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Concrete products

Ny Valby Udvikling A/S | Published March 16, 2017

'Torveporten' will consist of a boligdel (general) and a erhvervsdel (private). The housing part contains a multi-storey building with 6 youth homes, 46 apartments, common areas and storage rooms etc. and 9 townhouse, parking and outdoor areas. Business section consists of a basement and commercial premises in apartment building and parking on the ground.

The design and execution of 'Torveporten' (housing and erhvervsdel) is offered for the turnkey.

The contract concerns the production and delivery of concrete, which is a client delivery.

Overview of the interfaces between clients supply and build contract described in the contract documents.

The offering is a public tender for Procurement Act §§ 56 f. This means that should not be made prior prequalification.

Construction work

Ny Valby Udvikling A/S | Published March 16, 2017
45000000, 71221000, 71222000, 71310000, 71320000

'Torveporten' will consist of a boligdel (general) and a erhvervsdel (private). The housing part contains a multi-storey building with 6 youth homes, 46 apartments, common areas and storage rooms etc. and 9 townhouses, parking and outdoor areas. Business section consists of a basement and commercial premises in apartment building and parking on the ground. The turnkey contract is related to the planning and execution of all 'Torveporten' (housing and erhvervsdel) exclusive clients supply.

Overview of client deliveries and total subcontract interfaces available in the specifications.

The tender for procurement law relates only to the universal service obligation part of the construction.

Torveporten will consist of a boligdel (general) and a erhvervsdel (private). The housing part contains a multi-storey building with 6 youth homes, 46 apartments, common areas and storage rooms etc. and 9 townhouses, parking and outdoor areas. Business section consists of a basement and commercial premises in apartment building and parking on the ground. The turnkey contract is related to the finalized design and execution of all 'Torveporten' (housing and erhvervsdel) exclusive clients supply. After the construction be the residential part is finally transferred and delivered to Boligforeningen AAB, dept. 105. Making Torveporten done as a single project where the New Valby Development A / S is responsible for offering service on behalf of the Housing Association AAB, Dept. 105 as delegated client as regards the general portion. . As far as the residential section (general) made the offer after TVergG.

Planting and maintenance services of green areas

Svendborg Kommune | Published February 23, 2017
HedeDanmark A/S
77310000, 45233141, 77314000, 90620000

Offering includes operation and maintenance of 850 km public roads, 0.5 km² at schools, 0.9 km² of sports facilities, 1.4 km² of green areas including beaches, ponds, pools and fountains. The tasks deals with repairing coatings, cutting of discounts, cleaning, cutting of fences, flowers, shrubs, hedge, pur and winter service.

There may only be tendered for the total services offered.

It may also be disclosed in accordance. Supply Act § 49 that the tender is not divided into separate lots, as a comprehensive range of operating and maintenance tasks results in economies of scale for the client.

The offered agreement has a term of 4 years. The agreement may be extended for up to 2 years.

For a detailed description of each product in the offered agreement, refer to Annex 5 of Work and Annex 7 Offers List.

The project is an include business transfer of employees from the current contractor under the Undertakings Act.

Work and education clauses and CSR requirements applicable to performance of the contract.

All voluntary exclusion grounds under Contract Act § 137 applies and to exclude the bidder.

There will be an information meeting on the range d. 10 November at. 14: 00-16: 00 at the address Svendborgvej 135, 5762 North Skerninge - Center for Real Estate and Technical Service, Svendborg Municipality. Registration, including the number of participants should be sent to latest d. 8 November.

For further information on the conditions for submission, refer to the specifications.

Business transaction and personal business software package

Aalborg Universitet | Published March 14, 2017
Ibistic Technologies Denmark A/S
48400000, 72000000

The contract relates to a travel and expense system called RUS2.

Or intend to buy a Software as a Service, which includes the following main elements:

1) Providing a modern and user-friendly standard solution

2) Integration with related systems at Aalborg University, including travel agency and payment

3) Further development and maintenance in the form of continuous adjustment, development and upgrading of the supplier's standard solution in relation to new versions, etc.

4) Relevant education and guidance in the use of the system.

The offering is a negotiated procedure with the rules of procurement law (Law no. 1564 of 15.12.2015).

The process is therefore two-piece, so that the request be made prequalification for selection of 3-5 candidates who are invited to tender.

Insurance services

Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn I/S | Published February 28, 2017

CPH City and Port I / S has entered into insurance contracts within

All-risk insurance including building and contents,

Business and Product Liability

Motor Vehicle Insurance


management liability

Crime Insurance.

The insurance company must cooperate with CPH City & Port I / S insurance.

Laboratory furniture

Indkøbsfællesskabet IFIRS | Published February 17, 2017
Zystm A/S
39180000, 39181000

Business Academy Zealand need for a new Campus in Roskilde be offered on laboratory furniture for various laboratory premises for teaching students. The supply includes both design as delivery and installation of the offered furniture.

Business and management consultancy and related services

DSB | Published March 2, 2017
WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Danmark A/S
79400000, 71300000, 71318000

"Future Train" is currently preparing the purchase of new rolling stock for DSB. The overall goal of "Future Train" is to determine "how DSB with the least risk can provide, supplied and implement modern and reliable electric rolling stock up to 2030 '.

The new trains should provide a capacity of approximately 30 000 seats with trains being delivered from approximately 2025-2030. The purchase of these new trains will allow DSB to handle both the necessary replacement of old trains in the existing fleet and the expected growth in passenger numbers up to 2030.

The purchase includes stage 2-5 of the 'Future Train ":

- "Future Train" Phase 2: Preparing (2017)

- "Future Train" Phase 3: The tender process and contract preparation (2018-2019)

- "Future Train" Phase 4: Design, test and approval (2019-2024)

- "Future Train" Phase 5: Delivery and implementation (2025-2032).

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Fødevarestyrelsen | Published March 10, 2017
CGI Danmark A/S
72000000, 72300000, 72500000, 72600000, 72900000

The Contracting Authority wants, based on a decision to genudbyde operation, maintenance and further development of existing GLR / CHR system, to reach an agreement on the operation, maintenance and further development of GLR / CHR and its underlying subsystems and applications.

The delivery being acquired consists of the following main components:

1) Establishment and transition of the technical solution

2) platform and application operations, the supplier is responsible for operation, maintenance and further development of GLR / CHR

3) handling of support cases from the users of GLR / CHR via one offered Helpdesk

4) Management of the system incl. coordination and advice

5) Implementation of projects as part of the ongoing operation, maintenance and further development.

GLR / CHR is an extremely important and business critical system complex to the Contracting Authority.

Please refer to contract Annex 1 - Progress summary for more.

Refer to the specifications section 5 and section II.1.4) of this Order.

Health and social work services

Udlændingestyrelsen | Published March 1, 2017
Langeland Kommune

The task related to the operation of reception centers for Immigration in 2017. Assignment content is detailed in the Task and Process Description, available at

The task is performed to the tariffs set for the negotiations on the budget 2017.Opgaven performed on the basis of the model contract, which is available at, and the job is covered by the Company Act.

It has for each bidder been possible to offer operator task in one or more groups of asylum centers. The groups showed Task and process description.

At the same time the task as furniture operator offered, and the task was assigned to an operator of asylum centers.

Asylum Accommodation a state responsibility and the Immigration Agency's task to provide accommodation to asylum centers. The project is done in collaboration with operators in charge of the daily operation of the asylum centers. It is this task that has been offered.

The bidders and now the contractors has also had to be prepared for that to be implemented business transfer of employees, if the operator task as a result of this tender was transferred to another operator with respect to one or more of the groups of centers or for furnishing the task concerned. The task of furnishing operator shall include in particular the coordination of purchasing, delivery and collection of furniture for the asylum centers, including by opening new detention centers or at closing. Award of the contract to private organizations, companies or government agencies about asylum center operation requires the approval of the Aliens Integration and Minister of Housing, see. Aliens Act § 42a. 5th

Software package and information systems | Published March 8, 2017

Gas Storage Denmark A/S (GSD) owns and operates Denmark's two underground gas storage facilities — the aquifer pore storage facility at Stenlille in the central part of Zealand and the salt cavern facility at Lille Torup in northern Jutland. The total working gas volume of the two storage sites is about 12 TWh. We operate andmaintain our technical plants acc. to the most recently updated ISO-55001 asset management standards, which enables us to offer our customers an exceptionally high commercial uptime. We market our capacities on fully commercial terms as an independent operator in the north-western European market. Our business is based on customer needs, market value and commercial innovation. GSD is a fully-owned subsidiary of's owner is the Danish state and its business purpose is to own and operate the vital gas and power infrastructure in Denmark. Our main task is to sell and operate the Danish gas storage capacity on a fully liberated market fashion.

GSD intends to replace the GSMS system and possibly outsource the IT operation of this. To ensure updated knowledge about the opportunities in the market for a GSMS system, GSD intends to carry out a market screening of potential suppliers. Therefore, GSD wishes to encourage all interested suppliers to enter into a dialogue with us about the requirements. The GSMS system might both be installed and operated by the vendor, alternatively shall be able to operate the system. Capacities of the two storage facilities are commercially marketed in a joint storage pool. This means that the GSMS system only operates the system as one commercial system and does not hold trace of which storage site the gas is placed.

General management consultancy services

Erhvervsstyrelsen | Published March 8, 2017
Den Erhvervsdrivende fond Væksthus Midtjylland

Operatørren for business partnership has the task of implementing application rounds, etc. supporting erhvervspartnerskabets purposes.

The operator will be tasked to carry out activities to ensure that erhvervspartnerskabets objective will be achieved, including:

- To implement application rounds aimed at small and medium-sized production companies in Denmark.

- To identify and hold meetings with production companies that are relevant to business partnership.

- To implement information activities on corporate partnership and the related application rounds.

Construction consultancy services

Helsingør Kommune | Published February 18, 2017
Nova 5 Arkitekter A/S
71530000, 71311000, 71210000, 71310000

The project is an on building and development of the new stadium and other new sports facilities in Elsinore Sports Park.

The project is an on building and development of the new stadium and other new sports facilities in Elsinore Sports Park.

The task is supported by Vision 2020, Elsinore through unique sports and leisure activities is known as North Zealand's most attractive settlement municipality. Elsinore Municipality's sports and leisure policy sets the direction for how the municipality will work to develop and sustain a vibrant place with attractive and diverse offer of activities in the sports and leisure in close cooperation with associations and schools.

Offering is done in close cooperation between the Centre for Economics and Property, Center for Culture and Tourism, Sport and Citizenship and Center City, Land and Water.

The council's objective to existing sports facilities to develop into a powerhouse and thereby provide a venue for the wide sporting life enshrined in both elite as width clubs, schools and institutions. A collection of sports facilities can create life and cohesion and provide better conditions for the development of elite and grassroots sport, business and education-related activities. Cooperation, sharing knowledge and experience can be strengthened. This is true associations among and between schools and clubs (The Open School).

The overall project is divided into 3 stages. Stage 1 concerns the establishment of the stadium, including the football field, grandstand and indoor facilities as well as traffic settlement. Stage 2 concerns the establishment of additional parking while stage 3 concerns the establishment of the building to the salon shooting club, new badminton facilities and the relocation of the outdoor tennis courts.

There are currently only allocated funds for implementation of stage 1. Stage 2 and 3 are offered, therefore, as options. The actual scope of the stages as well as regulation of the options are detailed in the tender documents.

News-agency services

Erhvervsstyrelsen | Published January 25, 2017
Infomedia Huset A/S

Provision of a framework agreement for media monitoring for Business and Growth Department of the Ministry as well as to the Ministry clenched 7 agencies. The framework agreement covers both written and electronic media as well as radio and TV.

Framework agreement for 24-hour monitoring and delivery of articles and summaries of articles in major newspapers

in Denmark, the major regional and local newspapers, selected trade journals and meaningful summaries

relevant feature in radio and TV - primarily DR, TV2 and Radio 24.7. Is desired in addition to cover the

main news agencies and the possibility of monitoring and analysis of social media.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

SKAT | Published February 3, 2017
72000000, 72200000, 72230000, 72232000, 72250000, 72260000, 72310000, 72320000, 72420000, 72514000

Tax Account is divided into two business components Debtor engine (DMO) and Debtor Motor Service (DMS). DMO supports the management of the commercial transactions between SKAT and businesses in relation to the Collection Act, which includes everything from the claim arises with the amount and payment deadline until paid. DMO deliver financial information to SKAT's IT partners. The second component, DMS, is an interface that is accessed via SKAT portal that can be accessed by the tax authorities as well as all companies. Through service call display data from the DMO in DMS portal, which provides an overview of a company's accounts with the Customer. Tax Account is like a big part of SKAT's system portfolio based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), DMO is made as a special configured SAP based back-end with associated DB2 database. DMS is based on Oracle Weblogic, Oracle database and Apache Web servers. DMO and DMS is installed on the operating system Redhat Linux.

SKAT wants to offer expose Framework for Operations, Support, Maintenance and Development of Tax Account. The contract regulates a permanent part of the contract is an obligation to establish a Platform and a range of environments in order to operate, support, maintain, and to a lesser extent adapt Customer System taking into account the Customer's needs and business. Moreover, the contract is the expectation of a number of non permanent development for the further development of the solution that is available as special orders for specific deliveries. These deliveries represent expected at the time of tendering a larger value than the ordinary operation part, why the contract is offered as a framework agreement. The contract includes a Transition Into period of expected 5-7 months when the current system complex taken over by the next supplier. Takeover will expectedly be in place from mid to end of year 2017.

Software programming and consultancy services

Undervisningsministeriet ved Styrelsen for IT og Læring | Published February 2, 2017

Agency for IT and Learning wants to carry out procurement of tasks related to the maintenance of the Ministry of Education statistics data warehouse and development tasks in business intelligence and analytics, for example. data mining, machine learning and visualization. Agency wants to conclude a 4-year framework contract for assistance in these areas. See also section. II.2.4).

The assignments regards maintenance and development of the Ministry of Education Data Warehouse, developed since 2013 and continuously updated and expanded with new training and data fields. Data storehouse now contains statistical data on secondary education, vocational education and primary school. Data The store is designed with a focus on basic statistical data on students' background, progress, results and transitions in the education system and institutions, teachers and performance indicators. Data storehouse used by ministry staff, the institutions and the public. Data department store can be accessed via Data The store is built in Microsoft DVH and BI tools ie using SQL Server, SharePoint, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. In addition, used Targit to Dash table.

In addition, requested assistance in analytics such as data mining, machine learning, advanced visualization, etc.

Supervision of project and documentation

Herning Kommune | Published January 3, 2017
71248000, 73220000

The tender is the supply of facilitation and project services Business Region Mid / West, which consists of Herning, Holstebro, Lemvig, Ikast-Brande, Struer, Skive and Ringkøbing-Skjern, as well as local actors.

The consulting firm will facilitate and project managing a food development program, which aims to promote growth, employment and development in Central and Western Jutland in the food industry by increased sales - and while doing "Denmark's pantry 'known domestic and foreign.

Insurance services

Sport & Event Park Esbjerg | Published January 3, 2017
66510000, 66512000, 66514110, 66515100, 66515200, 66516100, 66516400, 66516500, 66519200

Insurance Contract for the following:

- Construction, furniture, machinery, and business interruption insurance

- liability insurance

- Crime Insurance

- Workers'

- Auto Insurance

- Annual travel insurance.

See tender documents.

Agricultural services

NaturErhvervstyrelsen | Published January 6, 2017
LIFA A/S Landinspektører

Nature Business Authority has signed three framework agreements on assistance with the planning of land distribution.

The framework agreements covering consultancy; including assistance in connection with a specific project in which the offeror must undertake to deliver a finished planned land distribution, which ensures that land distribution can be carried out by order. When returning the land distribution be ready for rectification. There is a demand for good Danish as consultants to negotiate directly with landowners.

The demarcation of land distribution appears from the project's landowner overview. Changes to grazing can be done after prior written Accession of Nature Business Authority.

The offered assistance, including provide the following services: landowner negotiations, conclusion of land distribution agreements, preparation of maps Annex, participation in meetings, coordination, preparation of applications and obtain permits and preparation of financial statement.

The tasks will basically performed, Nature and Land consolidation which is a unit of AgriFish Agency's Centre for Project Grants with office address in barrels. The unit performs, inter alia, land distribution tasks associated with municipal and state wetland projects.

This call is for just technical advice and assistance in planning of land distributions.

By Reparcelling mean the replacement of a number of plots within a defined geographical area. The changes implemented as combinations of buying and selling. The purpose of land distribution is to ensure the realization the project, which is cause for land distribution (wetland lavbundsprojekt electricity. Like.)

Contracting authority expects that the tasks will primarily be carried out in Jutland (expected around 70%).

The Offeror must provide competent assistance at AgriFish Agency's behalf to plan land distribution and prepare the requisite digital maps.

Supply services of nursing personnel

Høje-Taastrup Kommune | Published January 6, 2017

On the social and disability uses High-Taastrup temps with healthcare and educational training specified by an employment agency. The municipality intends to award a framework agreement on the assignment of temporary workers for an employment agency for a period of up to 4 years. It is a requirement that the agency has temporary resources within the areas of (a) a nurse, (b) educator, (c) social worker, (d) social and health care. Within each subject should be sufficient availability to satisfy municipal available at any time. In 2015 the municipality's consumption of agency staff in the social and disability 2.1 million DKK.

High-Taastrup Municipality invites interested bidders to express their interest in the award of the framework agreement.

An expression of interest must state

1) Selling the name and contact.

2) Short description of the tenderer's business.

3) References for the provision of services of the type and magnitude, indicating the recipients of the services, the services value and time of performance.

4) Information about the professional qualifications of employees of the offeror possesses.

Expressions of interest should be sent by e-mail to the address

Financial and insurance services

Odense Renovation A/S | Published December 28, 2016
Protector Forsikring Danmark
66000000, 66515300, 66515200, 66515100, 66514000, 66514110, 66516500, 66512000, 66510000

Availability of insurance.

Building, furniture, machine hull, additional costs.

Transport Insurance.

Motor insurance.

Business and product liability.


Travel Insurance.

Kidnapping and ransom.

Crime and cyber risk.

Directors and officers liability.

Construction Insurance.

Environmental responsibility.