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The premises of the municipal office Nova Ves

Obec Ostrožská Nová Ves | Published October 27, 2015

The subject of the tender is newly built library and multipurpose hall, the new building of the municipal office, the reconstruction of the former cinema, and the municipal garden in Ostrožská Nova Ves. The sponsor for the public contract provides for the following terms: Expected commencement of the performance period: 1/2016 Deliverable: according to the schedule progress Deadline completion and protocol handover and acceptance of the public tender: 08.31.2017 III.1.4) Other particular conditions: The bank guarantee will be cover the financial requirements of the contracting authority for the selected bidder, which it incurs by reason of breach of his obligations under the contract for work or of law during the period of guarantee that the selected tenderer fails even after prior written notice sponsor. The sponsor provides the condition that a bank guarantee must be irrevocable, unconditional, payable on the first request of the contracting authority and without bank explored the reasons for the drawdown. (It must be stated in the affidavit). The Contracting Authority determines that the tender condition that the amount of the bank guarantee offered by the vendor must be 1,5 mil CZK. 6 of the Act reserves requirement that some of the performance of the contract must be fulfilled by the subcontractor. Subcontracted may be made to the following work: Work HSV (gross construction output) in which case the supplier table in the appropriate boxes on the dash or blank. The table must be dated, stamped (if the candidate uses the stamp) and signed by the candidate - the person authorized to represent the applicant. 3 indicate manufacturer and supplier of heat. Pump incl. tech. certificates and declarations of conformity or properties. The documents are copies. e) Advanced client requirements for proving the properties of delivered fillings: 7 ZD). f) Samples, descriptions, papers To ensure the highest quality of supplied construction authority requires the submission of samples of selected materials that will be used as part of a bid to control supply. Suppliers are required to submit by the deadline for submitting bids in a sealed container samples of documents (especially technical data sheets, certificates, declarations of conformity or properties) from a vendor that will be a subcontractor in the implementation of public procurement (if the candidate is not alone). Detailed requirements for samples and documents that suppliers are required to demonstrate :. - Stone cladding - specified in the documentation of objects and technologist. equipment SO 02 E.13.1.3 stone tiles and half. budget bills of quantities of SO 02 st. Part 782, pos. no. 331 - facing wood - specified in the documentation of objects and technologist. equipment SO 01 E.13.2.3 wood paneling and itemized budget with bill of quantities: SO 01, Part 766, item 318 18mm screw "18mm glued". 423 samples including the required documents will be in a separate envelope duly marked and identified candidate in accordance with § 17 letter. d) of the Act. The documents are copies. Submitter returns submitted samples and documents no later than the end of the procurement procedure, with the exception of selected candidates, which will be subcontracted. The selected candidate will be obliged to carry out the work to use products and material samples present a menu and which meet the technical conditions and requirements according to the tender documents. III.2.1) Professional qualifications, including requirements relating to enrollment on professional or trade registers: § 54 point. b) of the Act Proof of authorization to do business under special laws to the extent that the subject contract, especially a document proving the relevant trade authorization or license. The Contractor shall demonstrate fulfillment of the professional qualification requirement by submitting a simple copy of a business license for the subject of the public contract. § 54 letter. d) of the document proving the professional competence of the supplier or the person through whom competence ensures that if the public contract required under special legislation. Contractor as proof of its competence to submit: 360/1992 Coll., On the profession of authorized architects and on the professional practice of certified engineers and technicians active in construction as amended, for the field of "Civil Engineering". 200/1994 Coll., Supplier or person through whom the professional activity ensures, if it is for the public contract necessary (land surveying activities). 1 of the Act of copies. III.2.3) Technical capacity: The Contractor shall document a list of persons responsible for providing the requested works and certificates of education and professional qualifications, for the following persons: Key expert - team leader (the site manager) must meet the min. the following conditions: • University degree direction building - proof of highest educational attainment submit the copy 360/1992 Coll. amended the field - Civil engineering - present a copy • At least 5 years experience in the field. CZK without VAT. Supplier join in the original CV, which must be prepared at least in the structure below, and signed by Head
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