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Construction work

Wupperverband | Published November 19, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016
Channel construction, bored pile, reinforced concrete, concrete works, road works, hydraulic engineering and reconciliation work. 

- Ordnance soundings;

The connection work / Reconnection / connections are provided by the cable carrier;

- Ongoing monitoring and documentation of water levels in Eschbach, including meetings of emergency measures in coordination with the client; Ongoing monitoring of the inlet region in the casing and maintaining the business of Eschbach reconciliation;

- Preparing shotcrete linings for existing river walls, cavity injections existing river walls;

- Shotcrete for temporary securing excavation walls; Nailing for securing excavation walls;

110 m on the western bank);

- Undertaking of buildings with reinforced concrete according to DIN 4123 and fuse with soil nails in individual sections on the east bank (total length about 40 m);

285 m, including the manufacture of reinforced concrete and natural stone Auflagerkonsolen furring aquatic side of the pile wall;

- Reinforced concrete construction for the production of head beam constructions and a 10 m long cantilever plate (for bus stop) on piles;

Inlet and outlet pot and workshop equipment.

8 m, including new construction on the same site;

8 m;

240 m on the east bank);

80 m);

50 m;

50 m);

40 m);

80 m);

- Installation, provision and dismantling of temporary water transfers to 2 individual sections, consisting of pipes DN 1400, including the headwater and underwater dams;

- Installation of filter dams consisting of stone mattresses with partly-hook and of charged filter web;

250 m);

12 m;

280 m, including precast manholes D = 1 000 mm, within the Eschbachstraße, grave depth up to 3 m;

- Dismantling of a combined sewer DN700 stoneware in eastern shore area and properties on the same route with integration into the newly produced seawalls

- Road construction equipment (Sectional full expansion and renovation).

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