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Business and management consultancy services

KfW | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

Subject of performance is the geschäftsfeldübbergreifende strategy and management consulting KfW. The performance covers the following 2 fields of activity:

1. Strategy Consulting: Consulting in the treatment of strategic issues at board or top management level in all business areas of KfW. These questions may be overriding nature of both bank-technical, funding policy, regulatory or. They concern eg. The examination, development or redevelopment of target directions and actions relating to the business model and the strategic orientation.

2. Management Consulting: Consulting and target definition, analysis, optimization and decision making of strategic and organizational and operational issues at top management level to specialist banking, funding policy, regulatory or overarching themes in all business areas of KfW.

Approximately 3000 consultant days per year => approximately 12,000 consulting days (4 years).

The services required will contract over a longer period in the form of temporary individual orders, the individual orders in the competition to be awarded to suitable Mitteilnehmer KfW. Since the demand for consulting services over the time course of the framework contract is subject to fluctuations, a corresponding flexibility of external service providers in the provision of human capacity is essential.

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