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BR Parana Multi-sector Development - P126343

Secretaria da Administração e da Previdência - SEAP | Published July 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 7, 2016
Acquisition Of An Integrated Tax Management Solution For The
State Of Paraná, Comprising The Provision Of Softwareand Consulting Services,
Parameterization, Customization And Training Related To Its Implementation And Assimilation
Tender Notice
October 17th, 2016
Federative Republic of Brazil
Paraná Multisector DevelopmentProject
Extension of the Deadline for the Submission of Bids
Integrated software for tax administration, based on ruleengines and workflow
Loan 8201-BR
Acquisition of an Integrated SOLUTION for Tax Managementfor the State of Paraná, including the supply of software and the consultancy, parameterization, customization and trainingservices associated to its adoption and assimilation.
ICB 01/2016
1. This Tender Notice follows this Project's General Procurement Notice, as published on United NationsDevelopment Business online on November11th, 2014.
2. The State of Paraná has receiveda loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development towards the Paraná Multi-sector Development Project. TheState of Paraná intends to use part of this loan for paying for the contracts that may result from International CompetitiveBidding 01/2016.
3. The State Secretariat of Planning and General Coordination (SEPL)and the State Secretariat of Finance (SEFA) are, respectively, the contracting and executing institutions of this project. Theseinstitutions invite elegible bidders to deliver an Integrated Solution for Tax Management, including the provision of software andof the consultancy, parameterization, customization and training services. The integrated software for tax management must be basedin a parameterizable rule engine and on workflows in order to handle the following processes: registration; tax creditregistration; tax revenue; taxpayer account; payment in installments; collections; tax benefits; active debt; fiscal administrativeprocess; monitoring; certificates; tax returns; taxpayer web portal.
4. The Biddingshall be conducted using the International Public Bidding procedures of the World Bank Guidelines for the Procurement of Goods,Works and Non-Consulting Services Under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers, of January 2011. The Biddingprocess is open to all elegible Bidders, as defined in the Guidelines, that meet the minimum criteria for qualification describedin Clause 6.1 (a) of the Instructions to Bidders.
5. A complete set ofthe biddingdocuments, in English and in Portuguese, may be downloaded at Information that do not require formal questions orconsultations may be obtained via email at
6. Interested elegible bidders maysubmit formal questions concerning this ICB exclusively online at These bidders must click the "Consulta a Licitações"banner, access the notice for this tender and submit their questions through the "Questionamento" field. All questions shall beanswered through ComprasParaná and shall be made available to all interested bidders.
7. Bids must be submitted to the address listed at the end of this document no later than 2:30 pm of November7th, 2016. The Bids must be secured by a Bid Security of US$ 300,000.00 (three hundred thousand dollars). Late bids shall berejected.Bids shall be opened in front of the bidders that wish to attend the opening, at the same address. Bid Securities withconditional clauses,which may be the case of Brazilian insurers, shall not be accepted.
8. We highlight to potential Bidders that (i) they shall be required to provide proof, in their bids, that thesoftware is covered by a valid license or that it was produced by the Bidder; and (ii) that violations are considered fraud, whichmay result in inelegibility to be awarded contracts financed by the World Bank.
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