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Tampereen Kaupunki | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016

Tuomi Logistics Ltd ask the City of Tampere mandate promotions for producing speed-up the initial media companies Mediapoliksessa Tampere.

The precise content and objectives of the contract are described in Annex 1.

issues related to status issues must be connected directly to the Technopolis:

Kiihdyttämötoimijan will take advantage of the expertise and services Medipolis kiihdyttämötoimintaa executing.

The project is a unified whole that can not be broken down to its nature, characteristics and features of the particular.

a comparison of the tenders carried out by about five-person selection group.

The selected service provider, as appropriate, the Steering Group meetings as rapporteur.

The steering functions include .:

- To monitor and support the implementation of the mandate of the agreement,

- To develop cooperation between the parties,

- To consider and approve the plans related to the work,

- Consider and decide on matters relating to results of operations,

- To deal with service innovation and development proposals,

- Approve the supplier invoicing.

The steering assembly of a note should be made and decisions taken Steering Group are recognized in the memorandum, which is binding on the parties.

Changes will be announced to the service provider.

The steering has a quorum when at least one member of the steering or his alternate appointed by each party is present.

if necessary Steering Group may invite experts or customer service representatives to be interviewed meeting.

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