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Administrative services for business operations

BWI Systeme GmbH | Published July 16, 2016
75112000, 63121000

The aim of the tender is to find suitable service providers to carry out the specified transport and other services.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

BWI Systeme GmbH | Published December 5, 2015  -  Deadline January 3, 2016
72000000, 72200000

There is ever a framework agreement concluded with the winner of each of the 10 lots. The BWI Systeme supports the Bundeswehr in the IT-technical implementation of the technical specifications of the main processes within the project SASPF. The aim is a comprehensive picture of the administrative requirements of the Bundeswehr within the functions of the software SAP while reducing the existing logistical and administrative specialist applications. The SASPF realization is in addition to the shares SASPF rollout, -Education and SASPF Support is a contractual obligation of the BWI systems. The BWI systems supported under the SASPF realizing the Bundeswehr (Bw) in the conception, development, implementation of new functionalities or SASPF the optimization of existing SASPF functionalities and their placing in the SASPF use. To this end, the BWI Systeme has strengthened by external consulting capacity. The SASPF implementation phases Business Blueprint comprises (conception), core and detailed configuration, testing, production preparation (incl. Production Startup) and stabilization (incl. Test rollout), including the necessary in this phase quality assurance and reporting.
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