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Metrolink Renewals and Enhancements Framework

Transport for Greater Manchester | Published October 5, 2016

From July 2017 Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is responsible for funding and undertaking all renewals and enhancements on the Metrolink network. In order to create a direct route to market to meet the emerging requirements for renewals and enhancements on the network and within other TfGM owned or managed infrastructure, it is proposed to implement appropriate framework agreement(s). TfGM wish to raise awareness of the opportunity and inform the development of these framework(s) by seeking responses to defined questions relating to the contents of this notice, which are proposals under consideration in advance of a subsequent Contract Notice. To facilitate responses a questionnaire is made available to all potential suppliers who express an interest to download, complete and return. To express an interest please access via the ProContract e-tendering tool (registration is We request a response to the questionnaire by 28 October 2016, to be returned to via the portal or issued to The issue of a Contract Notice and associated documentation is currently planned for December 2016.

Current proposals envisaged relating to the framework agreements are as follows, although these are subject to confirmation in any subsequent Contract Notice:

— Term — 5 years with a 1 year extension option

— Value — circa 14 000 000 GBP pa (70 000 000 GBP over 5 year term)

— Lots — framework to consist of the following proposed structure:

1) Strategic Lot — Multi-disciplinary (including all disciplines within Specialist Lots) > 2 000 000 GBP per scheme/project (3 to 5 suppliers)

2) Specialist Lots (all < 2 000 000 GBP per scheme/project and with 3 to 5 suppliers) –

a. Civil and structural works (stops, car parks, retaining walls, tunnels and bridges, embankments, other structures, culverts, drainage, roads etc)

b. Buildings (including but not limited to stops, escalators and lifts, Stop Equipment Rooms (SER), depot buildings and equipment, stop shelters)

c. Permanent Way (track renewals, track bed, etc)

d. Power (OHLE, bonding, LV power and substations including traction power and associated infrastructure)

e. Signalling, systems and communications (fibre replacement, stray current equipment, SCADA system, CCTV, telecommunications and Tram Management System (TMS)

— Procurement Procedure — Negotiated Procedure with pre-qualification stage is currently envisaged but the Restricted Procedure is also under consideration

— Relevant Network Rail accreditation will be required as a minimum to cover potential rail requirements, particularly sections of shared Metrolink track and Altrincham station.

— Economic Factor — rates to be derived via a priced schedule where possible and benchmarking against pricing of sample schemes. Margins derived applicable to form of contract for items such as Profit, Overheads, Training and Development, Insurance, Senior personnel, Administration, Management Supervision, Head Office Communication.

— Call-off — mini-competition for each commission using defined call-off criteria. Allowance for direct instruction under certain threshold.

— Design — it is proposed to allow for design to be undertaken via the framework, including provision for Early Contractor Involvement (ECI).

— Form of Contract — it is proposed use of NEC3 suite which is established on the principle of inspiring and encouraging best practice in project management within a partnering a environment, and improving its transparent risk allocation. Assume:

1) ECC Option A, C and E (primarily C)

2) PSC Option E (design and desk based systems work)

The following summarises the key roles relating to the framework and subsequent call-offs for individual contracts:

— TfGM are responsible for establishing the framework agreement(s) and appointing suppliers,

— TfGM will then either call-off via the framework directly or,

i) TfGM may from time to time require the Metrolink Operation and Maintenance contractor to directly tender and appoint contractors and award using the framework agreement(s) subject to defined interface and handover/handback requirements,

ii) TfGM reserve the right to instruct works that may be defined as renewal or enhancements and would normally be instructed via the framework, via the Metrolink Operation and Maintenance contractor where these are defined as urgent and the continued safe operation of the network and other TfGM owned infrastructure precludes use of defined call-off process.

iii) As with all frameworks, TfGM also reserve the right to procure renewals and enhancements works outside of the framework.

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