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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017
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The BBC has had in place a Framework Agreement for the supply and delivery of an extensive range of Electronic Components, Broadcast Components and Peripherals (BC&P) products and Dry Cell Batteries. This is a re-tender for that pan-BBC framework covering a range of components. There will be 2 lots — 1 for Broadcast and Electronic Components to cover everything from health and safety products and tools,Transport Cases, Racks and Fittings and 1 Lot for Dry Cell Batteries.

The BBC has had in place a Framework Agreement for the supply and delivery of an extensive range of Electronic Components, Broadcast Components and Peripherals (BC&P) products and Dry Cell Batteries.

Simple Payment Plan Administration for TV Licensing

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017

The BBC is proposing to trial a new payment scheme, with the intention of allowing simple and flexible payment plans for those facing difficulty in paying the licence fee. We are therefore seeking the provision of collection and administration services for the new payment plan trial, the "Simple Payment Plan". We are looking for a supplier to be able to offer a full end to end service for a trial group of approximately 200,000 customers in total. The Service Provider will not be required to recruit new customers to the trial, but will manage the customer end to end once they have signed up to the trial. The Service Provider will be required to manage the accounts of customers on the trail end-to-end. Specifically, the Service Provider will be required offer the following services:- i. collecting the licence fee (including arrears management, payment processing and reconciliation services); ii. campaign management services; iii. fulfilment services; iv. inbound and outbound customer communications services (including call centre facilities); v. technology services; vi. data management; and vii. analytics

Ambulance Mobilisation Application and Associated Services (MP1)

The Secretary of State for Health (acting through The Department of Health) (the “Authority”) c/o Ambulance Radio Programme | Published September 15, 2016  -  Deadline February 23, 2017

This Prior Information Notice (PIN) is to notify the market of the Authority’s forthcoming procurement for a Mobilisation Application and Associated Services (MP1), which is part of its Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (“MDVS”) Programme, being led by the Ambulance Radio Programme (“ARP”).
A Bidder Event is scheduled for Thursday 13th October 2016 in Central London, England, UK at 10.30 am to brief potential bidders on this procurement. Attendance will be limited to 2 attendees per prospective bidder. Prospective bidders who are interested in attending the Bidder Event should register their attendees by emailing: by Monday 3rd October 2016.
Further details including venue information will be confirmed by email to those registering an interest to attend.
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