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Communications network

Kyffhäuserkreis | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

The Kyffhäuserkreis is planning the nationwide supply of the underserved areas of the district with a high-capacity telecommunications infrastructure to achieve (Next Generation Access Network) by closing the profitability gap of a private operator. The implementation of the project is carried out in particular on the basis of the guidelines of the Federal Republic of Germany from 15.06.2015 to support the building of a nationwide Next Generation Access (NGA) -Breitbandversorgung and the EU Commission's Broadband Guidelines. The customer has received this provisional grant notification from the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure under the directive to "promote support for broadband expansion in the Federal Republic of Germany" from 10.22.2015.

The Kyffhäuserkreis intends to 31.12.2018 at least 85% of households located in the project area to be supplied with a minimum bandwidth of 50 Mbit / s (download). The rest (max. 15%) of households should werden.Soweit supplied with a minimum bandwidth of 30 Mbit / s (download) in the project area new and erschließende until the end of 2018 housing estates and underserved industrial areas are, so they are reliable with at least 50 Mbit / s, thereby to develop business parks and by the contracting authority defined institutional buyers with at least 100 Mbit / s. For new housing developments of 10 or building address and 32 Beschaltungseinheiten a minimum bandwidth of 50 Mbit / s (download) is to be achieved. The expansion has to be considered that a NGA upgrading, infrastructure arises that is able to serve as a network crosspoint / pickup point for systems of (road) transport infrastructure and in the sense of "networked region '.

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