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Digital TV (79/2012)

Aktiebolaget Götenebostäder | Published August 13, 2013
64228100, 64228000

Gotene Homes shall procure TV services collectively for their tenants.

IP TV contracts (13/6)

Aktiebolaget Bjuvsbostäder | Published October 1, 2013  -  Deadline October 30, 2013

IP-TV Channel Package to all 1,061 apartments.

Web TV (16/86)

Alvesta kommun | Published September 20, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
92100000, 64228000, 64228100, 92111000, 92220000

Sending Web TV with on-demand service, conservation, and to involve the keeping of Alvesta City Council meetings.

Televisions to Swedish Accordion representative.

AB Svenska Spel | Published September 14, 2013  -  Deadline October 23, 2013
32324100, 32000000, 32300000, 32320000, 32324000

Swedish Accordion current agreements regarding TVs for placement outside of Swedish Accordion agent expires and approving the new contract has been reached. The framework contract will run for an initial period of 2 years and contains options to extend for 1 +1 year if Purchaser so wishes. Swedish Games currently has a total of about 5,000 TV sets of various models, sizes and age deployed at Games Registrars. A Game Outlets typically offer one to three TV sets from Swedish Games in the store. The TVs are an important part of the Swedish Accordion mediation of "Digital Message" to Game Agents customers. The current solution for TV content distribution ("Game Channel") through an external media player connected to the TV unit's VGA port. Many of the customers to Game Officers are also looking for information using Teletext function. Provider shall provide the TVs that fit in Swedish Accordion special shop fittings and even offer discount price on the rest of the range of televisions for any other needs in Swedish Games and Casino. The purpose of this procurement is to sign a framework agreement with a supplier who can provide products of successive orders made during the time framework. During the year 2012 placed Swedish Games out 900 new TVs in Game Agents stores. Swedish Games estimates that the rate of deployment of new TV sets will flatten out somewhat and the forecast for 2013 is therefore sustained pace or slightly lower. Tenders must be submitted electronically via Mercell as indicated in the specifications. For this tender process uses purchaser of Mercell Sourcing Service. To communicate your interest and to get access to all the documents, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser. Follow the instructions on the webpage.

Ancillary works for broadcasting

Örebrobostäder Aktiebolag | Published November 28, 2017  -  Deadline January 8, 2018
45232331, 45232330, 45300000, 45312300, 45312320

ÖrebroBostäder AB intends to procure a framework agreement for television and antenna work. Ongoing calls will be worth 600,000 SEK, for cancellations worth 600,000 SEK - 12,000,000 million SEK will be subject to renewed competition.

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

Sveriges Television Aktiebolag | Published March 16, 2017  -  Deadline April 30, 2017
32000000, 32240000, 38651000

With LSS camera SVT and UR means a camera that only has an image sensor whit size up to 35 mm.

The level of LSS cameras SVT and UR wish is LSS cameras designed for professional technical level and a professionally use of the camera that can handle a story like, documentary-like or film like working process with good technical quality. The camera may have fixed or interchangeable lens. The camera can be hand-held, shoulder held, on a tripod or on a rigg.

Procurement television products and services (2016-5309)

Kriminalvården | Published May 20, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2016
32000000, 32210000, 32324000, 32324100, 32324300, 64228100

Probation needs of TVs, distribution of specified range of channels as well as technical equipment for TV reception and distribution incl. installation and service of Probation offices.

TV inspections (2015/314)

AB Borlänge Energi | Published June 8, 2015  -  Deadline August 10, 2015
76600000, 32320000

With this forfragningsunderlag BE intends to procure the need for ongoing service current television inspections of the pipelines in the existing avloppsnatet.Avtal will be signed by one (1) provider.

TV, digitalbox, DVD, video (6528)

Västerviks kommun | Published June 12, 2013
32324100, 30233152, 32323300, 32324600, 32342410

Upphandling av TV, digitalbox, DVD, video, ljud och HiFi system inklusive service

Service concession - Cable television operator millimeters (16/5)

AB Stångåstaden | Published March 15, 2016  -  Deadline April 15, 2016
92232000, 92220000, 92230000

This is a request for tender for the distribution of cable television services as well as commitment cable television operator regarding AB Stångåstaden and Student Housing in Linköping AB (network owner) cable television network in the company's property portfolio in Linköping vicinity (assignment).

Delivery of TV channels (15/10)

Stiftelsen Bodenbo | Published October 30, 2015  -  Deadline December 7, 2015
92220000, 92200000, 92224000, 92230000, 92232000

Foundation BodenBo procure delivery of TV channels in the coaxial network.

Read TV (UC-2015-58)

Region Östergötland | Published January 29, 2016  -  Deadline March 9, 2016

The contract relates to Learn TV as follows: Complete desktop systems with the reading table as well as complete hopfälbara systems with and without reading table.

TV Inspection of pipes (VMKF-U 2014.17)

Arboga kommun | Published March 14, 2014  -  Deadline March 31, 2014

The assignment includes television inspection of pipe lines.

TV video clip of EAAD in the duration of 15 seconds of 11/15/2014. to 11.21.2014. the pan-European TV channel

Det Europæiske Center for Forebyggelse af og Kontrol med Sygdomme | Published September 9, 2014  -  Deadline September 30, 2014

To support platform for the European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) at EU level, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to broadcast TV spot for 15 seconds on a TV channel across Europe. TV spot explains the problem of antibiotic resistance and the importance of prudent use of antibiotics.

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

Statens fastighetsverk | Published September 23, 2015  -  Deadline November 12, 2015
32000000, 32400000, 32412100, 32424000, 32524000, 45232332, 45314000, 45315100

National Property Board (SFV) receives its mandate from the government and is responsible for the good economy to preserve and develop the cultural property by the State. SFV cherish the present and creates the future cultural heritage. The following sections are included in this contract: - Information technology, -telefonsystem, - timing system, - cable TV, - AV system. All the conversations and documentation of the assignments will be made in full in Swedish.

TV, DVD, Blu-ray, CD, Digital TV boxes accessories (1839 - 2016)

Östersunds kommun | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017
32000000, 32300000, 32320000, 32321300, 32324000, 32324300, 32330000

The contract relates to the different requests of the TV, DVD player,

Emitiranje TV spota o EAAD-u u trajanju od 15 sekundi od 15.11.2014. do 21.11.2014. na paneuropskom TV kanalu

Det Europæiske Center for Forebyggelse af og Kontrol med Sygdomme | Published December 16, 2014
Euronews SAÉcully 69130

U svrhu pružanja podrške platformi za Europski dan svjesnosti o antibioticima (EAAD) na razini EU-a, Europski centar za sprječavanje i kontrolu bolesti želi emitirati TV spot u trajanju od 15 sekundi na TV kanalu diljem Europe. TV spotom se objašnjava problem otpornosti na antibiotike i važnost razborite uporabe antibiotika.

TV lighting ski trails (14/53)

Östersunds kommun | Published September 15, 2014  -  Deadline September 29, 2014
45310000, 45311000

Procurement of TV lighting to the ski stadium. Television lights out on the slopes need to be reinforced at a distance of about 600-700 m. To save time, the Client has förprojekterat contract. The contract is performed partly with used materials provided by the client. The lighting has to work for the World Cup premiere in late Nov 14. The contract is carried out as a turnkey contract.

Transmission apparatus for radiotelephony, radiotelegraphy, radio broadcasting and television

MSB (Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap) | Published August 22, 2015  -  Deadline September 29, 2015
32200000, 32000000, 32344210

Procurement of 50 pieces. VMA boxes that are placed on commercial radio stations. Box function is to divert warning message broadcast from Radio Sweden to the commercial broadcasters. The box contains a radio receiver, an RDS decoder with software and switching relay.

Promo optimizer and TV-audience analysis tool (201611)

Sveriges Television Aktiebolag | Published May 2, 2016  -  Deadline June 16, 2016

Promo optimizer and TV-audience analysis tool (201611)