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Property insurance of Svitavy, liability insurance and emergency vehicles

Město Svitavy | Published November 20, 2015

Building contracts as insurance of immovable and movable property of the city, liability insurance and accident insurance. Further details relating to the subject of the tender are listed in business conditions and annexes to the tender documents.

Purchases of natural gas on the Commodity Exchange in Prague

Město Svitavy | Published November 9, 2015

The subject of Exchange trade is a natural gas supply those interested in supply points, respectively. delegating candidates listed in Appendix 2, with the obligation takeover candidate to remove gas from the gas distribution system, including the transfer of responsibility for deviation to the vendor under the Act no. 458/2000 Coll., on business conditions and public administration in the energy sectors (Energy Act ), as amended (the "Energy Act") and in accordance with Decree no. 365/2009 Coll., on the Gas Market Rules, as amended (the "Decree ERO"), and in terms of other implementing Decrees to the Energy Act

Gardens nursery schools in Svitavy as part of CEPA

Město Svitavy | Published December 8, 2014

The subject of the tender is the supply, installation and commissioning of game elements and landscaping gardens in three kindergartens in Svitavy. This is a supply of game elements in a natural style, with an emphasis on environmental education, enlightenment and awareness in Special Kindergarten Svitavy, Svitavy Kindergartens - Lany and Kindergartens Svitavy, Marie Majerové 13th Further details relating to the subject of the tender are listed in business conditions and their annexes, which are an integral part of the tender documentation. The subject of each part of the public procurement will be selected bidder (contractor) carried out in accordance with generally applicable laws relating to children's playgrounds, especially EN 1176 and EN 1177 and regulations concerning occupational safety and technical equipment. The selected supplier (contractor) each part of the public contract proves to every element of gaming certificate or declaration of the conformity of the relevant regulations, guidance on the implementation of operational controls and maintenance and will be able to provide customer service.
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