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Social work and related services

Haderslev Kommune | Published December 8, 2016
Quick Care A/S

The Order provides for a four (possibly. + 2) weeks of active offer to nysygemeldte sickness benefits. Clarifying and upgrading screening process with a view to his recovery.

Attendance 3 x weekly in the active process where content is individual and partial team based training, customized training and individual counseling sessions.

The course must match the sick person's resources. During the process must be carried out relevant studies (phys.) And / or tests that are intended to clarify the sick person's physical resources compared. Return to work. Scania considerations clarified gn. simulating motivation pattern.

Attachment to phys and possible. business consultant. Succeskriter agreed.

The task concerns about 20 annual persons, but there is no guarantee of the number of people and are billed only per. enrolled and in attendance person.

Refuse collection services

Provas | Published October 27, 2017
RenoNorden A/S

Collection of residual waste in sacks, containers and minic containers, as well as hazardous waste from households, etc. in Haderslev Municipality.

The service comprises the collection of waste waste in waste bags, containers and minic containers and the associated transportation of collected waste as well as collection of hazardous waste boxes, etc., for all private households - family homes, flats and holiday homes - in Haderslev municipality. Business is not covered by the scheme.

For the collection of residual waste, 110 liters of bags, 2-wheeled 180-360 liters of containers, 4-wheeled 660-770 l mini- containers, 3-5 m³ underground containers and 4 m³ and 8 m³ tilt containers are used.

The principle of collection is basically a stand-by arrangement, and bag stands and containers, etc. can be located up to 30 m from the property's shell.

Further information and information on waste schemes etc. in Haderslev Municipality can be found on the Provas website

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