000, 79990000

Physical reception services and mail management for employment services pole.

Physical reception services and mail management for the Colombes site (92700).

Physical reception and mail management services for the Chavanod site (74650).

Construction of 15 houses in the district of Strikes - 92700 Colombes.

Colombes Habitat Public | Published March 12, 2016  -  Deadline May 2, 2016

This consultation relates to 15 pavilions construction in the district of Strikes in Colombes - 92700.

The organization, safety and hygiene projects is category 2.

This is a general business market.

Cerqual certification Habitat and Environment 2012 vintage BBC profile option is covered. In order to get the contractor is required to perform all tests (thermal acoustic ...), and as many times as necessary to validate this certification.


Ville de Colombes | Published October 13, 2015  -  Deadline November 23, 2015

The precise details of the services to be performed is described in the Ccp. Supply and delivery of school furniture, and extracurricular childcare for nursery schools, elementary, to leisure receptions and nurseries and day-care centers in the city of Colombes. The market is broken down into two lots: Lot 1: supply, delivery, assembly and installation of school furniture and small childhood classic: tables, seats, cupboards, tables, screen walls, beds ,? Lot 2: Supply and delivery of furniture "business corner" For lot 1: mounting and installation is mandatory.

Flats construction work

Colombes Habitat Public | Published September 29, 2017
Construction Renovation Ballancourt

The purpose of this consultation is to construct a 7-unit R + 2 building with a basement on rue Thomas d'Orléans in Colombes (92700). The organization, the safety and the hygiene of the sites is of category 2. It is a market in general company. The classification in accordance with the common vocabulary of European markets (CPV) is: 45211341-1: Apartment construction work.

The purpose of this consultation is to construct a 7-unit R + 2 building with a basement on rue Thomas d'Orléans in Colombes (92700).

The organization, safety and hygiene of the sites is of category 2.

This is a general business market.

The classification in accordance with the common European market vocabulary (CPV) is:

45211341-1: Construction work for apartments.

Office cleaning services

Advivo | Published November 28, 2015  -  Deadline January 5, 2016

These cleaning work in the public areas on a variety of social rental home park and the business premises of the DPOs Advivo Vienna (headquarters, offices and community centers).

Digital printing services

CCI Nord Isère | Published January 4, 2017
Imprimerie Cusin

Realization of print jobs of various documents on behalf of the ICC North Isere.

Printing business magazine CCI Nord-Isère.

Printing of various communication media (posters, brochures, flyers .....).

AI_2016_ZAC_01 | Sale of building rights Ilot Verdun nord ZAC des Champs-Philippe

Ville de La Garenne-Colombes | Published May 27, 2016  -  Deadline June 6, 2017

This is a call for interest for the sale of building rights for the construction of a mixed program of housing units and a ground floor business in La Garenne-Colombes. The expected program is from 2,200 to 2,400 sq. M. SDP homes in accession and 200 to 300 sq. M. SDP commerce, dedicated imperatively to a brewery. It must also include a car park underground parking necessary for the proper functioning of the building, according to local regulations.

Insurance services

Commune de Bois-Colombes | Published October 11, 2017  -  Deadline November 15, 2017

The contract consists of guaranteeing:

Lot 1: the real property of the Commune (including buildings, fences, street furniture and other installations) and their contents (including furniture, tools, machinery, computer hardware, software, archives and other miscellaneous objects), works of art and valuables (including paintings, prints, sculptures and valuable furniture) held in any capacity by the Municipality.

Lot 2: motor vehicles (including scooters, motorcycles, cars, utility vehicles and coaches) and accessories (including signage, trailers, wheels and their contents) and cycles.

The main risks guaranteed are as follows:

- fire and related risks, including electrical hazards, including damage to electrical and electronic equipment,

- theft and vandalism, including substantive transport,

- storm, snow and hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, tornadoes and cyclones, weight of snow on roofs,

- water damage and untimely operation of extinguishing equipment,

- broken glass,

- breakage of machines,

- risks Informatics and office automation,

- natural disasters,

- works of art,

The desired guarantees are detailed in the SPC of lot 1.

- civil liability for traffic and non-traffic,

- collateral collateral.

Voluntary assistance,

Transportation of casualties,

Civil liability of passengers,

Civil liability for minors or non-drivers without the knowledge of the insured,

Free and occasional loan of a vehicle other than that of the insured,

Loan of steering wheel.

- defense legal protection,

- fire - vandalism - bombing,

- breakage of ice,

- theft and attempted theft

- force of nature,

- any collision damage,

- any damage,

- content of vehicles, personal and business objects and effects transported (all risks),

- damage to the wheels,

- individual driver,

- materials and goods carried (all risks),

- Breakdown assistance, towing assistance, repatriation,

- expert fees chosen by the insured,

- machine breakdown.

The desired guarantees are detailed in the SPC of lot 2.

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