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Refuse and waste related services

I/S Vestforbrænding | Published April 17, 2015
Nordgroup a/s
90500000, 90510000, 90520000

This call is for the transportation and processing of oil and chemical waste from smoka located at Prøvestenen. The waste comes from recycling centers in the owner municipalities and private business.

Functional support

Glostrup Kommune | Published February 12, 2015
Sahva a/s

The tender comprised the supply of ORTHOSES after appropriation taking into account the then-current legislation. Orthoses are referred. Law (Service Act § 112) subject to the rules of free choice. This means that citizens can freely choose to do business with a supplier other than the contracting entity agreements.

Financial analysis and accounting software package

Fødevarestyrelsen | Published June 11, 2015
Konsortiet Jedox Stat v. Qbit ApS

DVFA is structured as a single organization with 32 organizational units, which carry out activities in the areas of food, veterinary and meat inspection as well as a number of business support and -udviklende tasks. These items are also included in the estimate of the total value. Realized financial data must also be collected and handled in the budget system so that it will be possible to compare a given period realized a record of the period budget. The budget system is able to handle budgeting in various forms of funding (grant, fee and sale of goods and services) and between multiple organizational levels, for example. overall budgeting for Food Administration, business areas, units and sections. The budget system shall include audit trail (log) and must be able to export data to Excel and Navision Stat. Impact assessments should be understood as Calculations based on various assumptions - for example, activity budgeting. 20 advanced users, which are contained in the tender its value.

Preparation of visual requirements specifications for a new system of electronic export licensing for later tender

Fødevarestyrelsen | Published January 23, 2015  -  Deadline February 9, 2015

DVFA hereby requests proposals for development of visual requirements for a digitized system for application and issuing export certificates issued by the Food Authority and Natural Business Authority. They drafted requirement specifications along with descriptions and documentation of a project set up by the Food & Drug Administration could form the basis of tender documents on a digital system. The offering is an open, public announcement, see. Offers Act Title II. Nature Business Authority has departments, inspectorates and ships all over the country. Both agencies issued on the basis of control data certificates to exporters of food, feed, plants, animals, etc. to authorities in exporting countries outside the EU. 10,000. Issuance of certification today mainly through manual processes both from exporters and at the agencies. The project is part of the ministry's export strategy. The new system must be designed so that at a later stage will be the possibility of issuing electronic certificates directly to the exporting countries, but the actual process of electronic certificates are not included in this project. The external consultants task Tenderers must bid together on both tasks.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Fødevarestyrelsen | Published March 10, 2017
CGI Danmark A/S
72000000, 72300000, 72500000, 72600000, 72900000

The Contracting Authority wants, based on a decision to genudbyde operation, maintenance and further development of existing GLR / CHR system, to reach an agreement on the operation, maintenance and further development of GLR / CHR and its underlying subsystems and applications.

The delivery being acquired consists of the following main components:

1) Establishment and transition of the technical solution

2) platform and application operations, the supplier is responsible for operation, maintenance and further development of GLR / CHR

3) handling of support cases from the users of GLR / CHR via one offered Helpdesk

4) Management of the system incl. coordination and advice

5) Implementation of projects as part of the ongoing operation, maintenance and further development.

GLR / CHR is an extremely important and business critical system complex to the Contracting Authority.

Please refer to contract Annex 1 - Progress summary for more.

Refer to the specifications section 5 and section II.1.4) of this Order.

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