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Wide area network

Randers Kommune | Published December 24, 2015  -  Deadline February 1, 2016
32430000, 72720000

Randers Municipality demanding performances of networks to municipal data communication (WAN). The solution includes a network that will link the municipality's decentralized locations (administration, schools, nursing homes, day care m. Fl.) With local and central operations center. WAN solution is expected to include 250 locations within the municipality of geography and must be supplied with bandwidths of 100/100 Mbit / s to 1.1 Gbit / s. In addition, redundancy is provided in several connections. In addition, demand Randers Municipality up to an additional 200 high-speed connections to be used for tele-health, home offices, etc., these compounds will be established during the contract period. Business Development: At the same time demand Randers Municipality deployment of NGA infrastructure for business promotion and regional development in those parts of the municipality where businesses and citizens do not currently offer high-speed connections. This is done in accordance with the Act on Trade and Regional Development. Thus want Randers Municipality to ensure that businesses and citizens in these areas as soon as possible are offered high-speed connections at 100/100 Mbit / s, with upgrades available on commercial terms. Randers municipality will in connection with the offering commit to accepting a number of connections in the defined areas, which requires compliance with EU guidelines concerning. State funding for the rapid deployment of broadband 2013 / C 25/01.
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