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2014-05-Maintenance and Troubleshooting HVAC systems for buildings and LIEGE AIRPORT LIEGE AIRPORT BUSINESS PARK

Liege Airport s.a. | Published October 15, 2015
50700000, 50720000, 50730000

2014-05-Entretien et dépannage des installations HVAC pour les bâtiments de LIEGE AIRPORT et LIEGE AIRPORT BUSINESS PARK

Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Liege Airport SA | Published October 20, 2015
50700000, 50720000, 50730000

2014-05 — entretien et dépannage des installations HVAC pour les bâtiments de Liège Airport et Liège Airport Business Park

Market research services

Liège Airport Business Park SA | Published January 6, 2015  -  Deadline January 19, 2015
79310000, 79311000, 79311400, 79311410

Publication of this notice is a call for candidates in a consultation and not a public market. Publication in the OJ was chosen to allow adequate publication for an opening to competition. Therefore, this consultation does not depend on the legislation on public procurement. At the heart of a European network of transport routes, major actor of the Walloon economic development, Liege Airport is a major asset for the urban community in which it is integrated. Therefore, a comprehensive scheme of territorial development of urban areas must take into account the interaction of the airport and its environment. To meet the real needs of businesses, the airport users, customer transit SA Liège Airport Business Park, a subsidiary of SA Liège Airport managing company of Liège Airport, is seeking the assistance of a provider specializing in the field of study and consulting, with expertise and recognized experience on the European or international level and whose previous analyzes have already given the presence of airport platforms for a study the potential real estate developments in and around Liege Airport and their economic impact on the city center of Liege, the corridors of communication between city and airport and the region.

Refuse disposal and treatment

Service public de wallonie | Published April 23, 2016  -  Deadline April 21, 2016

This business is to the collection and disposal of oily and greasy wastes resulting from the operation of inland vessels, that is to say, the waste of part of the regulations under the CDNI (Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste arising from Rhine and inland navigation).

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