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No cutlery FAC D-TSD-16-53 -. Hire the services of a transport expert with a view to increasing the share of IWT in the transport chain

NV De Scheepvaart | Published November 7, 2016

The core mission of the transport expert consists in companies with a

Screening to perform the flow of goods, on the basis thereof the

to determine potential for achieving a modal shift. The transport expert

works for the commercial department and reports to the Head of Department

Commercial policy.


- Performs material flow analysis and transportation logistics scans at companies

- Working cost estimates for transport relations by waterway

- Analyzes opportunities and needs of the customers order an appropriate

to offer solution

- Detects bottlenecks affecting the intended objective in danger

and submit the necessary creativity in order to provide a solution

- Assists companies during the process of the modal shift to waterways

- Promotes inland to allow more transport by waterway expired

to inform companies of multimodal transportation market

- Detects trends in the transport sector in relation to the inland

- Gathers constant current knowledge on innovative transport concepts,

logistics developments, methodologies and techniques

- Put it below the shoulders forward-looking inland through active

participate in innovative (pilot) projects and help promote this

- Building an extensive network of logistics managers and


- Is active in his / her network to opportunities, needs and bottlenecks

detect when skippers

- Represents the company, and in particular the Department of Business

policy on inland events

- Periodic reports concerning the activities, initiatives and


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