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Eesti power 8.ploki general contractor of reconstruction method the total fuel volume share of shale gas in order to increase

Enefit Energiatootmine AS - Natalja Beljajeva | Published November 4, 2016
EEJ 8 block is used in two keevkihtpõletuskatelt (Ing. Circulating fluidized Bed, CFB), which is installed in 2004 the company Amec Foster Wheeler. In 2012, the same contractor to install boiling stations shale gas burners on boilers with a total capacity of 50 MWh (17.5% of the fuel burned) The contracting authority starts a reconstruction project with a view to enhance one boiler burning shale gas share up to 50% of the fuel balance. The project includes the reconstruction of the necessary design, materials and / or equipment necessary for the delivery and execution of works of general contracting methods (Ing. Turnkey lump sum EPC contract). After the reconstruction 8.plokk must allow one to use as a fuel in the boiler of shale gas and oil shale, 0-50% 50-100% fuel burned. The tenderer must submit a tender in one of the boiler 8.ploki shale gas share up to 50% of the fuel balance and the increase in addition to the option to submit the following bids: Option 1: EEJ 8.ploki reconstruction of one boiler burned in order to increase the share of shale gas in the fuel balance up to 30%. Option 2: The contracting authority has the right to 8.ploki first boiler successful tenderer, ordered the reconstruction of the second reconstruction of the boiler either a) increase the share of shale gas in the fuel balance up to 50%, or b) increase the share of shale gas in the fuel balance up to 30% (under Option 1). Option 2 is to be in force two years after the tendering exercise. The contracting authority reserves the main contractor to decide on the choice of technical solutions. Contract awarded to the economically most advantageous tender submitted Provider. Contract volume must contain all the EEJ 8.ploki reconstruction needed to carry out the work, services and materials. Bidders are required to submit an indicative timetable for the implementation of the project, considering 8.ploki downtime minimization requirement. The EPC contract signing, the final deadline: March 2016 Implementation time is from March to May 2017, the existing business given the project over Q3 2017.
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