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MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT AND telecommunication installations.

 | Published December 19, 2014  -  Deadline December 30, 2014

1. The contract is for the maintenance of telecommunication equipment and installations in the Multi-District Hospital premises SA, located in Tarnów Mountains Street: Pyskowickiej 47-51, Opole 21. 2. The scope of work inspection, maintenance and repair of current telecommunication equipment and installations: 2.1 Maintenance and repair of the current Central phone: a) the Panasonic KXTDA 200 1 pc b) Panasonic KXTDA 30 1 pc c) Panasonic KXTDA 100 1 pc d) 6/32 DET 1 pc telephone networks of Telephone Fax 168 pcs 7 pcs 2.2 Implementation of repairs and renovations going beyond the scope of maintenance that may be required for the maintenance of telecommunication equipment, will be carried out on the basis of separate orders and settled on the basis of cost statements approved by the Employer. 2.3 Maintenance of telecommunication equipment includes steps: cleaning, inspection check the status of alarm, security, and emergency power, control and regulation of the various mechanisms and assemblies, mounting control equipment, installations, etc., Minor repair of replacement of some parts (the number and cost of parts placed in an approved by the user) 2.4Konserwacja telecommunication equipment does not include the following: parts used to repair equipment, new cameras and equipment, programming or reconfiguration of telephone exchanges, installation downtime or repair of similar configuration and performance ..

Tarnowskie Mountains: Development of design documentation of repair sections of the sewage system in the area of ​​the axis. The crumb in Tarnów Mountains

Burmistrz Miasta Tarnowskie Góry | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline June 27, 2016
ABS-Ochrona Środowiska Sp. z o.o., ul. Wierzbowa 14, 40-169 Katowice, kraj/woj. śląskie.

The contract to develop the project of modernization of the existing ogólnospławne in the area os. The crumb in Tarnów Mountains in the streets Rifle Bytomskich, Oder, Short, and Youth. The scope of work covered by the contract include: 1) Implementation of the project documentation of repair / reconstruction of sewerage systems arranged in the streets: a) Rifle Bytomskich b) Oder c) Short d) Youth e) Joyful f) Roździeńskiego g) Western h) Sapphire i) the Morning j ) St. Catherine, along with the renovation to leave the side of the above. channels to the first well on the intersecting streets and modernization of all manholes to above. networks, according to the guidelines Gestora network - PWiK in Tarnów Mountains. 2) Execution of inspections television with a full report of the evaluation of the technical condition of the existing sewer network in the above. streets, preceding the preparation of project documentation, predicting sections requiring repair and their division into trenchless and open trench. Project documentation of each section should include: a) the design, building and execution of individual sections and a summary table - 5 copies .; b) technical specification of the workmanship and the receipt of work - in every project .; c) information on the health and safety - in each project; d) the bill of quantities - 1 copy. (separately for each section); e) investment cost estimate - 1 copy. (separately for each section); f) all necessary arrangements, decisions, permits and opinions - in any project (if required); g) electronic version for all positions - on CD or DVD in a format pdf (portable data format) - 1 pc. 3) author's supervision during the renovation work. 4) Obtaining a building permit or a notification works and adopt it without comment by the Faculty of Architecture of the district office in Tarnów Mountains is synonymous with the completion of the design work ..
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