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Software package and information systems

RW-SPW-DGT — département des technologies de l'information et de la communication | Published January 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

This contract is a multi-year procurement supplies and controls within the meaning of Article 3, 3 ° of the Act of 15.6.2006 on public procurement and certain contracts for works, supplies and services.

This market is a market controls. The notification to the tenderer approval of its offer does not commit the contracting authority to pass him orders for a minimum lump sum. The contracting authority reserves the right to adjust the controls to changing needs. Only the sending of an order signed and dated by the person authorized confers the right and obligation to the successful tenderer to supply the quantities indicated therein.

The amounts contained in the specifications and its annexes are given only for information without commitment by the contracting authority.

The market's main purpose is the provision and implementation of ACM type of package (Adaptive / Advanced case management). The context in which this software will be used and the characteristics he must possess are detailed in the section on "Technical Provisions" of this special specifications.

In summary, this package should allow mainly to facilitate the automation of records management and treatment processes while reducing the need for custom solutions considered case by case.

The market also provides consultant making provision (s) specialized (s) in the package proposed solution to support the establishment and support the DTIC in the implementation flow some business projects.

The contract also includes project-based activities and training on the use of the solution.

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