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"Food Services Business for the staff of the Constitutional Court"

United Nations Development Programme | Published April 19, 2016

  • Daily supply business lunch to be delivered delunes to Friday, weekends and holidays, both at the headquarters of the Constitutional Court, located at Avenida 27 February to corner Gregorio Luperon, Flag Square and The Unknown Soldier, Santo Domingo Oeste and the local Court, located at number 35, street Ernesto De la Maza, Mirador Norte sector in this city of Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional

Tenders must be submitted no later than 4: 00 PM (official time of the Dominican Republic) of 17 May 2016, at the address below, and the public opening will be held at 4:30 PM on the same day the address indicated below

UNDP Procurement Unit, Anacaona Ave # 9, South Mirador,

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Fax (809) 531-4882,


 | Published November 13, 2015  -  Deadline November 23, 2015

Business Development & Competitiveness in the Province of San Juan The operation will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the province of San Juan, with a focus on upgrading of the main value chains in the region. It will include components to support the necessary investments in productive infrastructrue, technical assitance to implement technological innovations and capacity building of the local producer and access to markets.

DMDisaster Vuln. Reduction (APL3) - P129992

 | Published October 22, 2015
Computer World

Provision Of Computer Network Switches ICB Contract Award Notice Dominica Project: P129992 - Third Phase Disaster Vuln.Reduction APL for Dominica Bid/Contract Reference No: PPCR/DVRP/ICB-01/14.Lot-4 Scope of Contract: Provision of Computer Network Switches Duration of Contract: 90Day(s) Contract Signature Date: Evaluation Currency: XCD-East Carribean Dollars Awarded Bidder(s): Name: Computer World Address: Castries, St. Lucia Country: St. Lucia Bid Price at Opening:XCD 32,500.00 Evaluated Bid Price: XCD32,500.00 Contract Price: XCD32,500.00 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : Digicel Dominica Limited Address :Roseau, Dominica Country: Dominica Bid Price at Opening:USD 28,432.00 Evaluated Bid Price: XCD77,247.00 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : Computer & Business Services Ltd&Campbell Business Systems & Services Address :Castries, St. Lucia Country: St. Lucia Bid Price at Opening:XCD 114,837.00 Evaluated Bid Price: XCD114,837.00 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : Planson International Corporation Address :363 Penny Road New Gloucester, Maine 04260, USA Country: United States Bid Price at Opening:USD 88,520.00 Evaluated Bid Price: XCD240,500.00

Adquisición de tuberías y accesorios complementaria para conformación de células

 | Published June 11, 2015  -  Deadline May 11, 2017

Santiago Water Supply Service Improvement Program The general objective of the project is to improve access to drinking water in the metropolitan area of Santiago de los Caballeros. The specific objectives are: (i) to improve the continuity of drinking water service in areas where it is deficient; (ii) to reduce energy consumption in water production sources and distribution systems; and (iii) to improve operational efficiency by improving business management and corporate governance.

IAL-08-2015 Refurbishment and reconstruction Complex Urania kitchen Montas, San Juan de la Maguana

United Nations Development Programme | Published May 27, 2015  -  Deadline June 26, 2015

This competitive process ~~ aims hiring the Refurbishment and Reconstruction of physical facilities Kitchen Urania Montas Campus in San Juan de la Maguana, the execution must take place in three (3) phases for logistical reasons and continuity service, which are detailed below: 1st stage: 1st part Remodeling food preparation area. • In this area the adequacy and intervention of food preparation areas, cold and hot is contemplated. At this stage divisions should be installed to maintain the operation of the kitchen during the procedure, since it can stop working at any time. Areas of the grocery store and food pantry and bathrooms of employees are also involved. 2nd Phase: Remodeling other food preparation area. • This phase includes complete remodeling of the food preparation area and added to the intervention areas of the cold room and the rest of the bathrooms, tank cleaning canned and pantry. In this phase the whole scheme of operation is completed for food preparation, storage and food pantry, allowing the kitchen again operate at full capacity. 3rd Phase: Remodeling receiving food, office, general store and several hits. • In this phase the project is completed. Receiving food is reshaped, lower deposit for items, maintenance items, the gas tank area and the renovation of the environment around the kitchen building is constructed according to the specifications in the budget and according to the planes. You should consider setting the business areas of the kitchen that will be divided during the operation of remodeling, facilities and equipment cleaning project for the delivery and inauguration of the work.
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