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Business transaction and personal business software package

Bremer Bäder GmbH | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Licenses, implementation, migration, and software maintenance for an ERP system, including Wasserflächenmanagementfür Bremer Bäder GmbH.

This includes 5 indoor pools, 3 combination bathrooms and 3 outdoor pools.

As part of a holistic view of process within the Bremer Bäder GmbH are to be considered with the introduction of the ERP system and the interfaces to the future significant upstream and downstream IT areas.

Customizing or be achieved by additional development of the provider self.

The server and client components of the ERP system must be run under the Windows operating system.

Further details are contained in the tender documents.

Bremer Bäder GmbH requires grouped together the following functions:

a) customer and supplier management, b) parts management, c) Finance and Controlling, d) Sales and Marketing, e) personnel, f) contract management,

g) purchasing / purchase order, h) warehouse management, i) project management,

j) Water Management.

By management following services are expected:

a) providing the ERP software in its latest version with all the necessary components apart from the operating system,

Users from different application areas,

c) installation and Customizingvor place at Bremer Bäder GmbH,


Design, implementation, testing and documentation to cover the features that are not covered by the standard software or third-party components,

f) data migration from the legacy system,

Einrichtungvon interfaces to other software systems Bremer Bäder GmbH,

h) preparation and implementation of training courses for all the necessary components for key users of Bremer Bäder GmbH,

i) implementation support locally at Bremer Bäder GmbH,

j) Project coordination of its own activities and coordination with the client,

k) providing support and maintenance services,

l) providing a hotline (Monday to Friday from 8 to 18 pm),

m) providing an on-site service on weekends and holidays.

Stage technology, V0023 / 2017, citizens and social center Huchting

Immobilien Bremen, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts | Published January 12, 2017
For the new "civic and social center" is planned, among others for the theater business in the area of ​​the meeting room of the installation of a modern conference technology.
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